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As we all look forward to a new season and Wales in the World Cup! wow. keep pinching myself. Lets all hope our own Swansea City get promoted . or at least have a great Season.

I know lots of fans have a second team , who they keep an eye on, Mostly Liverpool ,United etc. This coming season ,my second team will be Nottingham Forest! Have no idea why!


  • Given up on Brighton and Leicester already ??

  • Carmarthen mine as always.

  • Swansea reserves always 😁

  • Deportivo lacaruna is always mine!

  • Ajax for me.

    • Beautiful kits every season. The Bob Marley tribute kit is one of the best I've ever seen.
    • Consistently beautiful style of play engrained throughout the club and through the age grades. This will continue post Erik ten Hag, however I am sad to see him go.
    • Generally just an exciting club. Yes they will always be a selling club but it's great to watch a team and know that half the players will go on to be some of the world's best.

    I should note my support for them is almost exclusively in European competitions rather than the Eredivisie. This provides that all important underdog feeling we all know and love as Swansea fans.

  • I agree Rhydian. From academy to eredivisie they are a total football identity. I also like Dortmund because they identify only young top talent from around Europe and develop them. No big name charlies.

  • No second team, how can you share out your loyalties. However I always want ex-swans to do well, so look out for those results/performances.

  • Shouldn’t the answer be……..

    Who ever is playing against Crapduff???

  • Don't have 1 but have been to see malaga a few times over the years, remember a great winner by Paulo Wanchope against osasuna a few years back and more recently when baston was on loan at alaves and came on and jogged around a bit to little effect.

  • Supporting an underdog in European competitions doesn't make you any less of a Swansea fan - it's not exactly like having Man United for a second team is it.

    We will never compete in the Champions League, so supporting an elegant but limited club for those few games of the season just adds a little flavour to a competition we can never grace.

  • Sorry lads but I am intellectually unable to support ,in the true sense of the word,any other team but our own.

    There are teams which I look forward to watching, such as Spurs and L'Pool ,but that's as far as I can go.🤤

  • Dont know why but have always looked out for the scores of Forfar Athletic ....

  • @azzuriswan

    One of my favourite scores Forfar 4 East Fife 5

  • Leeds for me (pretty well documented on this site).

    I am born and bred In Leeds (still there on the outskirts now) in the shadow of Elland Road. I chose Swansea as an 8 year old boy because the beat Leeds 5-1 (I'm sure you know which game I'm talking about) this seemed like a great idea to the 8 year old me and therfore I suppose you can call be a glory hunter (just without the glory!!).

    I'm not even sure Leeds can be classed as my 2nd team as I pretty much love them both equally.

    For obvious reasons I get to see Leeds more often.

    However when they play each other the team I support is Swansea and if you could only have 1 team there is no contest its Swansea.

  • St Mirren is the team I grew up with still look out for them, moved to Wales when the Swans topped the old first div. Neither team amounted to much in that time then both win a cup same year. Started going to the games around the time Ferguson was in charge, best period I think, then he jumped ship and won a European trophy with Aberdeen rest is history now.

  • Arsenal used to be a second team of sorts as they were my gateway club that ushered in my love for the game back in 2003.

    Then when the new Liberty stadium opened its doors to the Swansea faithful in 2005 I ventured in to get a taste of my first live football match and the rest is history.

    So, Arsenal were relegated to a second team position and slowly but surely, that has faded pretty much over time. I’ve since concluded that my Arsenal obsession was more a Wenger admiration as, ever since he left as manager, my interest has waned.

    I do enjoy seeing them play when I’ve watched them live on TV but this is now no more than what it is when enjoying seeing other notable teams that are attractive to watch.

    So, it’s Swansea all the way these days, always.

  • Just a follow on from my previous comment, when I was young I used to follow Newcastle as well (northern team and played in the same colours), nearly all the kids around me followed St Mirren but we all followed the English league as well. Back in the 70's you only got Rangers or Celtic on telly (nothings changed much there) but it was match of the day and English for any real football viewing, European games apart and only highlights apart from the home nations games which I used to look forward to. Strange thing I remember though when I moved to Wales and Swansea started moving back down the div's was how many of the of the kids in west Wales only ever wore English tops, the usual Manure, Liverpool etc. The big difference is when we got back to the Prem and more kids watched the Swans on tv and the cup win there was more kids in Swans top than I can remember, it goes to show the good work promoting the club to the youths outside of the Swansea catchment area. The internet and football academy days play a big part I suppose but if we ever need to play in a stadium with larger crowds this needs to carry on. I'm hitting nearer sixty years of age and had a new run the passed ten years or more going back to live match's after raising a family and I know a lot of younger people not going back because of the distances those out of Swansea have to travel. I may have gone off topic slightly but I think we need to keep on encouraging the the kids to the Swans way and not let them follow the plastic teams, they are the future😀

  • Falkirk for me as my local team since we moved north many moons ago

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