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Just my Personal View.

Having been a Swans obsessive since the age of 9 in the '50's when my Dad took me to the Vetch,following the same path as he had done before the War with my Grandfather.My own sons followed suit with me in the' 70's and I took my grandkids to the Liberty in the Paulo Sousa days.A pretty long relationship and probably this is similar to many of the fans across the City.Why am I saying all this---because having seen so many highs and lows for the Club I have to say that for me the Club now is on a different level to anything I could ever have imagined,and credit for that lies in the work done since 2002.

From the players training on the beach in my schooldays,tor a couple of minibuses running the players to the AWCO sports field to train in later years,and the players sharing the showers with the public in a Sports Club at LLandarcy as recently as Brendan Rodgers time,we now have two state of the Art training complexes and the lease on the Liberty.

From reserve teams in the Welsh League and youngsters playing in the local junior league ,there is now a fully fledged professional Academy and a myriad of teams for promising schoolkids.

For several years the Club has been on the worldwide football  stage and the City has become familiar to people who would never have noticed it otherwise,all of which has been a source of great pride for me at least.

Many things have also been wrong during all this progress.For me the sidelining of the Trust during the sale of the Club was shameful,and it is saddening to me that after local ownership for all my time as a supporter, except possibly the short time when Petty was in control.There seems to be no one with Swansea City in their genes, other than the Trust, sitting between us and distant Owners who are seemingly preoccupied with their American interests.

As for Chairmen in my time I mainly  recall Phillip Holden,Malcolm Struel and Doug Sharpe.  They all lived through  severe critiscm so that is nothing new to this Club and most other clubs too, although they never lived through the modern social media pressure.

For me the Club is not dead,we have have an outstanding manager and support team who hopefully will be here for a long time,and ,a talented team of young players who are great to watch.It's time to back them all the way and look forward ,whilst being grateful for what has been grown here over the last few years.

Just my personal views.I have my Dad's tin hat in the shed, so you can throw what you like at me .



  • You’re right. Lots of good some bad in the rise up the leagues since 2002. Now, what to do with these owners of ours...
  • Great post Moorlands, I've been on the same road as you. seen everything that can happen to a club,  mostly bad...but still we persist. I'm glad you point out where we have come from, because the spoilt fans of today, haven't a clue!
    For me this season I've really enjoyed the footbal and seeing our academy boys doing the business. This to me far surpasses buying success. 
  • Moorlands: I would love to share your enthusiasm for Potter and the young talent. 
    But when HJ has to step in to rescue James from a ludicrous transfer, 
  • Which consisted of letting him go to perhaps a promotion rival, for nothing, untill the end of the season, showed the Yanks in their true light. 
    Bollocks to building the team around the talented youngsters, as they said previously, let’s get rid of anyone that has a pulse. 
    Sorry, but I have zero faith in anything that comes out of their duplicitous mouths. 
  • Moorlands

    Sounds as though we're of a similar age group with similar experiences of watching the few good periods and many bad periods over the decades. From 2002 until c2013/14 we experienced probably the best and certainly the longest of those good periods. During that time HJ led the club admirably whilst developing the 'Swansea Way' both on and off the field. Had he continued in that vein, he would have been revered in this area for the rest of his days. Unfortunately, his bank balance became more important to him than the future of the club, resulting in the shambles in which we now find ourselves. The saddest part of it all is that it was so unnecessary. If he had continued to manage the club by operating within it's means, we wouldn't be in this mess. I would certainly have accepted relegation if that was the result of operating prudently, but no, he decided to abandon the 'Swansea Way' both on and off the field and to become like any other premier league team, by throwing money away on sub standard, largely mercenary players who delivered nothing.

    He now comes out with his latest diatribe, blaming everything and anyone bar himself for the mess he managed us into.

    So yes, we have seen far worse than this, and it may get worse before it gets any better. But whatever happens, I have no doubt that you and yours just like many others, including me and mine, will be there to support them through it.

    PS You can put your Dad's tin hat back in the shed :)  
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