Match Discussion: Reading v Swans - Championship 2018/19

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This is the place to discuss all things related to the Reading v Swans - Championship game on Wednesday 1st January 2019.

Share your pre and post match thoughts, views on Graham Potter's pre or post match comments, team selection and score prediction!

The referee for the game is Tim Robinson.

If you are going to the game have a read of our Travelling Jacks Guide to Reading's Madejski Stadium.



  • I have no problem with Potters coaching, as the style of play is better than it has been for 4 years, however his selection process is baffling.
    Grimes and VDH although not the most gifted but the most improved, Why? because they have had more game time than anyone else.
    Yet Connor Roberts was dropped because Potter felt he had played too much football, the same with Fer this might have been a good decision because he seems to be getting worse with more game time.
    Other excuses like they need to come back slowly after injury, well if they are not fit enough, put them on the bench and give them 15/20 minutes if needed not play them when we are winning then hook them to lose.
    Everyone needs to know how to play in a system so every player needs to get some play time but 5 changes every game will never get consistency especially when so many players are playing out of position.
    We had 2 right full backs yesterday who didn't start, so he used Routledge as a right wing back in a 3 to cover that defensive role, how bizarre is that. The players brought in by Potter Mackay, Asoro, Declan John, Dhana are obviously not good enough for his squad yet these were the positions we didn't fill yesterday, only Celina has come good.
    Mullder in Goal, Declan John (LB) VDH, Roden (CB) Naughton (RB)  in my opinion the back 4
    James, LWB, in front of Declan John, Roberts in front of Naughton (RWB), with Fer and Grimes taking centre midfield, Celina as number 10 and Bony us front, Now this might be of great debate as whether its the best team but at least they are all in their position.
    So that's my selection for Reading, which I feel would give us a sporting chance, if I have 8 correct I will give £5 to the Macmillan Trust.
    Have a go at picking 11 players in position for the Reading game, if you get 8 correct £5 goes to Macmillan.
    If you have no tactical knowledge, just put 11 names in a hat, you have just as much chance.
    We have now made more team changes than any other teams in the league, so consider that when selecting.
  • I'll go 4-2-3-1

    Roberts VDH Rodon John
      Grimes Naughts
    James  Celina     Dyer

    Subs: Nordfelt,CCV, Fer, Jeff,Bony, Byers, Dhanda
  • I think we will see this
    Roberts VdH Rodon Naughton
    Grimes Fer
    Routledge Celina James
  • I think we should be seeing a settled side now for the remainder of the season !Too many rotations cant be good the only changes should be with the strikers or anybody pushing in from the youth set up .Im a big fan of Potter but lets get some consistency  on the team sheet 
  • wilco,
    one of those youngsters you wanted was playing on Saturday, Cian Harries
  • wilco said:
    I think we should be seeing a settled side now for the remainder of the season !Too many rotations cant be good the only changes should be with the strikers or anybody pushing in from the youth set up .Im a big fan of Potter but lets get some consistency  on the team sheet 
    @wilco I firmly believe in rotating players to give them a chance to freshen up - as we have seen lately with Celia Joe etc.
    What I am absolutely against is the constant tinkering with formation. We should have a fixed way of playing and formation and players who are given a "rest" should be replaced like for like. 
    When we were rising through the divisions you could predict the formation reliably whether it was home or away - right up until Monk's search for a Plan B. in my opinion this was the day that it all started to unravel.
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    just a quick visit from me. The amount of negativity I've seen here is completely dispiriting...Phillip have you ever made any positive comments? The bigger picture is we have a fantastic manager who doesn't mind taking chances and assume that is what brought success to him in Sweden. The young players we have are proving to be excellent players and that goes against almost every prediction from you 'experts' on here. [what else are you wrong about I wonder?] with that in mind, you'd think a bit of licence might be afforded them for their bravery. But no....the concensus is always win or we will have the knives out for you. so the usual negativity from the fans. If Potter wants to rotate the squad or change formations, it's his prerogative and he is the manager. Amazes me people have the temerity to think they have greater knowledge than our manager and his coaching staff. You don't, you just have the arrogance to think you do. 
    Only a brief visit. I don't miss these squabbling pages to be frank. I check in now and again and see the same dull negativity and slagging off of players. J4cka...your attack on Potter is really unforgiveable...and the majority might think they know who the good teams are or the bad ones, but every team has it's merits.
    Anyway I hope that the negative old guard on here don't adversely affect the rest of the season by taking it to the terraces [seats].
    Anyway best wishes for the old grumps and try believing in your team for a change and also try seeing the big picture. 
  • Pablo

