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Laird Recalled, off to Bournemouth

So, it looks like Laird has been recalled and is being lined up for a loan move to Bournemouth…that’s a bit of a blow. Cue..the happy clappers “this is great news for the Swans”, “we have Trippier lined up as replacement”, etc, etc. How have we come to this?



  • Garrick for RWB?

  • A bit surprised with Bournemouth wanting Laird they play a flat back 4 ,

    Jack stacy plays right back , played regularly for the last 2 seasons , Zemura been their left back .

  • Really worrying that those at the top of the football pyramid no longer see our club and management as a positive environment for young Laird.

    And that's despite the personal relationship Martin has with him.

    By the way, our current losing streak has everything to do with his recall.

  • I noted earlier in the season that RM's handling of Rhys Williams could negatively affect our standing as a great environment for the premier league's elite prospects.

    The recall of Laird (despite our playing him), along with the impending recall of Rhys Williams, will no doubt have done immense damage in this sense.

    Let's hope the Man City loan links are true/remain true - despite these two disasters.

  • So do Manchester United. Playing as a wingback can only do so much for his development if they have any hopes for him.

    If they don't it's simply financial. Playing for a higher profile side higher in the division will add to his future fee, as well as the current loan fee.

  • I think the issue is deeper than RM, it goes to what i and other Enlighted fans have ben saying for a while, The club is being run has a Hedge Fund not a FC. The decline in the last few years is now accelerating, From Fire sales of our Young talent, to Managers preferring the dole to risking their reputations and now this. And if its true he has gone to a club in Championship, and a smaller club than us! Even the most naive fans at least start asking questions. . I thnk we all should

  • We're being run responsibly. If that's what a hedge fund looks like then brilliant. Bristol City FC's accounts showed they lost £30m last season. The game is in a sorry state.

    Bournemouth have dodgy Russian money behind them. They got fined £5m for breaking FFP rules last time they got promoted. Should we be emulating them?

  • the benefits

    You are not far off there jasper, clubs with severe debts like Man U and Chelsea have realised how financially profitable lending some of their kids is to their income streams, and as much as it can be a good thing for clubs like ours to borrow PL kids, what our club should do is place a greater emphasis on rearing our own kids instead of borrowing youngsters from PL clubs.

  • This really does cause us a January headache - our cupboard is bare with regards to wing backs at all levels in our club. In the formation RM want to play losing Laird is a hammer blow.

    What a few posters on here have said about developing our own talent through the academy is absolutely true - but also I feel we need a relationship with a club like Man City who work with us to develop their brightest talent and support us with loans that are not going to be cancelled on a whim.

    I also think that this sort of relationship can also help us with coaching, medical, nutrition, psychology support through mentorship and access to top class support practices.

  • Little old amateur Swansea needing diet tips from the big boys.

  • It’s interesting that there are strong links with Man City. I thought that the owners were not best pleased when City’s academy were fined £300k for tapping up a while back?

  • Good luck to the lad,if he sniffs a promotion chance and a permanent signing,who could blame him.

    As to whether he will have as much game time now,I wonder.

    Whatever happens SCFC will adjust ,as it always has done👍️

  • I would love for Rushesha to get a look in now. He is surely the better option than Lati or Naughton at RWB, and at 19 it's time for him to get a chance or be sent on loan.

    Aside from new signings, we could also recall Kyle Jospeh who has been played at RWB previously, although he is no defender. That seems more likely than recalling Garrick for the position.

  • It may be that one of the reasons Man U wanted him to move was that they were concerned about just how much he was playing and what was being demanded of him

  • Quite possibly the case Cadleigh.Many reasons are of course available.

    I guess it just depends at which point as individuals we are dialled onto the positivity graphs,that dictate how we view things.

  • We should expect players to be recalled though

    It's a plus when they are NOT recalled in January

    We have to have a backup, so

    Brandon is the backup for Rhys W being recalled

    Naughton or Lati is the backup for Laird

    If they are not good enough we have not planned for a proper backup

    I want Burnley's 3 rd choice RB, who must be gagging for a game!

  • According to Keith Haynes, Man U told us Friday they were recalling Laird.

    Makes sense, as Friday was a working day whereas yesterday, when the story broke, was not. Except for SCFC’s comms team, apparently, who posted the ‘OLeary: all well with the U-23s, nothing to worry about’ story. I strongly suspect it was them who told The Athletic that Bournemouth were paying more. Won’t have been Bournemouth or Man U will it?

    Haynes goes on to say that we wrote to all 20 EPL teams on Friday to ask if they had any players they would like to loan. Few replied. I desperately hope that this didn’t happen.

  • That is really patronizing Jasper - what I am saying is that sports sciences are constantly improving and evolving - and a partnership with an organization that can afford to be at the cutting edge can do nothing but help us.

    You know full well I am not suggesting that we don't know what or when to eat. Have a little respect for your fellow posters.

  • Cadleigh,

    so you don’t believe “the athletic” account of the laird recall from a subscription journalistic publication but you believe a Swansea fan Keith Haynes account 100% ?

    is that because the Keith Haynes account supports your agenda ?

