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Martin Replacement

I know it's early days, but you can bet that those in charg will already be drawing up a shortlist.

Any offers?



  • Knutsen of Bodo Glimt is one to keep an eye on

  • We know how long they took for Coopers replacement . If RM goes someone will be unveiled in January with this lot ...

  • Not a problem it seems.

  • Aston Villa pay £4.5 million to Rangers in compensation for his release.

  • Still a risky move for Gerrard imo, obviously he is confident, but its a big step up from the Scottish Premiership.

    I hope he has got this call right.

  • I quite like Gerrard and he seems to be a very good manager and is clearly positioning himself to replace Klopp at Liverpool and going about it the right way by gaining good experience (Frank Lampard should take note) however I really hope it all goes tits up at Villa as I can't stand them and want them to get relegated.

  • If being media-friendly, and talking about your management philosophy are signs of a good manager then Brendan GP and Roberto are right up there, and RM is a chip off the same block

    They get their success from being clear about what they want and why

    The owners have backed RM with some money because they understand him better than they did SC

    RM is a better communicator all round

    He may not be more successful here but he will talk himself into another job sooner than his contract end because clubs like an articulate manager

  • Gerrard has a much better squad at Villa than either Newcastle or Norwich, IMO.

    Stands a better chance of staying up. But it is a punt on his part.

  • I think @Cadleigh would be in favour of Darrell Clarke, manager of Port Vale.

    This is from an interview he did with Henry Winter recently.

  • I don't think Villa will go down but Newcastle certainly won't.

    Eddie Howe will be blessed in January with ultimate freedom in the market, on top of an already solid squad. Obviously they won't be signing world class players for another few seasons but the quality they will bring in will be a game changer.

    If the names being thrown around at the moment are at all accurate, they won't even be near the relegation battle.

  • Not as simple as just chucking money about. They need to attract quality players who will fight for survival in what will still be a relegation battle. AND they still have to watch FFP.

  • I think Villa have enough good players , they look to have lost a bit of focus ,

    Once Gerard can field a settled side ,

  • I had to put my specs on to read MJL s reply to Cadleigh ... misread the last word ...

  • Apparently Clarke studies each opponent in minute detail before each game and adjusts his tactics accordingly. I really hope we will see more of that from Martin as he gains experience. If we do go up while he's manager, playing the same formation and only making minor adjustments to tactics each time would be suicidal - if the likes of Bournemouth, Fulham and Luton can see us coming, God knows what Premier League managers would do to us.

  • I am sure Martin has analysis done on every opponent, like Klopp and Pep do.

    But he, like they, will use that analysis to see how their style of play can hurt in places the analysis finds. the style all 3 teams play is about familiarity of the system by repetition in training. Pass, pass, pass.

    that obviously can get undone by a team, like Clarke's, that will specifically target his tactics for that game.

    But Clarke's approach has its risks.

    Changing tactics week-on-week, you dont get a huge amount of time to practice those changes. There's then a lack of familiarity. And when pressure in the game comes, players, being human, will revert to what they are most familiar with, tactically. We've seen that with us earlier in the season.

    It is all about who can impose their game on the other team best.

    He's certainly an interesting character. I've not seen the Vale play. But I have a good friend who is a sports journalist who is a Port Vale ST holder, and writes about the club. I'll message him and get some more info on him.

    There are lots of interesting managers out there, though, for when Martin moves on. Some will pop up in the next year. Some will be managers we've never heard of, from abroad.

    Obvious ones are Russell's replacement at MK - Liam Manning.

    Then there's Ryan Lowe at Plymouth. Ian Evatt at Bolton.

    And who knows, Darren Davies, the new U18s manager could be one for the future. He's obviously impressed the hierarchy in the short time he's been at the club. He's had experience - albeit in Australia - of working at senior as well as Junior, and international Junior level. He's been a caretaker manager.

  • From the above statement I am assuming you didn't see the Port Vale v Bradford match yesterday, and also not checked to see what formations he has favoured this season. Primarily, home or away a 3-5-2 set-up (whoscored.com), and as he stated, blocking up the midfield. His team have been among the goals recently but you wouldn't have guessed that yesterday while one wonders what you would make of his left sided midfielder Dan Jones arrowing his long throws passed the far goal post. Warnockesque!!

  • I did not see it. Although I have a soft spot for Port Vale on the grounds that (a) they are the only team in the football league named after a pub (sort of) and (b) they are not Stoke, that was not enough for me to actually watch them play a game of football. Grateful to you for taking the time to do it on our behalf though.😁

  • Been to Vale Park to see the Swans play and really pleased that they are having a successful season especially when you consider how a club that has an excellent stadium, a huge pitch, is able to compete with the big clubs around them.

    You let yourself down with your sarcastic side bites but when one considers Clarke's managerial experience (12 years) in comparison to RM's, albeit in non-league / lower league it only enforces the deep dislike you have for a manager who has been in management for just 24 months.

