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Match Discussion: Swans v Blackpool - Championship 2021/22

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This is the place to discuss all things related to the Swans v Blackpool Championship game on Saturday, 20 November 2021 at 3pm.

Referee Keith Stroud will be assisted by Mark Russell and Matthew Jones, with Simon Mather the 4th Official for the game.

Have a read of the Swansea City v Blackpool Head to Head Statistics since the first meeting in South Wales in 1926.

If you fancy predicting the score for the game, then why not take part in our Swansea City Prediction League competition.

Share your pre and post match thoughts, views on Russell Martin's pre or post match comments and team selection.



  • Looking forward to seeing us back in action on Saturday against Blackpool.

    A tight match with 1-1 the most likely score unless RM has stepped us up another gear or two in the international break.

    With Ryan out, Ben is the most likely player to come in, if he is over the personal issues that made him miss the international break.

  • Excited as well - but interested in why you think 1-1 is the most likely score?

    I have seen Blackpool on TV and they are a decent side - but I really believe we will put them to the sword following a 2 week break. Our run of home victories is impressive - and consistent.

  • With Ben's personal issues pulling him out of the international squad, he could be rattled and I think Rhys is the logical option.

  • Well they are two places and two points ahead of us with very similar goals for and against plus they have performed well away from home winning 3 times and being hard to beat.

    Their weaknesses tend to be defending set pieces and arial duels, not exactly out strong points. On the plus side they are vulnerable to long shots and penetration down the wings.

    Obviously I'm hoping for a win, but we have to pay respect to teams around us and not just expect a win because we are playing at home.

    I do expect them to score so I believe we will need to score at least twice to win.

  • If Ben is out then dont forget Brandon has as stong a case as Rhys. It will be down to whoever has performed best in the international break training.

    Whoever gets the nod will need to grasp the opportunity.

  • Good point.

    I read the comments from the Wales u21 manager stating Brandon Cooper is too good to not play. I agree, although I feel a League One loan is the best way for him to get game time. Perhaps to MK if they have retained Martin's philosophy, that way we can judge if he will ever be suited to possession football.

  • Yes you make a good point - and in fairness when i watched them they had a lot of powerful runners ploughing into the areas that we have struggled to defend - (in behind the wing backs), so our centre backs and deep midfielders will have to concentrate on their discipline.

    Why I am more bullish is that when I saw them I saw athleticism and commitment - but not a high level of technical ability on the ball (there were a lot of miss placed passes).

    Their last two games (both home) were a 1-1 draw with QPR (52% possession) and a 0-1 defeat to Stoke (51% possession).

    I think they will struggle mightily to get the ball off us - and i believe that when they do have possession a strong press will make them cough it up.

    They will be dangerous on the counter for sure - but I see us having 65-70% of the ball, and playing most of the game in the Blackpool half. This should limit their attacking and set piece opportunities.

    Meanwhile I think our quality in the last third will rip them a new one. I believe I went 3-1 to the Swans in the prediction league - I know we all hope that I am correct 😎

  • I'll be happy with 3-1 and I'm sure we will dominate the ball, however they wont be easy to break down. We need to get ahead first and then control the match.


  • Spot on - they aim to get in behind the wing-backs. So it won't be enough for Downes to drop back to cover the back 3, we'll need the WBs to do their share of defending otherwise Blackpool will have a 5-4 advantage.

    On the plus side their GD away from home is -1, our GD at home is +6, so we should be good for the win.

  • Cads I don't think RM will instruct his wing backs to be more cautious in response to the Blackpool threat. He will be thinking about the damage our wing backs can do in the opposite half while we are controlling the game.

    I think the answer lies on the training ground with the back 3 and Grimes/Downes being able to move laterally across the pitch to snuff out any threat. This has been the biggest issue facing us defensively - and I don't think he should (or will) become less attacking to try and address it.

  • OK any students of body language out there?

    Check out the link to the training Video | Training ahead of Blackpool | Swansea (swanseacity.com)

    Take a look at the way Obafemi looks at the camera twice in the first minute of the clip.

    Determined and angry - or a bell end?

  • Well either he really doesnt like the cameraman, or he is making a few points of his own, or he is just playing the joker. It didnt seem like the latter!

    What is interesting is that they made it through the edit!

  • Blackpool dont play with wing backs, they play a standard 4-4-2 or 4-4-2 double six.

    The front two men make runs into the channels and the two wide midfielders try to beat the offside trap by making well timed runs from deep.

    It will be interesting to see which formation they play against us. but the out ball for them will be long and into the inside channels where their front men will be moving.

    Their full backs will support their wide midfield men but will focus on defending and cutting out any crossfield balls we play.

    Hopefully our wingbacks playing high with Joel can pin their back four. If they play a double pivot which is likely then Paterson and Ntcahm will aim to pull them wide. If they dont go wide then they will have space, if the do then gaps will open up down the middle.

