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Match Discussion: Swans v Fulham - Championship 2021/22

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This is the place to discuss all things related to the Swans v Fulham Championship game on Monday, 3 January 2022 at 3:00pm.

Referee Jarred Gillet will be assisted by Neil Davies and Peter Kirkup, with Lee Swabey the 4th Official for the game.

Due to Welsh Government COVID restrictions, the game will be played behind closed doors. A live stream of the game (for non-season ticket holders) can be bought from the Official Swans TV Live service for £10.

Have a read of the Swans v Fulham Head to Head Stats since the first meeting in South Wales in 1925.

If you fancy predicting the score for the game, then why not take part in our Swansea City Prediction League competition.

Share your pre and post match thoughts, views on Russell Martin's pre or post match comments and team selection.



  • Thursday is apparently the day when we'll know if the game goes ahead.

    Due to the 10 day rule still invoked in Wales, unlike England, my gut says it will be off.

  • I'd be surprised if it goes ahead too... but hopefully I'm wrong!

  • So the proportion of the population of Wales with COVID at the moment is around 6%, but the proportion of the Swans squad with COVID is at least twice that?

  • Fingers crossed not only for a win with this one, but also for the game to go ahead.

  • My point being that there was nothing we could do about the QPR and Millwall games being rescheduled, they are in COVID hotspots and they were not able to find the 14 fit squad members required to fulfil the fixture as scheduled. It’s not ideal for us to have to shoehorn two more matches into the remaining time but there was nothing we could do about it.

    But Swansea is not a COVID hotspot like South Bermondsey or Shepherds Bush, so the Luton game being called off - and potentially now Fulham too - because we can’t field 14 players is a needless shot in our own foot. Someone should accept responsibility for that. Fulham have not had to cancel any games due to lack of player availability, and they are in a hot-spot too.

  • Sport throughout England and Wales being severely disrupted ,

    Look at the games postponed tonight in the Championship and League 1

    Just announced Dragons vs Cardiff Rugby postponed due to Covid .

    Ospreys recently reported 18 cases of Covid , the Omicron strain is now dominant in Wales

    Fulham's game off with Reading due to Covid

  • And yet Cardiff’s game is going ahead. And the teams that are serious about pushing for promotion are largely succeeding in keeping their squads COVID free. So there is nothing inevitable about sports squads succumbing to the virus, if the management and the players behave responsibly.

    Fulham’s game is off because Reading - who have nothing to play for - can’t field 14 men. Not because Fulham have a problem.

    Seriously - if we can’t field 14 men then just how bad is the COVID problem in the squad?

  • Cardiff were badly hit a few weeks ago , now covid free ,

    103 cases in the Premier League , this virus is spreading everywhere , no surprise sport is being seriously affected .

    Reading have everything to play for , a bit too close to the relegation zone .

    You know just about every team in the premier league has had problems ,

    Mikel Arteta has caught Covid again .

  • Since I don't support Wolves, Leeds or Everton it doesn't really concern me that their management weren't able to persuade players on obscene salaries to put a mask on and rein it in for a bit so they could turn up and do the job they are paid to do. If asked, I'd probably say it's more than a bit pathetic on the part of both the clubs and the players, but as I say, I don't support those teams so I don't really feel strongly either way.

    I do, however, support Swansea. I contribute my fair share to the club through ticket and merchandise sales, Jack Army subscription and Swans Player subs, and to the Trust through membership fees. As a result I feel I am more than just a consumer, I am a stakeholder.

    And sorry, as a stakeholder I feel completely let down by the club allowing squad members to go out and expose themselves to COVID with the result that we have already played THREE fewer games than some of the teams we are competing with and it may be that by the weekend we will be FOUR games behind. Whatever advantages the January window might bring us in terms of reinforcements, that's a hell of a gap to make up over the course of the season.

    Martin should be laying down the law to his players and making it clear that anyone who recklessly exposes themselves is playing for the reserves until further notice. But he can't do that, can he, because he has made stupid statements about vaccination being a matter of individual choice and understanding why elite athletes might not want to put chemicals in their bodies.

