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  • Brought great success to our club & deserving of praise & admiration for that.
    Also sold to the parasites who now run the club, this decision will always tarnish his tenure, no matter how many 'I'm hurt' interviews he gives.
    His intervention in this transfer window in the Dan James sale is little consolation, as we are truly stuck with owners who care nothing for the club, the fans or the city of Swansea.
    Greed will bring our club down, it will rise again, but not under the control of these imbeciles.
  • Did Sky really only interview him for about 60 seconds, or is there more to come in drip feed?
  • "There are two things: you are either a hero one day or a zero the next. That is the reality of modern day football, especially when you are fighting week in, week out to stay in the Premier League."
    Correction Huw. You’re a zero forever more. Your tarnished legacy has made it so.
  • Most fans can change their opinion from match to match and HJ is quite correct in his statement of going from a hero one day to zero the next. What the statement doesn't say is that all people in any occupation, not only in football should be accountable for their actions when undertaking their role.
    Coaches, managers, administration staff are accountable for their roles via results, profiability and performances, but it appears that Jenkins became a person at the club who was allowed to become above accountability. That blame should also rest on the shoulders of all of the old Board who failed to question millions of pounds wasted on recruitment, time and time again.
    The sheer incompetency of that Board of Directors, who had wallowed in the glory for so many years allowed one man to become the fall guy instead of insisting that experienced, outside assistance was urgently required.
  • I too believe that in the summer months after Laudrup left and before Monks full season they should have hired a proper DOF or whatever you want to call them with a proven track record in the game . It may not have prevented relegation but it would have stopped the ridiculous transfer fiasco that unfolded in front of our eyes .not only that perhaps the sale could have been prevented 
  • Wasn't Monk offered the chance for someone with experience to work with him. He turned it down! Jenkins should have made it a condition of the job.
  • Steve said:
    Wasn't Monk offered the chance for someone with experience to work with him. He turned it down! Jenkins should have made it a condition of the job.
    Jenkins probably believed that he was that man and had enough footballing knowledge himself !
  • Think he offered Monk Colin Pascoe 
  • Pep Clotet, who had been brought in to advise the newly opened academy at Landore was installed alongside Monk because he did not possess the necessary qualifications to manage in the Premier League. 
  • Colin was Pep the choice as manager back then?
    If so that's astounding as time has shown he is no manager (maybe a decent number 2 ala Clement) and he seems fairly happy to trawl around with Monk
  • Pep was brought in as an adviser to the academy initially. Monk's appointment as full time manager saw Pep appointed as his assistant because Monk did not have the necessary qualifications to manage in the Premier League.
    Clotet left the Swans when Monk was sacked, linking up with Monk at Leeds United before becoming manager of Oxford United, but with a few months of being sacked at Oxford linked up once again as Monk's assistant at Birmingham City.

  • Sorry Colin my mistake I didn't read your post properly, I read it as pep didn't have the necessary, doh !!
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