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Would you welcome a new buyout with Jenkins at it's head?

I would as long he has learnt his lesson and stays away from player recruitment.

Still got an eye for a good manager.

Still only 55 and believe he regrets selling out and would love to put the record straight.


  • It's a big fat NO from me. 

    Just look at his record on the financials over the last 4/5 years.

    Apart from GP, his last few managerial appointments haven't been successful.

    He's despised by the majority of fans.

    He's prepared to falsify documents.

    You've noted his player selection failings, so what has he got going for him ?
  • Absolute bollocks, he had the opportunity to step aside years ago that would have given him the keys to the city but his ego led him to continue doing a job unaccountable, and which would eventually strangle him
  • Never - complete Judas
  • Better the devil you know than the devious Yanks
  • I think Barry you are spot on !
    Without question he “lost the plot”
    believed his own hype and that all his decisions would come to
    fruition ! Selling out meant his desire to cash in was so so shortsighted !
    His recognition of manager material is reknown Martinez Rodgers Laudrup and Potter ! His recognition of Players and their value absolute crap !
    If he knew his place and wasn’t so selfish he could have been regarded in history as a SCFC icon and he blew it !
  • The Yanks will now talk to the Trust, they have no choice. They know anyone they bring in will cause a more toxic atmosphere than we now have.
    It will probably be a stall for time for the fog to lift, the Trust and fans can put real pressure on these people, they have to have someone in the chair or CEO to sign off on things.
    They have no contacts in the British game and know it.
    We need to be tough and get what we need and not what they want.
    Owning something without any knowledge or trust from fans and business will lead to their downfall.
    If they do want to sell off some shares it means they are shitting themselves, they obviously wont want to buy any.
    Yesterday was the start, it may be a fairly long battle but we will win, no matter what division were in
  • The Jenkins brand is toxic.

    Now he's gone, he needs to stay away for good. His time is over, and rightly so. 

    The Americans need to do the right thing and put the club up for sale now. They need to accept they're going to take a loss - better for them to do that now while we're mid table Championship, rather than trying to shift us on in League One (which we are heading towards with their transfer policy).

    We need a clean break from all the toxicity.
  • Not for me. There needs to be new blood on the buyer front. These American owners are presently running the show and HJ and the sellers are to blame for this. He has form for handing over the keys of SCFC to undeserved buyers and I’m sure he’ll do it again given the chance.
  • Seems unlikely to me
    HJ sold the club for a large wedge
    This would have him risking his wedge again
    Potentially he could front a consortium without funding it
    Don't see it myself though
    Any way you look at it the Carpetbaggers will sneak money out of the club one way or another
    Then they may sell
    The noise they made last year was that they were not interested in selling and are here for the long haul
    In Yank speak that translates as " we are going to bleed your club of all its ambition and abilities until you buy us off
    If you can't we will bleed it dry"
    Whatever happened to speculate to accumulate
    In an alternative scenario we keep Fabianski Fernandez as the spine of a Championship team along with selected others and have a go for promotion straight back
    Hmm Stoke tried that!
  • West Brom are doing it and look like succeeding 
  • Yes I thought they had the best transfer window too
    Time will tell
    WBA kept most of their PL players too and didn't sell many at all last summer
  • NO!

    He has shown that he can no longer be trusted.
  • "HUW JENKINS is planning a return to Swansea as OWNER after quitting his role as chairman.

    Jenkins has been in touch with a wealthy Arab group about buying out the current American regime in charge of the Welsh club."
  • Rather I was in charge?
  • He has Swansea at heart and will have learnt huge lessons from Americans buy out.
    Takes the blame for Ayew and Bony return etc but who bought Grimes, Ollie, Dan James, Celina, Nathan, Wayne Routledge?

  • And here was I thinking these transfers were collective decisions. His decision to sell out to the Americans with his own shares and voting rights was must definitely not a collective decision and the blame lies solely at his feet for whom we have as the current owners.
  • Anybody defending Jenkins actions in the last 5 years needs their head examined, his self appointment in 2014 as DOF was the start, he believed he had the Midas touch, after 2 years of cockups, he went behind the trusts and fans wishes and sold out for hard cash, that was a personal decision to make money for himself before the clubs fortune, all the bullshit of the next level was clear to most, hedge funders do not invest their own money, they buy and sell part shares, to fund their investment, its always other peoples money not theirs.
    Now he complains the Americans took his control away, well yes Huw you sold your control.
    In an effort to reinvent himself as the good old Huw looking after the clubs interest, as a shareholder ( and as a significant one in some of the companies) he is now going behind the Americans backs to try and get control back by using a rich Arab group to buy them out, not using his money though. He wants to run things with other peoples money, even his part of 2002 was not his money but Morgans, he just cant run a business with his own money, fact and without guidance from knowledgeable people which he did have, he did listen to others until 2014, that's why we were successful, team effort, not his effort.
    As stated before we do need Arab money but need to be looking at one rich Arab who loves football, like Aston Villa.
    Its time Jenkins gives up, he blew it, he needs to sell up what he still clings on to and make a clean break.
    He needs to realise his luck ran out, together with his of lack of business sense is the cause of where we are.
    So find the rich Arab to buy them out but also sell all your holdings, then walk away and you could save face with everyone.
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