  • @Colin_swansea - once again, I am afraid I fail to follow what point you are trying to make. Are you saying that we should hold Martin to a lower standard than Clarke because he has had less time in management? That by the time he has had 12 years in management like Clarke, Martin will have had the opportunity to learn many lessons and hopefully will manage in a very different way? If so, then we are utterly in agreement.

    I don't see how any of this "enforces the deep dislike [I] have for [Martin]".

    Actually (and I have said this before) I do find him smug, unwilling to take any personal responsibility for poor performances, and worryingly inflexible. But I don't have a deep dislike of him. I fervently hope he will succeed, and I would really like to see him grow as a manager. As I have also said before, liking the manager is fortunately not a necessary condition for supporting the Swans, otherwise most of us would have been in trouble at some point in the past.

    Here's an example of his inflexibility. We here time and again - often from you - about the importance of a pre-season for managers to get to know their players. But how many of the current start XI would you say have been guaranteed their current position from either the day Martin signed his contract or the day the player signed? I would say:

    Bennett, Manning, Laird, Bidwell, Grimes, Downes, Paterson, Piroe.

    For all he talks about selecting players on the basis of how hard they work on the training pitch, it looks to me like he made his mind up before the ink was dry.

  • Every post makes it clearer and clearer how much you want RM to succeed.


  • Let me see if I can think of another reason why,

    Bennett, Manning, Laird, Bidwell, Grimes, Downes, Paterson, and Piroe are all playing regularly?

    By the way you forgot Nauts as well.

    It couldnt be because of the quality of their improvement and play could it.


  • @Cadleigh

    I wouldn't agree with your last paragraph on players, go back to the Reading game in the cup , the back 3 were Cabango , Naughton and B Cooper .

    Naughton had very easy night , showed Martin he could play that role , also in that game Manning came on to play in midfield to show he could play in multiple positions.

    Of those 8 players you mention at least 6 would start most games in my opinion.

  • Every team has a core of players who play week in week out “” The spine of the team “ . Piroe wasn’t even in the match day squad v blackburn and was rumoured to have a slight attitude problem. But he obviously took on board what was required if him and pulled his socks up . Perhaps the starting 11 are the ones showing their true qualities in training and get picked on that merit . Let’s not forget your hero S C wouldn’t rotate the squad either but that’s ok

  • With a clear 2 weeks to work with the squad - I am anxious to see whether there has been a "pulling the socks up" moment for Obafemi, and a leap forward with Williams. These are prodigiously talented youngsters - and they can quite often make huge gains in a short period when the penny drops.

    IF Williams cannot secure a place in the matchday squad after some intensive support and coaching then we should probably be proactive and return him to Liverpool and put our eggs in the basket of improving our own - Cabango and Cooper.

    Obafemi just needs to mature - lets hope the message is taken on board - he is still a very young man.

  • @Malc - I agree about those players making the squad on the strength of how they have been playing. Could others be playing equally well in those positions if they'd been given more game time to prove themselves? Impossible to tell.

    But I stand by my point about Martin making his mind up before a ball was kicked in anger. Manning was played at CB in 4 of the first 5 league games (I don't think Cup matches like Reading can be relied on as a guide as managers like to use them to test players) and 12 out of 17 overall. For two more of those games he stood in for Bidwell at WB so was not available as a CB. Similarly Bennett has played every game at CB except when he was unfit. Laird has only missed one game (understandable given that we don't really have an alternative). Grimes has played every game. Paterson all but one.

  • @JackRaven - my point wasn't that those players are playing regularly, my point was that Martin decided they were the right players for those positions before he had any actual matchday evidence, and has stuck with them pretty much ever since no matter how badly they play.

    Or are you arguing that Martin decided that Bidwell, Bennett, Grimes and Paterson were the right players for their berths in the starting XI on matchday 1, Manning and Downes on matchday 2 and Laird and Piroe on the days they signed for the club because... of the form they would be showing in those positions by matchday 17?

  • @enaitch - I called for Cooper to be sacked while you were still having wet dreams about him. Fish on.

  • Football is the highest profile sport on the planet - and the relative strength of squads managers and individual players are studied deeply by many and very much in the public domain.

    We are debating as if RM walked into the Swansea.com stadium with a blindfold on and no insight into what he would find when he got here. Now whether RM is your cup of tea or not - I think we can all agree he is a smart guy, and there is absolutely no way he would have left MK Dons to join us without doing a "root and branch" analysis of the style, quality and attitude of the players he would be working with.

    Parking whether he should have rotated more (and i agree he probably should). He knows that Bennett, Grimes, Bidwell Manning and Naughton are good quality senior pros - and Paterson, Laird and Downes were players that he was either tracking or were known to his Lieutenants. Piroe he had to play because the cupboard was bare and he has a pedigree from Holland.

    He started with the highest quality XI he could and performances have improved as the team has gelled into his vision. In ANY club - when players hold the jersey and perform well, the squad has to be patient, committed and ready to seize their chance when it arrives.

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