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Most violent game you attended

Swans v palace i was about 15 can't recolect why we played at cardiff but it was the most trouble fuelled matched i ever attended ! the FA's decission to play there was maddness? A swansea fan was killed stabbed to death, his first football match so sad: we were located on cardiffs bank so trouble ensued through out it was carnage


  • I started this thread because i cant believe ccfc ! the footbal club reporting us 4 a bit of banter during the derby last weekend , when u went to millwall it was a battle ground most away games were bonkers ! Newport county ive a soft spot 4 but when we playrd them we would over run the place another was plymouth and Northhampton! I always remember they had a good goalie gary plumley ime going back when we had pat lally danny bartley, and georgie smith !!! Eddie may ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘

  • For me & I didn't go away all that much, back in the day. It was away to Oxford City in the FA Cup. I remember that their "hooligans" had steel combs with handles, sharpened to a point, (discovered later they were Oxford Utd "fans" who had come for a day out!! Small fry I know, but that was it for me. & I was at the Swansea/palace game at Cardiff, which I think was the 2nd Cup replay, so on "neutral" ground!!

  • I wasn’t at this game as I wasn’t a fan of football at the time. In fact I loathed it and the reputation it had for hooliganism. It was a home match at the Vetch field against Cardiff way back in the early 90s and I was working in Burger King on Union Street at the time. Suddenly from out of nowhere a crowd of Cardiff supporters came around the corner which prompted the manager of the restaurant to lock the front doors. I remember being glad that I wasn’t caught up in the aggro that I could see through the windows outside. I thought of footballing fans as idiots for getting involved in the violence on the terraces or going to the stadiums knowing the risk of being caught up in it.

    Fast forward to the present day and I’ve seen enough live games to safely say that thankfully those days are mostly of a bygone era. That is to say, there’s enough of a police presence in the city and at the stadiums of today to prevent things from getting out of hand as I’m sure they would without their patrols.

  • I recall a fairly brutal and scary afternoon against Bristol Rovers at Eastville in the mid seventies. Police on horseback were watching the bricks and steel bars bearing down on us whilst telling us to stay calm.

    Also remember a game at the Vetch when the 'North bank boys' charged around the bottom corner by the floodlights pylon towards the Port Vale fans standing on the east bank. Suddenly, this giant appeared from within their group of fans and reached inside his denim jacket and pulled out an axe. No further incidents developed ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Port Tennant Colts Vs PT Stars. Late 70’s Maesteg Park. Local derby with a big bite

  • Francoise the Palace v Swans 2nd replay was played at Ninian Park because Tosh won the toss and wanted Swans fans there to support the team. The weather that day was bad snowy and icy..terrible traffic and a distinct lack of policing and stewards which idnt help with the tragic death and many more scuffles inside and outside the ground.From memory te gates to the terraces behind the goal were opened to stop fans outside trying to break in...we won 2-1. The police made our coaches travel back through Penarth and Barry to save us being bricked by CCFC fans....nothing changes.

  • I was at the Swans Crystal Palace cup tie at Ninian park as Azzuriswan said snow and ice made the travel from Brecon over the Beacons tricky ,

    So busy finding a parking space we left the car in a side street , run towards the floodlights .

    Managed to get into the ground at least 10 mins after kick off , we were 1 nil down Terry Boyle scored , we won 2 - 1 David Giles was brilliant.

    We thought something was wrong when fans from part of the ground wasn't allowed to leave , we didn't experience any trouble .

    Sadly a Swans fan was killed ,

    We went home via Newport to avoid the snow and ice

  • I wasn't at the game but back in the old Div 1 days an neighbour of mine at the time used to work for the Estate Agents next to Harpers.

    He nipped into the office to take a piss, but on attempting to leave a massive brick fight between Swans and West Ham fans erupted.

    Like a war zone he said. So bad he went and locked himself in the bog ! ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

  • Two for me, Liverpool , in old Div 1 first game, Tosh wore his old Liverpool shirt , which was a mistake and during the minutes silence for Bill Shankly , a Swans fan shouted breaking the silence , after the ref blew to start the game, the whole ground sang that "your going to etc etc" After the game we had to walk through Stanley Park to get back too our busses. I was jumped just in font of the bus , the buses windows where smashed and we had to wait in Liverpool for two fans who where arrested and 1 from Hospital.

    By far the worse was West Ham away. The away fans where in the corner with an old fence between us and west ham fans. I recall there where gaping holes in it and we had to spend most of the match ensuring we where not punched by the fans coming through the fence punching and kicking a fan then escaping . Police told us in no uncertain terms was our fault ffor traveling there . In the tolets at half time , both set of fans had to use the same block!

    You can guess what happened! wild times.

  • @bigoak

    Is it the FA Cup game at West Ham you were talking about we were sitting not that far away from the Hammers fans , they were throwing bottles filled with urine at us .

