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Looking back to when we signed Sam Clucus one wonders what might have been if we had spent the cash on Jarrod Bowen. Granted Clucus was the more prominent of the two players in Hull's 2016/17 PL relegated team but the following season in the Championship Jarrod returned a creditable 14 goals from 42 appearances. No doubt Clucus's ability to play in different positions swayed our recruitment people to sign him but what it did achieve by Paul Clement playing him at left back, centre back, midfield or in attack only led to the player being ridiculed by our fans. Looking at Bowen now, settled in a position with West Ham United just shows how narrow the margins are when recruiting players



  • I'd have bought Grosicki before I'd have bought Clucas.

    And I'd not have spent that kind of cash on any of them. Even Bowen, who was very unproven at that point.

    But if we had gambled and spent that much on him, then it would have been a good roll of the dice.

  • Weren't we offered Bowen for peanuts before that? Seem to remember some stories.

  • Perhaps you are thinking of Ampadu - £100,00

  • It would have been when Hereford released him as a teenager, when they got in some bother. Cardiff definitely turned him down after a trial and I'm pretty sure we had the chance as well.

  • Ah the ones that got away!

  • Just imagine the team-sheet if we’d stuck to our guns on those ones that got away. Jamie Vardy upfront would have been a very exciting watch. Ampadu would have been useful in the midfield without a doubt.

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    I remember we were close to signing Hakim Ziyech as a Sigurdsson replacement. That could well have kept us up.

    I know there were many reasons why we got relegated but I always felt failing to replace him was the main part of our downfall.

  • Then again hindsight is 20/20... we were also looking at signing Chadli as a Sigurdsson replacement! For over 15 million!!!

    Now that would have been a shocker.

  • We could have signed those players , they would have been sold after a few years ,

    We are a selling club Gylfi , Llorente , Fabianski , Bony first time ,then Dan , Ollie Joe , Connor the list goes on ,

  • I dont mind being a selling club, as long as we buy good players, improve them and sell them on for more money.

    It does grind my gears when we buy players for a lot of money, realise it was a mistake, then eventually sell them for next to nothing to get their rediculous wages of the paybill!

  • Last 2/3 seasons before relegation were a nightmare for spending big money for little return ,

  • Ziyech joined Ajax in August 2016, Gylfi left us in August 2017. Ziyech was one of many names mentioned over the years, not necessarily as being positively linked to us but usually by fans who check through the Euro leagues and come up with replacements.

  • I think the point with the recruitment after Gylfi left was that we completely lost the plot in terms of our identity, and instead of trying to replace like for like we tried to build a different structure with players that offered different qualities. Mind you the actual quality of some of those replacements was questionable.

    In the pattern we played under Brendan a creative No.10 was pivotal to the success of the team, and if Gylfi had left in that era we would have made it an absolute priority to replace like for like.

    Unfortunately we lost Gylfi at a time when we were trying to find a Plan B and preferred to speculate the windfall around the team instead of focusing on the gap he had left .

    I hated it at the time that we stripped creativity out of the team - and ultimately it contributed hugely to our demise.

  • Jackareme,

    what didn't help was the ongoing transfer discussions where more money for Gylfi was being sought that eventually saw the team weakened at the start of the season thro' no real signings and both Wilf and Renato arriving with no pre-season behind them, thus injuries beckoned.

    It didn't matter what plans we had, the squad wasn't strong enough to start the season.

  • Gylfi transfer showed how far the club's transfer strategy was symptomatic how how much the takeover cosy us our PL status.

    While we couldn't wait to accept any offer for Rodon, Kaplan took over negs on the Siggy deal and, determined to squeeze as much out of the deal, he may have won the brinkmanship on getting his cash. But the cost was we had no replacement, and that ultimately cost us a minimum of £100m.

  • We never got the basics of good transfer negotiation, which is make sure you have a replacement before you sell.

    You tend to get lless scr8wed as you buy before you have a pot of money that everybody wants a bigger part of.

  • It is the same concept of people who brag about living in a $1m mansion.

    It doesn't matter a toss when you sell it and then have to find somewhere to live which is equally or often more overpriced, or you leave yourself homeless.

    The price tag when you sell is only relative to the quality and the timeliness of what you replace it with.

  • ... and to compound matters even after selling Sigurdsson with no replacement lined up didn't our owners sell Llorente to Spurs on deadline day ?

  • For a world record fee for a player his age (at the time).

    We spent so much money on so many players that summer.

  • not sure what your point is here ? Are you saying that selling our 2 best players, who kept us up the previous season, was ok because the club had spent a lot of money bringing in the likes of Clucas, Bony & that Portuguese player from Bayern Munich ?

  • We took two massive fees for players who were keen to leave, and spent spent spent trying to replace them. Cork, Llorente, Gomis and Gylfi left. Mesa, Abraham, Sanches, Clucas, Bony and later Ayew arrived. Horrible deals but the problem wasn't a lack of bringing players in. Selling players earlier wouldn't have fixed anything.

  • I disagree @Jasper T - the closer you get to the closing of a transfer window the higher the price - particularly when it is obvious the purchaser is desperate.

    Also getting players in late gives them zero time to acclimate to the move and integrate with the squad - increasing the chances that they will struggle.

    I also think that the rush to buy dropped the standard on due diligence (Sanches maturity/mentality, Bony injury/fitness, Clucas general talent/tw@tishness etc.)

  • Everyone except Huw realised Bony was crocked long before we threw all that money in the bin to bring him back. Hardly needed weeks of sleuthing to figure it out.

  • just shows how little due diligence was done i.e. none.

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