    Might as well have driven them down Wind Street himself. Tw@t.

  • That’s Martin who’s a Twit, not @Malc

  • you now have an agenda. surprised at you doing your damnedest to smear RM. I stay away from this site now because of grown men behaving like children moaning....didn't think you were part of that sorry crew. Also you have no insight into the covisd situation. none. so stop pretending you have the facts. you don't, you just have the knives out for the manager.

  • Can you not see the hypocrisy in labelling someone else as having an agenda - try to be more self aware.

    You describe posters as 'grown men behaving like children', but I suppose you were the one exception? You played every part in the drama you act so much better than. I think you insult posters like this simply because nobody agreed with you.

    I find it tiresome when people come back to the forum just to say they have left. Do you want a reward?

  • I don't support any team in the Premier League , I was pointing out what is happening around the country with Covid .

    Do you not think all clubs are having problems , we are not the only ones .

    You seem very angry with Martin and the situation we are in , the only problem you can't do nothing about it ,

    Wishing you a happy , healthy , peaceful new year , try to enjoy the football , there are many out there not so fortunate as us .

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    Swansea City’s Championship fixture against Fulham has been postponed.

    The game had been due to take place on Monday, January 3 at 3pm at the Swansea.com Stadium.

    This is due to a considerable number of positive COVID-19 cases within the playing squad.

    The club has worked hard to try and ensure it would be able to fulfil the fixture, however, the amount of positive cases means the club do not have a sufficient amount of players available for selection.


  • @Pablo and @Llanjack - this is a manager who publicly shamed Piroe and Obafemi for breaking his rules. He has no qualms about imposing discipline and has been praised by posters on here for his advanced man management as a result. Yet he has allowed at least 12 of his squad to contract COVID.

    You don’t have to subscribe to orthodox thinking on vaccines to think that that is shocking and shameful. Hell, unless you think we should all get Omicron to build herd immunity, I can’t see any scenario in which you could think this is acceptable.

    Presumably the players didn’t contract COVID on the training field because the club will have checks in place to prevent that. So therefore 13 or more players individually put themselves in harms way and we are paying the price as a result.


    Compare that with Cooper’s Forest: small number of cases, team pulling together to ensure it doesn’t get worse, manager not saying stupid libertarian guff.

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    Before today we had 10 one-week breaks between games to look forward to. And we all know how it's gone so far this season when we've had less than a week's recovery between matches.

    Those 10 one-week breaks are now down to six.

    Let's hope it ends there, or the authorities agree to extend the season. But frankly when only three teams in each of the top two divisions are running into serious problems, I can't see why they would.

  • "Allowed at least 12 of his squad to contract covid"

    Try and ease off the sherry cadders😃

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    Malaga - I suggest you re-read the first post on the thread on EFL guidance on COVID before posting comments that make you look ridiculous. Here's a reminder:

    "In the wake of recent EFL fixture postponements due to COVID-19 cases at Clubs, the EFL has also provided guidance on non-fulfilment of fixtures, confirming that Clubs will be expected to play where it has 14 players including a goalkeeper available from the Club’s registered squad list, Under 21 players not on the squad list but have played one League match, or any other contracted player not on the squad list but otherwise would have been eligible to play. The EFL will assist Clubs in their deliberations."

    So, we need to find 14 fit players including a goalkeeper. Doesn't matter if they are all attackers, we have to field a team even if we don't have fit players suited to every position. We have 26 registered with squad numbers. That means either that at least 13 of our squad currently have COVID/injuries, or that both goalkeepers do, or both. When we bailed on the Luton fixture, the club said we couldn't get to the magical total of 14 because of a combination of COVID and injuries. But I am not aware of any injuries in the squad unless Laird is still crook. Happy to be corrected if you have more current intelligence?

    "In a statement, Swansea said they "worked hard" to try to fulfil the Fulham fixture, but "a considerable number" of cases meant they did not have a sufficient number of players available for selection. Head coach Martin has previously said his players and staff have a "freedom of choice" over whether to be vaccinated or not."