  • Yes @Malc . i think so, we where in the corner ,it was before the all seating came in if i recall. was nuts

  • This is an easy one for me - Cardiff away 1993. The night they put Swans supporters in their Grandstand. It was fxxxxng mental.

  • Lincoln City away. (Monks own goal ) There was always a bit of tension with them. Kicking off all over the town for hours before the game.

  • Reading v Swans at Elm Park in 1993. Absolutely bonkers afternoon. Must say that the Swans fans were a bit mental that day.

  • Worst home games I remember in the Toshack era were Leeds and Spurs outside the ground and West Brom in it (they inflitrated the North Bank in the section nearest the away end). Plus any game involving Cardiff, including internationals.

  • StephenR, l was also at the Oxford City FA cup back in 1969. There was no segregation and a pack of aggressive skinheads were a menace all game. When Swansea scored the first goal they started attacking a small group ofSwans fans on one side of the ground. As the goals went in (Swans won 5 - 1) they worked their way around the terraces asking spectators for a light to try and find any Welsh accents. A very unpleasant afternoon.

  • The F A Cup game against Cardiff in 1991 saw lots of trouble , sitting in the centre stand there was a couple of Cardiff fans, anyway it all kicked off punches thrown lots of verbals, old guy in front of us had a brolly started hitting them.

    off duty Policeman in front of us sorted them out with the help of stewards .

    Cardiff busses were stoned , they ripped out seats started throwing them.

    We played them again in the week in the Autoglass Police wanted it called off.

    Jimmy Gilligan was our captain, Keith Cooper the referee .

  • I was there that day as a 10 year old with my Dad. After the match he had to hide me in a doorway somewhere between the prison and the pub opposite (forget its name, might not even be there now) as both sets of fans charged each other. Blew over very quickly as they moved elsewhere, and we were off to the car over by County Hall soon after and on the road home. But very scary at the time.

  • I was at the Racecourse in May 81 (less than a month on from THAT day at Deepdale) to watch the World Cup qualifier between Wales and USSR.

    I was only 10 and recall fights all over the place in the ground. Red, rumbling with white, rumbling with blue, rumbling with amber and all other connotations. The game (0-0) was just a side show.

    #strongertogether…..not in them days!

  • We moved from that end as a couple of them warned us that they were about to kick-off, but as you say they worked their way round anyway.

  • I'm with BigOak on this the West Ham away game FA Cup. Golf balls with nails in then if I remember we're been thrown from was it the chicken run for West Ham

    Wales away in the San Siro lost 4-0 there were concrete blocks been thrown from the stand above where the Italian ultras were amongst other less pleasant objects. They had a moped in the stand as well.

    It was my 40th birthday as well. Got the last train back to Milan centre. To this day I do not know how I got on it it was so packed but I certainly wasn't going to walk

  • What gets me is the amount of flares that wind up in the stadium. Surely something could be done to dissuade the owners of these dangerous objects to not carry them into the stadium and set them off? It’s as if it’s become par for the course to see them being thrown onto the football pitch when the fans of whichever team are disgruntled about their team losing to the opposition. It’s not a good look whatever clubs fans set them off.

  • I remember a milk cup game against Cardiff at the vetch one midweek in the mid 80's (if i remember correctly)

    As the teams were warming up, the Cardiff lot were using the balls to smash the lights in the away stand.

    Then i think at half time, there were a load of them in the south family stand and they started fighting in there with mums, dad's and kids, i remember the surge to try and rip down the fencing and get across the pitch at them.

    On the train back to Bridgend (only a couple of us swans fans in Bridgend back then), we stopped at Neath and this huge bloke got on the train covered in blood, cuts and bruises asking the score. We had lost 1-2 in that game, he was gutted when we said we lost, as he then announced he is gutted Cardiff are now out of the cup...... My mate and myself, s**t ourselves lol, very young teens, didn't have the bottle to correct him.

    He then proceeded to tell us he had been arrested for diving into a load of swansea fans at Neath Station and fighting as many as possible before getting nicked.

    We spent the rest of journey hoping no one told him the score ๐Ÿคฃ

  • Many a Welsh game coming back from Cardiff, them giving it the billy big bollox until Bridgend, with the boot on the other foot past but I suppose the most violent game was Bristol City, home, when they got here at 4pm for a 7:45pm KO, Potters Wheelgate....

  • I have a vague recollection of a match against Cardiff at the Vetch in the very early 1970's. My first exposure to fans trying to knife each other.

    I can remember nothing about the match but I remember the fights outside the ground after it.

  • The very thought of it is chilling JR. And all because they supported a different team.

  • I remember we played Cardiff in late 80s or early 90s walking back to the quadrant past the shop where they sold programmes a group of Cardiff fans came around the corner throwing bottles and other things a bottle landed a couple of feet to the side of me ,

    Pretty scary at the time .

  • At the time an odd combination of thrilling and genuinely scary, especially as a very young teenager.

  • Mansfield away 1998. Last game of that season. I saw Swansea supporters being attacked leaving the ground. Horrible. Police escorted me back to my car.

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