  • Llanjack, I never said that I don't believe The Athletic's account. In fact I do. What they said is that Ethan Laird is being recalled from Swansea to go to Bournemouth AND that Bournemouth will be paying an increased loan fee and a higher share of his wages. Not BECAUSE of it. I merely asked the question where that information came from. Of course they will have rung Swansea for a comment, because that's just basic good journalism. Did a Swansea source tell them, maybe off the record, that they understood that Bournemouth were paying more. Did this generate just a little bit of smoke and confusion around what happened? Look on News Now - Wales Online are using that angle in their coverage, as if it's the reason for the switch.

    Man U turned over more than £500 million in their last accounting year. Do you really think a few thousand in wages and loan fee would make the difference in deciding where a player goes - or would than decision be driven by where he was most likely to play good football at a successful club and attract the attention of potential buyers?

    Chelsea pulled Conor Gallagher from his loan with Charlton on 14 January 2020. At the time Charlton were in 19th place in the Championship. Which coincidentally is where we would be now if Reading and Derby hadn't been docked points. Do you think we got Gallagher because we offered more money? Do you think Chelsea would have accepted if Charlton hadn't been dropping down the table?

    As to Keith's story, do I think the decision to pull Laird was communicated on Friday? Yes I do, because it was a working day. I imagine it was embargoed until the transfer window opened officially and someone leaked it.

    Do I believe Keith's account of the club contacting Premier League teams asking if they have any loan players going spare? I honestly don't know. I hope it's not right, because it would make us look like amateurs.

    Now, having answered you questions in detail, can you kindly show me where I said I (a) didn't believe the Athletic's account and (b) believed Keith's account 100% because I am getting tired of people telling me I said things I didn't.

  • I know one of the lads who does consultancy on diet/nutrition for players. Top lad, very well-qualified, works with a growing list of professional clubs. So if you want to talk about patronising find yourself a mirror.

  • I would hope that every day is a working day at the Swans.

  • Great Jasper - but do you not think that sports science is evolving year on year and if not month on month?

    Assuming that you agree do you also not think that the clubs with the greatest wealth will be the first to see and adapt new best practice?

    I am sure your mate is a thoroughly good egg - but I am guessing that the clubs he serves are not Liverpool Chelsea Man City Bayern Munich or Real Madrid?

    There are developments in so many areas (nutrition being only one) that to not seek a strategic alliance with those at the cutting edge when a partnership has been mooted seems almost negligent to me.

    That is all I am saying.

    The patronizing complaint was not personal to you - it was specific to this post you made:

    "Little old amateur Swansea needing diet tips from the big boys."

    There will always be room to learn and develop in all aspects of the game - and no doubt your nutritionist mate will be taking every opportunity to keep up with new developments and enhance his skillset - as should we all.

  • There are six people working in comms at the club, only two of them are press officers in the normal sense. I am sure they have a rota which ensures that someone is on call every day and that digital and social media content is prepared in advance so there's at least one interesting upload/tweet every day of the year. I am equally certain that all six do not go into the office every day of the week, and particularly not on New Year's Day or the Sunday after it.

  • Not too long ago Real Madrid's academy kids were eating most of their meals out of vending machines. The biggest clubs aren't always leading the line for improvement and innovation, especially in England where the reliance on institutional knowledge within the game tends to rule the roost over nerds with actual degrees and expertise. You shouldn't assume what they're doing is a huge leap forward from what Swansea have in place, we were an established PL side not too long ago if you remember.

    If we really wanted a strategic partnership on that side of things we should look to American Football teams. They're been a big step up from our game for decades. Massive amounts of money goes the research and development.

  • I dont expect Jasper to grasp the point i am making , and frankly care little. But to try and help the lad and clarify.

    Never said the Club is not run well dahh , In fact it is critical it is. to maximise HF profit Its what it does with the billions of turn over it has in a 10 year cycle, ( seven in Prem). I ,along with many other genuine fans, will ague that had a small potion of the substantial profits been re invested into the "TEAM" we would now be in a much better position both finically and of course on the pitch.

    I guess its what your used too @jasper_T . I happen to enjoy succus on the pitch, I guess your happy to take what ever your given. or fed. I tend to look at it objectively, its like this. Had the Owners supported SC , this season , he might not have walked out and we might now be in top 4 ! , Hey its what he did the only two season he was with us. old boy!

    hope you understand ! have tried to simplify it as best i can lol,

  • Why did we not see this coming and whose job is it to ensure that we are talking regularly to the parent clubs of our loan players and ensuring that they are happy with their players' development?

    Presumably our Sporting Director?

    Alarm bells should have started ringing when we were told that all was well with Rhys Williams because someone from Liverpool had been down the other day and they understood why he isn't playing.

    I bet we approached Chelsea about Gallagher with a full list of reasons why he should be with us not with Charlton. Looks like Bournemouth did the same to us with Laird.

    Can't see this happening under Birch's watch.

  • Yes well we don't have Birch now unfortunately

  • Now officially confirmed:

    "Manchester United have recalled Ethan Laird from his loan spell at Swansea City.

    The 20-year-old joined the Swans on a season-long loan in August and made 21 appearances in total during his time at the Swansea.com Stadium, registering four assists.

    Everyone at Swansea City would like to thank Ethan for his contribution during his brief time at the club, and wish him every success in his future career."

  • 1 season on , if he's in the Bournemouth premier league XI then Bournemouth will be able to buy him for £20m if he's looking OK at that level

    He's not going to play ahead of Dalot and Wan Bissaka

    I'm quite looking forward to howJoseph goes in the position, but I think he's a striker

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