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Ethan Laird

In many ways this guy is a model young professional.

Bags of talent, a great attitude and really makes the most of his chances when they come.

He also manages to tread that fine line of keeping his home club fans happy, but endears himself to his loan club fans as well.

I dont know if he is just well advised, is good at listening to advice, or its just him but whatever it is he makes it seem his natural way.

Can't help thinking he is destined for the top, so...damn it...no hope of him signing for us permanently.

I suppose things could change if Ole is replaced at Man Utd, but if BR is appointed as suggested by @Malc then we can be pretty sure we wont get a look in. However if another manager did get appointed, we might be in with a shout some time.

We can live in hope.



  • He's a lot like Brewster. Big gaps in his game seem to be ignored by fans/critics/pundits at this level but top clubs will be noticing.

  • He still has a long way to go, but I agree he's destined for big things. He would need a successful loan spell at a decent (prem) club first.

    Defensively he needs to improve before making the step up, but as an attacking fullback he is miles ahead of Wan-Bissaka without a doubt. Lots of fans aren't happy with AWB at the moment so there is space for competition.

  • Wan Bissaka is an excellent defender , a couple of years ago rated one of the best 1 on 1 defenders ,in the premier league doesn't help having Maguire at centre back .

  • AWB is an excellent defender it's true, but he can't attack to save his life. Gets a lot of stick for it given their fans' expectations.

    I actually rate Maguire, I think United's woes go far deeper than his lack of form. I do find it odd how for United he's a shadow of the player he was for Leicester and is for England, they've done this to countless players in the last 8 years.

  • I think Maguire lacks pace , he is solid , against the very best he struggles , occasionally he loses concentration the key goal against Leicester he got caught .

    At Leicester he had Schmeichel in goal and Jonny Evans alongside him , they are very good with organisation of a defence .

  • Maguire's lack of pace is catching up with him at Manchester United at Leicester it wasn't so apparent as he younger and seems to have lost a yard since joining Man Utd as for England he looks good against the lesser nations but when it counts against top level opposition he is lacking.

    I mean he scores against Albania and is thinks he is silencing his critics, although to be fair he followed that up with a goal against the mighty San Marino!!

    I agree with with @Rhydian that Man Utd woes do go much deeper than Maguire namely a midfield that has Fred and Pogba (mostly Pogba) is massively letting them down

  • Under Ole Man Utds biggest problem IMO (and I put it at the managers feet) is that they are decent with the ball - based on the roster of quality players BUT diabolical without it.

    if you watch them pressing - they are both (a) lazy/over the top in age and lacking energy (Ronaldo and Pogba) (b) disorganised - they either press in ones or twos, or commit the cavalry with no real appreciation of the correct "triggers" to instigate the press and easily get played through.

    Add in a lack of pace in key areas and a couple of prima donas and it is a recipe for disaster.

    If you watched the Manchester derby it was a classic case of a team who were tactically prepared, brilliantly coached and stacked with talent against a bunch of good but probably over rated individuals.

    Frankly it was embarrassing and i loved every minute of it.

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