    Another fascinating matchup and a tight one.

  • I bet that’s not what happens. I’ll give a tenner to a charity of your choice if they don’t try to put five into the final third and overwhelm our defence by outnumbering our defence on the flanks. Not saying it will work but that’s what I think Blackpool will try to do.

  • I believe they will play how we let them play. if we start with the same positive attitude as recently and start to move them about then it wont take long for them to be dropping to ensure Bidwell and Laird don't get possession in their final third and blocking the pockets of space for Ntcham and Patterson.

    We will see intermittent raids into our half - but I believe we will mainly see a defensive shield from Blackpool with the hope of frustrating us.

    I will be super impressed with Critchley if he turns up on Saturday with a front five

  • Blackpool have had a decent away run of form recently and while Gary Madine has not played regularly one should know how the ball is played into him and a target for set pieces. He is not one for running the channels like Yates and Carey will be but if he starts he will be the target for long balls out of defence with either Yates or Carey working off him.

    Left sided midfielder Keshi Anderson will be one of their main outlets on the counter and while they will be competitive / aggressive in midfield and not adverse to having a shot on goal should they find themselves in that position. there will be plenty of attempts. On the other flank former Man U midfielder Mitchell could start while at the back the tall 6-4 former non-league and Orient c/back Marvin Ekpiteta will have the experience of former Derby defender Richard Keogh alongside him.

    If we are not gifted a first goal as we were against Posh I feel it will be a tight game especially the longer the game goes and we haven't been able to breach their back line.

  • I just saw 3 swans fly past my garden as I was having my coffee, so I am going for a 3-0 win tomorrow. COYS

  • edited November 19

    He won’t start with a front five - @JackRaven is right about the formation they play on paper, but @Colin_swansea is right about how they attack.

    As I said, our home form is better than their away form over the season as a whole and we are on fire at the moment when the players have had a rest so playing Laird and Bidwell in advanced positions may well get us a win. Just pointing out where I think their threat will come from.

  • I'm sure at some point in the match they will get 5 players into the final third of the pitch.

    They will be dangerous from set pieces and runs from the front two. They dont just play a 4-4-2 on paper they play it on the pitch, and they do it well. Generally defending with two banks of 4 which are hard to breakdown.

    I'm sure they will try and get their wide midfielders making runs forward down the wing, but as they do so they will weaken their midfield. Leaving spaces for Paterson and Ntcham

    It will be about who can impose their style on the opposition.

    Personally I rate Blackpool which is why I believe 1-1 is the most likely outcome, but I hope for more.


  • @Cadleigh

    Our home form is very good , our away form is very poor ,

    We look comfortable at home the players and system works well .

    In my opinion we could expose Keough lack of pace if he plays , missed their last game through injury .

    Going for a 3 - 1 win

  • Good news from Martin's press conference everyone is fit .

    Obafemi back in the squad ,

    Ben Cabango fit and ready to play

    Jamie Paterson would like the chance to play International football , is eligible for Wales and Scotland ,

    Likes managing Swansea City loves the city and fans are special.

  • Our away form is interesting - 8 points from 9 games. However two of those games are the hardest of the year and as it stands 3 of those games are away to teams in the top 4.

    Also the trend line is improving - we have 5 points from the last 5 games which included two of those top 4 fixtures .

    Certainly room for improvement - but it is not trending in a catastrophic direction.

  • The Ben Cabango situation is an interesting one.

    I'm paraphrasing, but it seems like he withdrew from the Wales squad in order to concentrate on his form . fitness and match readiness in a club environment and even maybe putting club before country. With Bennett being suspended, he's a probable starter in that position tomorrow and he would have known that after the last match.

    If there is a hint of club before country, I quite like that - I'm one of those who has the same priority.

    There is a risk that Page will take it to heart and not pick him for the next squad, but it doesn't seem like a poor decision on his behalf.

  • For some reason despite being a 3 o'clock kick off this match is available in "dark markets: only. So not available here in Spain on swans TV neither is it on DAZN, the local broadcast rights holder. So much for a "season " pass, several games not broadcast here already, don't think I'll be renewing next season if we remain in the championship. Likely to be at least a quarter of swans matches not available across the season.🀬

  • Looking forward the match today.

    Another real challenge against another good young manager.

    Its going to be a very interesting match up of two different styles

  • Team & Squad News

    Swansea City: Ben Hamer; Ben Cabango, Kyle Naughton, Ryan Manning; Ethan Laird, Flynn Downes, Matt Grimes (captain), Jake Bidwell; Olivier Ntcham, Jamie Paterson; Joel Piroe.

    Substitutes: Steven Benda, Korey Smith, Michael Obafemi, Liam Cullen, Joel Latibeaudiere, Liam Walsh, Rhys Williams.

  • Game is being shown on BEIN sports 3 if anyone has access.

  • Here we go.....

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