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Match Discussion: Wales v Belgium - World Cup 2022 Qualifier

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This is the place to discuss all things related to the Wales v Belgium World Cup 2022 Group E Qualifying game on Tuesday, 16 November 2021 at the Cardiff City stadium.

Kick-off is at 7:45pm and the game will be shown live on S4C, Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Football.

Share your pre and post match thoughts, views on Robert Page's pre or post match comments and team selection.



  • This is one helluva match to sound off on. Unfortunately I won’t be able to watch or listen to it but I’ll definitely be keeping tabs on it. My hope is that we will be able to go toe to toe with arguably the best international team in the world right now and nick a point. However, winning this one will send out a clear message to the other playoff teams that we are not an easy touch there for the taking.

  • Think we may need to call in the services of Hal Robson-Kanu for this one, he knows how to beat em.

    Probably still giving those Belgium defenders nightmares to this day.

  • Gareth Bale not in the starting line up ,

  • Got complete faith in our players even if Bale is on the bench. They know what is at stake as players not just for the fans...it could be another 50 plus years before they get this close again

  • Looking forward to Brennan Johnson having another run out ,

    So 2 changes tomorrow .

  • Gareth Bale not in the squad for tonight .

    Some good news for us , 5 of Belgium usual starters are not in their squad .

  • What happened in the first match with them in this tournament.

  • I think it was 3 - 1 didn't we score early ?

  • I hope we win or at least qualify, but in any case I wont be watching the World Cup in Qatar.

    I dont like how they got the tournament, I dont like how they treat the people building their stadiums and I dont like the impact it has on the UK league just to fit in with the rather idiotic idea of playing the tournament in one to the hottest countries in the world.

  • Hmmm. Did you watch the 2010 World Cup in Brazil? How about Germany in 2014, or Russia most recently?

    If so, no need to hold the 2022 World Cup to a higher standard than the rest, as they were all riddled with corruption.

    Perhaps a better way of wording it would be 'I will be boycotting all world cups due to the repetitive trend of corruption'.

  • I personally will be watching the World Cup - whether we qualify or not.

    A brilliant competition, with no benefit of having a bigger transfer or wage budget. No rich club owners. In many ways better than league football.

    If you are good enough you get called up, and those who shine are pretty much immortalised. A showcase of the world's very best talent, on the biggest stage.

    Most of all for me, I want to see Messi's last chance at getting a World Cup. Perhaps the last international tournament for the best player in history. Now who would wanna miss that?

  • We can hold them to the same standards and realise this is far worse.

  • Tell me when I said it wasn't. My point is if corruption leads you to boycott a World Cup, then boycott all of them as they are all riddled with it.

  • Not just corruption but the number of workers who have died building the stadiums you are so keen to watch the matches being played in.

    The idiocy of disrupting the entire UK domestic season to play the World Cup in November because its too hot to play at normal times.

    You make your own choice, I'm comfortable with mine.

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    “It was really torture to work there,” he told me late last month in the hospital ward where he was waiting to be hooked up to a dialysis machine. Tens of thousands of migrant labourers have built the venues, hotels and infrastructure for next year’s tournament over a decade. Today, a silent plague of suffering among them can be revealed — in the plight of people like Magar, whose lives will be cut short by life-changing kidney damage that doctors say is likely to be linked to working conditions he experienced in Qatar.

    In interviews, more than a dozen doctors and public health experts — most of them in Nepal — said that, based on their interactions with patients, significant numbers of healthy young men were leaving home to work in the Gulf and returning with kidney diseases so severe that they required either transplants or dialysis. Each doctor said that they saw new cases every month — some as many as ten a week — and many said they believed that the problem was becoming increasingly acute. Three estimated that about one fifth of dialysis patients in Nepal were workers who had returned from the Gulf.


    In Qatar, Magar was forced to work outside all day in temperatures that can soar to over 45C. It was so hot, he said, that the workers used to pour water into their shoes so that their feet didn’t burn."

    Magar said he worked all summer in direct sunlight with insufficient water, a clear contravention of Qatari labour regulations, which stipulate that no one should work outside between 10am and 3.30pm from the beginning of June to the middle of September. Three other men who worked in stadium construction in Qatar gave similar accounts.

    Some days Magar worked 12-hour shifts, and on others his supervisor would push his team to keep going for more than 20 hours, with only a few short breaks.

    In the heat, drinking water quickly ran out, and the workers would sometimes have to wait for it to be replenished. They had to ask to use the lavatory, and permission was at times denied if there was a lot of work to do. There were few days off. Food came twice a day, mixed together in a small plastic bag.

  • Terrible! So sad that money rules everything. Corrupt Governments who don't give a toss for human rights. Here and abroad

  • 3 changes tonight 3 Ms in Mepham, Morrell , Moore in ,

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    I had no idea Lukaku was injured. What a blessing that is for us as even if we lose tonight, it will always have been by more had Lukaku been on the pitch.

  • Lakuku hasn't played for Chelsea for about a month , Eden Hazard , Courtois , Tielemans Denayer all out .

    Better chance of a win or draw 😁

  • @Malc great news although I wish them all the best in recovery.

    Honestly I’m more worried about Eden Hazard’s younger brother Thorgan at this point - he has become the better player!

  • De Bruyne is just too good.

    Wish we had a better option than Danny Ward, his decision to settle for a life on the bench has done his career and ability no good.

  • .............1-1

  • Moore is a brilliant striker, the one Cardiff player I do love. Awesome goal.

    Great to be going into half time level, hopefully Estonia can get something from their game!

  • Big struggle tonight given a lesson first half good finish from Moore .

    If we don't start to pass and move and be brave we have no chance ,

    Why are we booing one of the best players in the world , how good was the free kick from De Bruyne and the strike from Hazard .

  • @Malc who was booed, De Bruyne? Often world class players are jeered when on the ball to distract them, although I find it an annoying trend.

  • @Rhydian

    Water off a ducks back to those players , don't annoy them ,

  • 6 mins of injury time , come on boys .

  • Come on ref

  • Yes 1-1 its enough

  • Phew made us work hard , well done all the staff and players Diolch .

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