    you ask Philip if he has ever said anything positive??

    i’ll ask you, have you ever said anything that resembles reality??
  • Pablo

    you ask Philip if he has ever said anything positive??

    i’ll ask you, have you ever said anything that resembles reality??
    Actually if you love the club as much as I do @Pablo then you will appreciate that what @Phillip is doing is EXTREMELY positive. he is shining a light into some very dark corners and trying to save our club from disappearing down the shitter. Thank you for your insights and fearless questioning in the face of insults and negativity - more power to you - and I wish you and all true Jacks a very happy new year.
  • Today's team guess
    Roberts VDH Rodon Naughton
    Fer Grimes Carroll
    McKay Bony Dyer
    with subs on James McBurnie and Montero if we are chasing it
  • @northernswan2 dont think carroll is ready yet is he
  • Bony not even on the bench today  ???
    Is he injured again ??
  • Not in squad as it turns out
    So much for reading the BBC website!
    Still I got 8 right - which is better than I've been doing
    No Bony though - I assume not fully fit McBurnie starting
    Celina stays at number 10 - I thought they might swap to McKay but no
    And Routledge comes in
    Can never predict GP but I'm happier with today's team than I was Saturday - at least we have 2 FB's
    Today's team  
    Roberts VDH Rodon Naughton
    Fer Grimes Celina
    McBurnie Routledge Dyer

  • Better lineup than the last match, 2-1 swans, Barrow for them of course, Olli and routs 
  • 3 teams have 4 or less wins in the division. Ipswich 2 wins, Rotherham 4 wins, both beat us. Reading have only 4 wins. Hope we dont do the trifecta today
  • Swans one up. McBurnie 2 mins.
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    2-0. McBurnie and Roberts.

    Picks the best eleven in a formation they are comfortable. It's not rocket science.

  • 2-0 up, nice celina/Fer build up play and Connor gets a tap in. 
  • 3-0 VDH. 2019, not a bad start!
  • 3-0 VDH

    Celina about to take a free kick when Grimes comes up and puts an undefendable ball just beyond the defence for VDH to slot in.
  • 3-0 VDH. Hope they don’t sit back second half, like we did at BRENTFORD. 
  • Seems to be my favoured 4-2-3-1  :)

    Seems to be my favoured back four on availability, the outstanding Grimes with Fer as holding with Dyer, Routs providing the width, Celina at 10 where he should be and Oli running his socks off 

    Has Potter wandered on a magic formula or as @barry mentioned realised this formation works like a treat and the players are comfortable with it
  • That's the way to take a pen !!

    4-0 McBurnie
  • Great start to 2019. Let's hope it continues. Well done all.  
  • Thats more like it boys bach  B)
  • Where I was sitting it looked like we played some of our best football of the season for the first 50 minutes. After that it was the usual story. Reading had two free headers they directed straight at the keeper and I am not sure Mulder did keep out that ball in the first half. I can’t understand why Potter brought on C B-R for Oli rather than Fulton, or why he didn’t swap Jeff for Nathan or Wayne - the extra legs could have taken a lot of pressure off us. Having said that it was a great day out and you could see how much it mattered to Potter and the players.  
  • Yes indeed, they have the ability when set up strong in a formation they like. Well done lads
  • See what happens when he stops Pottering around and plays our best X1
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