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Penalty Ref!!!

So we are one of 5 clubs(!) so far this season who havent been awarded a penalty at all, whereas some clubs are getting one every 4/5 matches.

Can we have their refs please.


  • There have been some clear penalties we haven't been given, but are there any statistics about time spent in the opposition box compared to these other teams?

    Seems to me we don't spend much time in the opposition box, so we don't win penalties. We mostly pass it around further back and when it does end up in the box, Piroe tends to score before he can be fouled.

    Only one who dribbles in the box is Laird, and refs seem to think he dives when he's brought down.

  • that's a very good point Rhydian. If you're not in the box, you cant get fouled.

  • A very interesting question. No-one measures time spent in the penalty area that I can find, but there are some stats regarding number of passes into the penalty per match.

    So we have about 13.87 passes into the penalty area per 90 mins.

    There are 8 teams with less passes per 90 mins and a further 5 teams within one pass of ours per 90 mins.

    So starting with the team with the lowest number of passes including the no of penalties awarded and working up.

    Derby - 0 penalties

    Peterboro - 2 penalties

    Huddersfield - 0 penalties

    Notts Forest - 2 penalties

    Reading - 1 penalty

    Bristol - 1 penalty

    Blackburn - 3 penalties

    Barnsley - 1 penalty

    Swansea - 0 penalties

    Teams within 1 pass per 90 mins

    Hull - 1 penalty

    Birmingham - 1 penalty

    Blackpool - 3 penalties

    Millwall - 2 penalties

    Stoke - 2 penalties

    There seems to be limited correlation between the two parameters, but with low numbers its always hard to tell.

    The 8 teams with the most passes per 90 mins seem to correlate at the very top but then quickly devolves into non-correlation.

    Fulham - 4 penalties

    Sheff Utd - 3 penalties

    Bournemouth - 2 penalties

    WBA - 1 penalty

    Coventry - 4 penalties

    Cardiff - 0 penalties

    QPR - 0 penalties

    Luton - 2 penalties

    For comparison Fulham have about 21.5 passes per 90 compared to our 13.87.

    So not certain that it makes any different how long you spend in the penalty area.

  • Looking back to last season we had 6 penalties ,

    1 before Christmas 4 in 4 games ( late feb/March ) 1 in April

    More action in and around the penalty area results in more pens ,

    Shots , Crosses , players running at defenders you have more chances of fouls and handballs.

  • The Cardiff passes into the penalty area are from 50 yards away and head height.

  • Its not that simple as QPR would likely have 3/4 penalties if that were the case, and Cardiff likely 2 penalties. There is far more variation than just getting into the box however you do it.

    It is interesting that we are the most fouled team in the league, yet no penalties seem to accrue. Clearly we are only fouled outside the penalty area, as inside the penalty area we are apparently never fouled!

    At least Stroud isnt reffing us midweek

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