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January Transfer Window 2022

This is the place to discuss all Swansea City transfer related discussions during the 2022 January transfer window.

The transfer window will open at midnight on Saturday, January 1, 2022.

The transfer window closes at 11:59pm on Monday, January 31 2022.

Please note that as long as all the necessary paperwork is submitted before the deadline, transfers can be completed afterwards.



  • Tarique Fosu still available, although some potential issues with regard to timekeeping perhaps

  • Question for you @JackRaven

    Do you still think we need a ball playing CB or have the players this season performed well enough for that no to be a priority?

  • not a priority for me.

    Next summer, depending on where we are with Kyle, then no need.

  • agreed, I think wing backs are the priority.

    Competition / cover for Laird and upgrade on the left (apologies to Bidwell as he has done well this season).

    Also 1 more AM midfield to compete with Paterson and Ntcham

    Then if budget allows a striker (but I would prefer that Obafemi is brought up to speed)

  • for me it's more important to get cover and allow rotation of Ntcham and Pato.

    It's crucial we keep them fit and fresh. They are the key to us scoring. I dont think he'll go for another striker from what he has said in today's conference.

    Looks like he's happy with Liam, and confident he can get Obafemi on track.

    Maybe he'll look at cover for Laird. I dont see him doing anything on the left this window. He'll stick with Jake and Manning, and change next summer - Bidwell is out of contract then.

  • The priority for me is a left footed CB, however of the CBs we have, only Kyle is a genuine ball playing CB. That is said with due respect to the huge improvement from Ryan Bennett, Ben cabango and the stirling work Ryan Manning has done.

    I can see Ryan Manning playing more often in the left WB role. His ability to be a danger on the left flank could either benefit from teams doubling up on Laird, or force defenders out left giving Laird more space.

    So if Kyle got injured we would be very exposed imo without another genuine ball playing CB.

    For that reason a left footed CB, but he needs to be able to be cover for Kyle as a ball playing CB just in case.

    I know Haydon has been mentioned but for me in our price range I would go for someone like Brendan Galloway of Plymouth. Left footed, 6ft 2 inches, strong on one to one situations and has good passing stats.

  • The ideal situation during January would be a left footed (ball playing) CB, a left footed (or genuine two footed) LWB plus another creative attacking midfielder/ forward.

    As WB's if only Kyle Joseph or Jordan Garrick were left footed. Then again they could be a left sided wing back who comes inside to shoot. Could suit either then or as cover for Laird.

  • edited November 2021

    I think Downes could play the Naughton role and think we have enough cover without playing Downes there if we trust the current players and their passing capabilities.

    Not sure about Galloway, has very limited experience for a 25 year old

  • Fair point that Downes could play DC perhaps but not a left footed CB which is still an issue. I do believe we could manage as DMs but still exposed to an injury there, and Walsh has struggled to stay injury free.

    Ive given myself 3 transfers requirements from what I have seen and I still feel we need another genuine ball playing CB who at this moment needs to be left footed.

    It will be interesting to see and good if we can manage some permanent appointments instead of just improving players for other teams to benefit.

  • Grimes could play the Naughton role ,

    Would prefer Brandon Cooper getting some game time , isn't he left footed.

    Dan Williams needs to play to see how good he is ,

    Much better to give our youngsters a chance than other clubs young players.

  • While its useful to have versatile players, we do need to ensure we have enough round pegs to fit in round holes.

  • Having just got back from the game we need more attacking options. Laird isnt playing well and we have no back up at all. Teams have also worked him out and he looks a bit lost. Cullen adds nothing and Obafemi apparently isnt good enough for the bench. I do like Whittaker and dont understand why he isnt in Martin's plans ATM. I find it puzzling why Walsh is on the bench as he never gets any game time. A bit of pace up front wouldnt go amiss.

  • As I keep saying, the attacking third is where we need more options as a priority.

  • He won't play Whittaker because Whittaker is a winger. Like Pep, Martin wants five men up front, one per zone. The wide spaces are for wing backs, not for wingers. This is why Lowe had to go. Martin would have hated Ayew because of his habit of wandering about. And the idea of playing one roaming winger, or even three, as Laudrup did - I imagine the very idea gives Martin a panic attack.

  • Lowe had to go to fund the transfer of Obafemi

  • It is pretty obvious where the focus of RM's January transfer blueprint will be on. Bennet (aging carthorse easily wrong footed and cant recover once wrong footed), Naughton (excellent but in his last year or so), Rhys Williams returning to Liverpool & Laird is a loan whose back up is Naughton.

    So I am 100% certain any incomings in January will be in the defensive ranks predominantly as permanent transfers in

  • When Lati has played at wingback he's looked totally lost.

    Anyone know if Rushesha is looking good recently? He's only one year younger than Laird, he should be competing for a spot on the bench now.

  • Lets be fair as well - most would think we got a very decent price for Jamal. Hot when hot and a good highlight reel, but would go months without a goal or assist.

    Problem is we are not currently getting value for the reinvestment of the funds into Obafemi.

    I am pretty sure our transfer window will be attacking wing back to give us a threat and rest Laird, and also attackers (striker or 2nd striker who can open teams up with all the possession we are having - oh and a traditional festive goalie for the development squad.

  • not saying he's the answer...but he is the backup, currently.

  • Looks as if Fulton is off in January .

  • Any clues as to where and whether there is a fee involved? He is a pretty decent championship player.

  • Forest look favourites to sign him , don't know about a fee .

  • Anyone who watches the U23 have an assessment on Jacob Jones… been playing wingback for them and left sided CH.. left footed ???

  • You don't get bargains in January.

  • Are we in for a Hearts CB called Souttar?

    Seems everyone after him

    If so we are not going to win a bidding war

  • Swans are a number of clubs looking to sign Arsenal striker Folarin Balogun on loan the 20 year old is rated highly by Arteta.

  • The transfer we needed one year ago. If Arsenal and Balogun's agent hadn't been faffing about with his contract then we may well have been promoted.

    They can keep him, I much prefer Piroe and we have no space for another striker.

  • @Jackareme disagree the jan window is about sorting a new back 3

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