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Roberto or Carvalhal



  • In January it seemed to me CC was calling the shots.  King came out of nowhere and he possibly was not impressed with the players offered to him, He may have wanted better quality like Gamiero and Gaitan and ended up with Ayew. 
  • The Ayew deal, I am still convinced, had something to do with the outstanding fees West Ham owed us.

    They wanted him off their books. He wanted out. And it made sense to the Board and Manager, excluding the cash element to the deal, in that he knew the club, inside out. Knew the League. Had done well for us in the past.

    It was a no-brainer deal on those terms, even if he hasn't hit the heights he had previously.

    And let's not rule out his influence on his brother's upturn in form - not just Carlos.
  • Gardo said:
    I heard a short while ago as,no doubt did many others,that Roberto Martinez had been "approached" about the possibility of returning as our manager after his stint with Belgium at the World Cup. I just wondered what everybody else's preference would be given the choice between Roberto and Carlos. I can see the Carlos reign turning into something similar to the Clement reign if the last few away games are anything to go by. Tin hat firmly on !

    Personally I don't care who the manager is provided we sign good footballers and actually play football, having the defensive obsession that Clements and our new manager has against good teams only pays off occasionally.
    Although Man C are an exceptional team, to play 11 men in defensive for 90 minutes is a recipe for disaster, you cant hit anyone on the break if no one is up front, it was painful to watch Man C taking corners, defenders clearing only for it to come straight back, this went on for the whole game, even if we had 1 player on the halfway line City would have kept players back, in fact Kompany spent the most time in an opponents half than any other games he played. Having respect is all well and good but not to these extremes, we cannot blame our defence for losing as they receive more attacks against them than any other team. Southampton Stoke and WBA are attacking knowing they have to win to stay up, if we continue to try and hang on for draws we could well end up going down. FFS lets try and attack on Saturday like we did against Everton, then if we stay up give him a chance to see if he can get the players who can deliver    
  • Between RM or CC, I'd say no to RM. There was so much hatred for him after he left, even calling him judus. If he came back, he would never really be trusted again and there would always be that sour taste. With CC, it has to be seen if he can drop the negative tactics and get a few good games in before we can decide for sure...
  • I just do not buy this sour taste judas business. This type of thinking is not in keeping with Swansea city. SCFC is different from other clubs because it is part owned by the fans who are OWNERS not just plain fans. They must behave as owners and see the Club as a business part owned by them. This means people will come and go including directors and staff and they should go with care and respect if they have done well or not. THAT makes Scfc different from the rest. The Judas attitude to Benitez at Chelsea was pathetic and typical of spoilt fans patronised by a sugar daddy owner. 
  • Ponty
    all of  sudden Ponty, when it suits you, you are sticking up for the Trust instead of sticking a knife into the organisation. 
    Of course fans will have concerns over the way Roberto left, and they will also have concerns over the way the old directors went behind the back of the same organisation you are now saying should be respected.
    As for you saying Swansea City is different to any other club, well, that used to be the case, but it soon changed when they decided to keep the Trust out of discussions when they decided to sell their shares.
  • In business these things happen. Fans cannot grasp this. People buy and sell its healthy and nothing to mope about for month on end. The club has been energized by Levien and Kaplan who are now giving money back to the ratepayers for the first time. 
  • 95% of fans only want energy over 90 minutes and Kaplan and co. are certainly failing in that department
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    That hatred against RM was unreal. Like lots of relationships where one person leaves they can become hated, but at the same time still wanted back. I don't really want to go back over it, but the main thing was the way he left wasn't it?
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    Aside from RM's past, I believe that CC has more potential of becoming the better manager.

    With the defensive type of football he's tried out, it's been putting too many irons in the fire. If he could solely concentrate on more positive, keep possession play, he should do really well.

    I hope the rumors about RM are untrue, our club needs to be 110% backing CC and and not trying to undermine him.
  • In an ideal world we would have Michu and Siggy feeding Lorente up front and it would not matter too much whoever our manager was. We  might be challenging for a European spot next season whether it be with CC or RM in charge.

    What about another CC who has  just left his club.?

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