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    the next few weeks could be interesting, will they come after Potter ? Will the board back  our manager ? If not would he stay or go ? 
    For me hope he is given what he needs to keep him here, as he is one of the best managers/coaches we have had taking into account what has gone on in the last 18 months , come on board/owners show some ambition to keep one of the best young managers in the country ( my opinion of course)
  • moyes has been touted the last week, so expect him to come in. and them to be a big bet for playoffs now
  • They have spent quite a lot and have been seeing not very much for all that money
    One criticism has been fielding 2 defensive MF's so maybe a new manager will say   " we don't need both of Woods / Allen"
    We still wouldn't spend the money but if they still owe us £6m for Clucas we could have Ryan Woods as a swap
  • Not sure Stoke would be interested in GP. They appointed a young English manager with potential when they appointed Rowett, and look how that turned out.

    Given their investment in retaining the majority of last year's squad and the addition of several other large earners, they are desperate to return to the PL at the first attempt. So why would they take another gamble on a young English manager with no proven record in the Football League ? Imo, they would be more likely to go down the route of selecting a manager with extensive knowledge of the PL/Championship.

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    Someone like Huw Jenkins deekay ???? :D
  • Rowett is like Monk. Got all the patter and looks the part, but an absolute fraud.

    Having said that, if they're going down the Moyes route next, I think they've got real problems ahead.
  • So they went for a young progressive British manager with no Premier League experience, in fact not even much Championship experience. If they were looking for somebody with that profile then GP would no doubt have come up in discussions. We could easily have lost him this week.
  • Yes, I definitely got that one wrong !!
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    deekay said:
    Yes, I definitely got that one wrong !!
     I think I would have agreed with you if I'd have posted :) 

    To me, it's as if Stoke's board have written off getting promoted this season and are planning ahead to lay a foundation for next season - that's how I see it - a bit like us really.

    But I'm often wrong.
  • Their press coverage says exactly that to me too
    All their new manager is talking about is a style of play he wants to develop
    If they had ambitions beyond that for this season they are hiding them well
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