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With Newcastle United about to be sold, would you, as a Swansea City fan take what's on offer if it was us?

As one fan put it

As a lifelong Newcastle United supporter I feel sick this morning. No time for Ashley but he doesn’t murder and dismember journalists or chop people’s heads off or treat women as third class humans on an industrial scale. What the hell has “football “ become?



  • Dirty money from a brutal oppressive regime, the fit and proper owner test is a depressing joke.

  • My thoughts too, they'll pump millions/billions into Newcastle and become a top six club but at what cost to humanity?

  • Will the Newcastle fans care as long as they are at the top table.

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    Personally no, I wouldnt want a regime like theirs involved with my club. But then i wouldnt want Russian or other regimes like Qatar, China etc involved either.

    At the top ownership has gone beyond rich individuals, so perhaps a few successful businessmen/fans, who dont go around killing people, might be around for other clubs like us.

  • It's amazing to see how these clubs complain about the racist remarks made against their players (and rightly so) yet are prepared to turn a blind eye to their owners backgrounds.

  • It’s terrifying to learn of those who are above the law and control the law.

    They are literally untouchable despite the law saying that they are in breach of human rights according to ECHR.

    The High Court in the UK has acknowledged that the law was actually broken in the divorce/custody case of Dubai’s Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum vs Princess Haya of Jordan due to the phone hacking of hers and those associates and friends close to her including Baroness Shackleton.

    “NSO's Pegasus software, often referred to as "spyware", is able to track the location of the individual using the phone, read their SMS messages, emails and messages in other apps, as well as eavesdrop on their phone calls and access their contact list, passwords, calendar dates and photographs. In other words, it gives the hacker complete access to all the data they want to see in their target's phone. 

    It also allows the hacker to activate the target's phone without their knowledge, recording their activity and even taking photographs and screenshots.”

    This is the same Sheik who is accused of abducting his own daughter Princess Latifa only just recently.

    And yet as the BBC put it:

    Embarrassing as this is for Sheikh Mohammed, there is little or no prospect of his ever having to face any police questioning.

    As Dubai's sovereign ruler, he remains a huge figure in the equestrian world, he owns extensive properties in the UK and has been photographed with the Queen at race meetings such as Ascot. The emirate of Dubai is home to around 100,000 British expatriates and both he and the wider UAE government are considered close allies of the UK. 

    The story is unlikely to get much coverage in the government-monitored media in the UAE, and here in London the UAE Embassy has declined to comment on the case, saying it is a private family matter. 

    The sheikh himself has sovereign immunity from any future potential prosecution.”

    It beggars belief that he isn’t facing prosecution charges for phone hacking and abduction rather than this being a mere inconvenience to his reputation around the world.

    And if this wasn’t chilling enough, there’s the torture/murder of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi, which US intelligence reports confirm was carried out on the orders of Mohammed bin Salman. And yet there is a deathly silence that emanates from the powers that be in the Western World that is a frightening indication of how reluctant they are to bring these people to account.

    And yet we in the UK have in Belmarsh prison, a journalist who was hunted down ruthlessly and imprisoned for simply revealing the uncomfortable truths about the horrors of war regardless of what side is perpetrating this.

  • How would you be responding if you woke up to the news that our club had been bought by fantastically rich new owners with a shocking human rights record?

  • Cadleigh - There’s already a thread about this called Question. In answer to your question I’d be deeply disturbed by the idea.

  • This is the landscape of football now - if PSG, Man City and Chelsea are allowed to spend their oil money for fun then good on Newcastle for learning how to compete.

    It doesn't exactly sit well with me that they are being funded by such a troubling state, but regardless Newcastle shouldn't be held to a higher account than others for doing what many clubs have done before, handing over the soul of their club for success and glory.

  • Most fans will say this is the last thing they want, but that's so easy to say.

    Realistically Newcastle fans are ecstatic, there are street parties and half their fanbase have added the Saudi flag to their twitter handles. If we were bought by the Saudi's our city would react the same.

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    When you are a totalitarian dicatorship, such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and effectively control the most important fuel supply in the world, sadly short of starting a war there is very little that can be done to stop the abuses.

    Even if the West started a war with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, then China would support the Saudis, and if China started a war then the West would support the Saudis.

