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Englands' Ladies

Watch and learn Russell - that's the way to play entertaining footy. Anybody got any predictions if they were to play the Swans next week?😂


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    Certainly play good stuff,and a good watch.(We need a RWB I'm told.) 👍️

  • The good news:

    Women’s football has had a huge shot in the arm thanks to the win. A friend of mine made a good point about the way they play not being bogged down by the past in terms of how expansive and free flowing the game was. Contrast it with Southgate’s abysmal tactics in the Wembley semi final against Italy. It was pure stodge and drudgery throughout with no endeavour. The difference between the two was that, if the England men’s team had won they wouldn’t have deserved it whereas the women’s team absolutely deserved their victory against Germany.

    Focus of attention will now turn to this victory thus taking the attention away from that long in the tooth 1966 World Cup win against Germany that the media and England fans keep resurrecting at the first opportunity.

    The bad news:

    Wall to wall and incessant coverage of said final forever and a day amen. Whilst it’s good for England fans to celebrate it and thus engender in the young generations a desire to kick their first ball and dream big, I’m not looking forward to being constantly reminded of them winning the tournament over the coming years.

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