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Scottish fans can return to watching their teams in their stadiums from Monday.

I wonder when Drakeford will follow Sturgeon ?


  • When it doesn't look like we are just copying Scotland!

  • The cynics up here including me are of the opinion that she has done this as part of placating the SRU (Scotland’s Rich Upstarts) who are her core supporter base - in truth she also didn’t want a battle with the power of the old firm who just so happen to be retuning to play after their planned winter break on Monday 🤔

  • Actually should have been more specific there as it’s one half of the old firm with their republican sympathies

  • Not Scottish Rugby Union and the 6 Nations .

  • It does seem to me to be a dramatic about turn by Sturgeon.I wonder what makes them tick sometimes.

  • Interesting comments from Andrew R T Davies last Friday after Drakeford's statement ,

    " There are more cases of covid in Cardiff and Newport where there are no fans at Football and Rugby stadiums , than in Bristol where fans are watching Football and Rugby in stadiums "

  • But Drippy is following the science....which science is that as now only ourselves and Northern Ireland are not allowing sporting events with large crowds although I think he will do an about turn very quickly to placate the rugby natives

  • Well that didn't take long .

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