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Stephen Dobbie on track for 50 goal season

The Dobster just cant stop scoring up in Scotland. 33 goals in 28 games. He is on target to scoring 50 in a season. Hope he does


  • bit like LT10 last year! 
  • What is incredible is that the Dobster is more than keeping pace with Shankland in the scoring stakes in the same division, and playing for a team that is 6 points inferior and played one game more.

    However - nobody is clamouring for the return of this legend. Methinks that the Scottish championship is a pretty poor standard (no offence to Stevie - one of my favourites) - Therefore we need to be VERY careful of investing in Shankland - who is acknowledged to be a finisher with a limited "all round game". Buyers beware!!
  • Another hatrick tonite in the cup.

    37 goals in 30 games.

    Not bad.
  • Yes he's having his David Giles season but at the end of his career
    Always was a good striker of a ball though
  • one of my faves ol' Dobes.....quality player who was under appreciated by a lot of our fans!!
  • I was on a 147 once but missed the first red
  • What a rocket.  He's having an amazing season, regardless of the level.
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