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Match Discussion: Charlton Athletic v Swans - Friendly 2022/23

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This is the place to discuss all things related to the Charlton Athletic v Swans Pre-Season Friendly at the Valley on Saturday, 23 July 2022 at 3pm.

Share your pre and post match thoughts, views on Russell Martin's pre or post match comments and team selection.


  • Charlton are selling a streaming pass for the game for £6.

    Therefore I'd imagine the Swans will do the same and announce it nearer the time.

  • Team out for Charlton

    No Allen, presumably not quite ready

    No Ogbeta ? What is happening?

  • What a start goal down, Darling og

  • Charlton look like they're on Red Bull, Swans on Valium.

  • The easy peel oranges at half time seem to have done their job.

  • Seem to have our first choice team out today, until Joe and Ben are fit anyway

    Still need a RWB

    Are we waiting on Laird I wonder

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    We will wait to see whether Dai found anything positive in the 2nd half come back - my guess is not..

  • First game I have seen this pre-season and it was certainly a game of 2 halves

    1st half I thought the same old problem of moving the ball too slowly was very evident and there is still no real press taking place and I feel both are imperative. Although Charlton didn't really offer much of a threat and the goal was a bit of a freak although poor play by Darling not being aware of Fishers's position.

    2nd half was definitely better and had more intensity and credit for the comeback.

    My thoughts on the players

    Fisher - Still not convinced and would prefer a keeper that in stills more confidence

    Darling - Thought he was very poor in the firsts half, improved 2nd half but he didn't look the best defensively, so much improvement required.

    Wood - Looks a big unit and quite fast, I thought he looked better than Darling (but not as good as Cabango)

    Latibeaudiere - He gives his all and a decent squad player, but can't be a first choice WB

    Naughton - I think he is best suited to the centre of a back 3 under Russell Martin as his passing is by far the best of all our defenders. He just lacks the pace now for the WB role (but can easily fill in if required).

    Sorinola - Not sure, he looked like a younger version of Korey Smith. He did seem to have some pace which we desperately need at the WB position.

    Fulton - Steady as ever I would definitely keep him in the squad.

    Grimes - Same as ever but I really want to see more from him, such as setting and dictating the pace of the game at a pace that keeps us on the front foot.

    Paterson - We need his creativity, so he will be an important play again this season.

    Piroe - We are screwed if he leaves

    Obafemi - He will do better against Championship teams when he has more space over the top to exploit.

    Congreve - This guy oozes class, the way he want past the defender for the goal was quality, I don't care how young he is, he needs to be a regular starter (I would even say he could sneak into the Wales squad for the world cup)

    Manning & Ntcham are both good performers and should play a full part in the squad this season.

    Overall I think we are not far away from having a decent squad, I would add a RWB with real speed to pair with Sorinola, maybe a CM so that we have 4 (Allen, Fulton, Grimes +1) and in an ideal world a better keeper.

  • Thanks Chris. I always appreciate reports like this when I haven’t seen the game.

    Although I feel less optimistic now after reading your individual player reviews 😏

  • Chris,

    what disappointed me with Sorinola was that he took over an hour to go passed his opponent only to be too long with his cross to the far post. Granted he took one or two heavy challenges, I feel there is a player there for a right sided w/back role.

    Yet again on our right defensive side I was struggling to work out in the first half if we were playing with a back 3 or 4, resulting in the Charlton left winger Blackett-Taylor having an enormous amount of space that gave him too many threatening opportunities inside the area which he failed to take advantage of.

    Naughton's switch to a more central role changed the game after the interval while the long cross field pass by Ntcham to Sorinola that led to Congreve squaring the ball for the second goal was the move of the game.

    The slow build up in the first half is a concern and as much as Fulton is a neat, tidy player his lack of pace is preventing us from recycling the ball quickly for that breakthrough pass that unlocks the press.

    Harry Darling has gone from a composed, competent defender witnessed at the Argyle match to a player that gives the ball away far too easily but I feel once the league kicks in and Naughton is playing regularly in the centre of the three he will settle down.

    Plenty to think about as the new season looms while one hopes that the failed goalscoring opportunities that fell to Obafemi and Grimes in the second half will not be seen in league games.

  • Like Fulton but he has to stop giving so many stupid free kicks, will get to many unnecessary yellows in my view.

  • I say it as I see it, Jackareme. I see no point in gilding the lily. They were better in second half, yes, but I saw nothing to actually get be excited about. It's all so ponderous and predictable- way too slow in the build up - missing the incisive forward passing and movement of Downes already.

  • Cheer up Dai, we could all be living in Mariupol.

    Cant beat a bit of pre season optimism 😃

  • I'm as happy as a lark, love life to the full; not a pessimist, but a realist. Optimists tend to get let down badly. When I see improvement, I'll be really pleased to say so. Apologies for seeming to have burst so many people's bubbles.

  • Obafemi goal was definitely on-side. and a great, direct move.

    Here's a slightly different perspective. The Charlton edit.

  • Absolutely @DaiMaerdy each to their own and it would be a boring place if we all thought the same - I look forward to your posts and hope there is some balance if and when we do well 😊

  • Fair play, you're always really measured in your comments and manage to keep calm and sensible throughout. - I always appreciate your input on any topic. I know full well what sort of response I am going to get to some of my posts - I always try and infuse a little controversy into debate, plus a dash of humour if possible. We can't and mustn't all sing from the same hymn sheet. I always enjoy watching the sparks fly when a new log is put on the fire.

    Shankly was wrong, football is not more inportant than life and death - he's very quotable, but not to be taken seriously.

  • I know I am out there on the cup half full measurement scale - but I really expect us to do well this year - we are stronger than last year - seem to have tried to address our two main areas of weakness (counter attacks and set pieces) and seem loaded with goals.

    of course changes to the squad could dent that - but as long as we can find a solution to our right side defence - I am VERY VERY bullish about our chances.

  • I reckon it's all about the defense, if that can be sorted and we keep piroe (doubtful), then we should have a good season

  • Hopefully the better fitness will aid concentration. Still worried the age and inexperienced will be a factor in that.

    Because, besides being hit too many times on the transition, the fact we conceded too many goals in the early minutes and ends of each half, as well as after scoring, has to be fixed for us to challenge.

    If we don't get the RWB in, then Martin must play square pegs in square holes. That for me is Manning and Soriola on left and right respectively.

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