    If you believe the recent fuel panic buying in the UK was bad, it would be nothing compared to the Saudis turning off the oil taps for a couple of weeks. The whole world would be in chaos.

    The only way is for us to change that, is to as quickly as possible wean ourselves off hydrocarbons and other petroleum based products, but especially the energy source from hydrocarbon to Solar, Wind and Nuclear. Then their influence would wane. Over the next 20 years and beyond, that part of the world is going to become an increasing difficult place to live, with the already built in temperature increases from Climate Change.

    If they had any sense, they should be building up their Solar Power above ground and already starting to build their cities underground before their country becomes a place so hot that it is too inimical to human life. Otherwise there will be people leaving that part of the world, just to find somewhere to live. If you think recent waves of refugees from wars have been difficult, it will be a trickle compared to an ocean flood, and how could the rest of the world possibly say no to these people, when where they are leaving will be literally too hot to exist?

    Like @SeaJack I believe the values of the West are worth defending and believe people should be held to account, but there are a lot of people who would naively just write it off as Cultural Imperialism or Islamophobia.

  • Who would you kick out of the top six to allow Newcastle to compete in the European Super League?

  • Aren't our government hypercritical, will do arms deals with the Saidi's but they are not welcome to own a football club when other oil states are.

    Don't like it but we have to accept it.

  • Arsenal have been struggling for a top 6 since Wenga left .

    Can Leicester make the top 6 this season ?

  • Yes they are, but at least we can publically call all our politicians hypocrites and vote them out at the next election.

    Not an option in Saudi Arabia, North Korea, China, Russia etc, well if you want to continue living anyway.

  • No, I wouldnt want them anywhere near our club.

    there are levels of hideous owners, and these ones are right up the top.

    The issue of stopping them buying clubs is a moot one though. Nobody stops them buying up property or shares in other UK companies. Our Govt sell arms for them to drop bombs on kids in Yemen.

  • No one likes their humanitarian issues but we'd all take a job in the petrochemistry industry in Saudi, back in the 80's it seemed like every man and his dog went to work there, brought home a kings ransom too, just think we've got to live with it.

  • The top 6 I was on about is wealth, not placing

    My point was Newcastle were dead against it before, I wonder how against it they are now?

  • We will have to wait and see if the Saudi PIF will use Newcastle as it’s play thing and pump silly money in. If so, then with the money available Newcastle will surpass Man City a decade from now and dominate the top 6.

    Would surely take some time to break top 6 though due to FFP, however flawed it is.

  • Jollyboy - You may have chosen to turn a blind eye to their human rights record for the sake of a hefty income but you can’t tar everyone with the same brush. There is such a thing as being principled in the matter and I for one wouldn’t welcome a murderous regime into town if they came knocking on the doors of our club. In fact it would turn me off from watching the Swans if anything.

  • Even our Govt has been bought by the oil money.

    After all Boris and his cronies have to look after their future employment prospects.

    While a large chunk of the poor have to scrabble about to put money into the gas and electricity meters.

  • The UK Government have a very dim view of assassinations carried out by Russian agents on UK soil. Why is the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi carried out by Saudi agents any different? There is a deeply disturbing hypocrisy about this which chills me to the core.

  • Serious question

    How do rich owners of clubs like Man C and PSG get around the financial restrictions imposed on them by footballs governing bodies

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    Generally it is a combination of actual improving commercial income, some inflated money from the owners via sponsoring stuff, perhaps a rights issue or two, investing in the squad ahead of time and hoping within 3 years the additional money from Champions League starts rolling in to help balance the books.

    If all that fails you have very good lawyers and keep arguing over many years until UEFA run out of energy and give up.

    Oh and there is growth of ownership of chains of clubs, which offers some interesting advantages

  • So for clubs like Derby the failure to get promoted under Lampard was inevitably going to lead to points deductions eventually ?

  • Yes, sort of, the investment needs to generate additional income within about 3 years to give the club a possibility of balancing the books.

    However it sounds like Derby sort of made a strategic decision to go into receivership and that generated the 12 point reduction. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  • Speak for yourself jollyboy, that's a silly generalisation to make.

  • actually it's quite true for those fed up in the 70's and 80's where industrial action was commonplace, skilled jobs lost through factory closures and the onset of de-industrialization, while for those who would sacrifice family life for quite large salaries, many ended up in divorce.

  • Newcastle take over on Football Focus now

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