    That's from the BBC website. (I did the bold and the italics to help you spot the most important words more easily.)

    So that sounds to me like we are talking about not being able to find 14 fit players.

    If it's not the '12 squad members with COVID' you are objecting to, maybe it's the suggestion that Martin 'allowed' this to happen? The EFL guidance is clear - clubs have to have rigorous testing in place to ensure no one brings COVID into the changing room. As well as being EFL guidance, it would be insane for a professional football club not to do that - imagine if a valuable player got Long COVID?

    There were two players with COVID on Wednesday 22 December. If a "considerable number" contracted COVID between then and today, that tells me that it happened over the Christmas weekend. If Martin didn't read the riot act to his players before that weekend, telling them to lock themselves away and take every precaution possible to avoid contracting COVID then yes, in my book he allowed it to happen. He's the manager, buck stops with him.

  • I agree with @Cadleigh on this and that post above explains it very well.

    Although, the other possibility is that we haven't really got so many positive cases at all and it's all a front so that we can have a crowd at the re-arranged fixture, as has been floated by some on Twitter. Personally I don't think this is the case because you'd think the EFL would perform some sort of verification audit of what clubs are claiming to be their covid numbers, so it would be very risky to try to mislead the league. Also, you're looking at net additional revenue of only maybe (3000 X £30=) £90k from having a crowd and the downside of further fixture congestion, as mentioned earlier.

  • Nothing better than a good conspiracy theory - but not only does postponing game now give us a chance of rearranging in front of a crowd - but it also gives us more fixtures with any signings that we make in January available.

    Happy for both TBH.

  • Oh cadders methinks thou doest protest too much, life is not just black and white, ironically you are coming across not unlike your old mucker jackraven 😃

  • How so @Malaga? Tell me what I have got wrong and I’ll think again. Or just take cheap shots and try to walk away with a snide dig when you’ve been bested. 😂

  • Actually in this case it is black and white. Either we have 14 COVID-free players or we don’t.

    Twenty-one other Championship clubs don’t.

    Twenty-three other Championship clubs don’t have managers who have made comments that the anti-vaccer conspiracy theorists were punching the air at.

    You do the maths.

  • @Cadleigh

    So the manager is to blame for everything , don't you think the players are accountable for their actions ?

    Most of the posters on here have been vaccinated to keep ourselves and loved ones safe .

    The players have parents and grandparents who will be vulnerable . You would have thought that would make them wary .

  • Chris Wilder's Middlesbrough squad decimated by covid after the midweek game , looking for postponement of the game against Sheffield United.

  • Cadders, you do realise that some players maybe isolating due to a family member having covid and not the player, also have you heard of false positives. Anyway, I gave up reading your long winded post after the patronising remarks. It's not a competition cadleigh it's a discussion. You appear to come across as someone who takes themselves far too seriously, chill out mun have a great new year. Feliz fiestas. 🙂

  • You come on here accusing me of 'being on the sherry', refuse to back up your insult with any facts and then when I point out that everything I said was justified you run away accusing me of being patronising? LMAO.

  • As I said before, these are elite players paid staggering amounts of money to stay fit and able to participate in football matches when the time comes. Of course you are right that they are responsible for their actions and their own safety, but I would also expect the manager and the club to take all steps necessary to ensure that the players are behaving appropriately.

    The rules say you don't have to self-isolate if you come into contact with someone with COVID as long as you have had two vaccinations, and the EFL guidelines make it clear that these players are tested rigorously and continuously, so I think we can be confident it's the players who have it, not their relatives or someone they parked nearby.

    So far this season 11 Championship clubs have had to call off games (Boro would make it 12). Of those only seven have had to call off two games - and we are among them.

    And as I said earlier, only one manager has made public statements championing the right of players to say no to vaccines. Do you really think that won't have had an impact?

  • Fascinating that Wilder has nine squad members down with COVID but the EFL are telling him Boro have to take the field on Saturday and recall loan players if necessary. Strongly suggests we do have 13+ COVID cases in our ranks.

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