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Summer Transfer Window 2022

This is the place to discuss all Swansea City related transfer discussions during the 2022 Summer transfer window.

The transfer window will open on Friday, 10 June 2022.

The transfer window closes at 11pm on Thursday, 1 September 2022.

Please note that as long as all the necessary paperwork is submitted before the deadline, transfers can be completed afterwards.



  • Any one got any info who will be in charge of our transfersin uk (before the owners pull the plug) any new names being touted?

  • That would be a good question to ask Julian Winter and Russell Martin at the Fans Forum next Tuesday @Pete 😀

  • Dai Cornell Peterborough goalkeeper has been released , don't be surprised to see Benda sign for the Posh .

  • if we are worried about the comings and goings in the summer, then be thankful we're not in Cardiff's shoes. 😬

  • You had to lower the tone on this Swansea City Transfer Discussion thread by mentioning that lot didn't you @Mark_Jack_London 😂

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    Interesting in the extreme that Wales on line are now reporting the sale of Piroe as a “done deal”.

    of course every player has a price - but (a) IMO this is the finest talent we have had since Michu and the fee really needs to reflect that and (b) recognising the need to balance the books we really need to see a good portion of this invested into the overall strength depth and athleticism of the squad

    I wait with bated breath!!

  • Just to bring things full circle - how many clubs are in the Cardiff position where they are offloading players in huge numbers?

    to be honest if any of them are talented but don’t fit the playing “style” at Cardiff or any other errr let’s say direct approach clubs - I would be looking at their availability. What we are looking for is very different to a lot of other clubs

  • it's a crazy turnover of players. Should free up a load of wages.

    Something we have done over several windows. Doing it all in one go is a massive call and risk.

  • Preston releasing 13 players

    Blackpool 8 players leaving

    Stoke letting 4 experienced players go

    How many players will we let go ?

  • The answer is 10 and counting @Malc - listed yesterday and if Christie and wolf don't return you can make that 12 and if Piroe and Downes re sold you can make it 14.

    This is where an academy that can help provide numbers for the squad with a decent talent level is crucial.

  • @Jackareme

    Gives the Coopers , Dan Williams and Cameron Congreve more of a chance if Martin plays them

    Congreve at 18 years old had a memorable season keep an eye on his progression,

  • Re set for them , parachute payments finished , lots of high earners to move on , I read Alex Smithies was on 33k per week not sustainable for a Championship club

  • As Man C appear to have agreed a fee with Dortmund of £51 Mil for Haaland ,which seems lower level to me than in earlier years,this makes me wonder if some expectations here and elswhere of a Piroe fee are too optimistic.

  • @moorlands

    That was the release clause Dortmund had for him probably worth 6 times Man City are going to pay .

    Reportedly on a 5 year contract of £ 400,000 per week .

  • Rob Edwards: Watford appoint former Forest Green boss as manager from 2022-23 - BBC Sport

    Rob Edwards appointed manager at Watford and Dale Vince is none too happy.

    Edwards, 39, will become Watford's eighth permanent manager since the start of 2018.

  • i can quite understand why Vince his pissed. Big gamble for Edwards. Huge jump. And the Watford owners aren't patient people.

  • Exactly. He's a steal. And I doubt there will be many clubs paying those kinds of numbers.

    Will be an interesting market, especially at the lower PL level.

  • As Malc says the fee is only so low as it's his release clause. Including agent fees and the signing on fee it will total £85 million.

    He'll be earning £375,000 a week matching De Bruyne's wage.

    That is the steal of the century as he could easily have cost north of 150-200 million as the most in demand and promising striker in the world. This guy is a monster up front with 85 goals in 88 games for Dortmund.

  • I think the more eye opening deal will be Gabriel Jesus to Arsenal, should it go through.

    If the £35-40 million price tag is accurate, I don't think clubs will be willing to pay £20 million for Piroe.

  • Jesus has had 6 seasons in the PL and hit double figures twice. £35m seems a lot given he's on around £90k/week and has a year left so any buyer wold have to match that. You're committing to pay £20m plus bonuses on top of the upfront fee, plus whatever his agent is after as a sweetener.

    A basic PL contract of £20k/week would double Piroe's earnings. That's the type of gamble any at-risk PL side outside the top 8 can make with the money they have in their pocket this summer.

  • Obviously Leicester is speculated - but what Premier League club in their right mind (outside the top 5) would not be interested in Piroe? 24 goal in our side was exceptional - and the highlight reel is what has replaced !{}?#@#?{}! for me as I get older.

    Here is the direct quote from today's WOL article - seems "loose lipped" if there wasn't an expectation of this happening??

    Swansea are expecting yet another significant squad turnaround this summer. Players including Ben Hamer, Yan Dhanda and Korey Smith will leave the club while others including Jordon Garrick, Ryan Bennett and Steven Benda have been deemed surplus to requirements.

    It is highly likely that last season's top scorer Joel Piroe - who netted 24 times in 47 appearances - will be sold as Swansea continue to balance the books. Given the vast number of impending departures, they are keen to bring in plenty of young and athletic talent.

  • Jackareme,

    quite a few PL teams will be wondering if Piroe will be seen as a one season wonder no matter what impressions were made scoring numerous fantastic goals this season.

    It took more than one season for clubs to look at the likes of Maupay, Benrahma and Watkins before they submitted offers in the region of £20M, but my feeling is that in their desperation to accumulate funds to not only supply RM with finance to aid his recruitment programme and 'balance' the books, they will succumb to a lesser figure plus add-ons.

  • Watkins only played one season as a striker at Brentford before being sold for crazy money. He was a 10 a season attacking midfielder before that. Very much in the potential one season wonder category.

  • i doubt we'll ever know how much Piroe will go for. The club will hide it under the "undisclosed" method

  • Take a look at the April goal of the month candidates and tell me that Piroe is not top class..All left foot you say? Check out his goal v Blackpool earlier in the season - my personal favourite goal of the year.

  • It will be a case of when, not if Piroe goes, but surely it’s a no brainier to keep Kyle Joseph ??

    We signed him for a tidy sum for us, £6k - £8k was mentioned at the time, has pace, is 6ft 1, is an U21 Scottish international and has scored 4 on loan with good comments to follow ~~>

    The local paper there – The News – has spoken to Jon Palmer of Gloucestershire Live who was full of praise for the front man when he said “Kyle made a really positive impression at Cheltenham, and at one stage of the season he kept player of the season Alfie May out of the team!

    “He scored four goals in 13 starts which is pretty respectable. Given his height at 6ft he’s very good in the air. He’s got a good, athletic spring on him, winning long balls forward and surprising everyone with his defensive qualities, his clearances and heading out from set pieces.

    “He’s on course to have a very good career and if Pompey can get him, then I think they’re going to get a player that will be a major asset.”

    No move has yet been made for Joseph but it is expected that there could well be interest from other League One clubs should it look likely he is to move on.

    Considering we don’t even have a scout employed at SCFC at the moment, how brain dead would it be to “let go” a promising talent like Kyle Joseph when our top scorer departs, leaving us with one recognised striker, who could also be sold by the “knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing” money grabbing Yanks

  • Further complications with this summers transfer window ,

    This year league's transfer window falls into line with International Regulations with the possibility of clubs having their transfer dealings hijacked.

    The window opens on 10th June no signings can be confirmed until that date , this leaves over a month of uncertainty from now .

  • J4cka,

    Lee Maybury was employed as chief scout last December and Head of academy recruitment(local) is Jack Chapman

  • I bow to your superior knowledge, but I always thought Andy Scott was employed as chief scout before he departed ?

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