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Recruitment Lesson - Hope we learn from this one

For the 1st time recruitment was specifically in the hands of the managers right hand man. if GP leaves does anyone left at the club know who our targets were for this summer. If not then not only are we looking for a new manager but our recruitment list of new players will be empty.

I don't think we should let the two positions be bundled together again


  • Totally agree. Isn’t that what Jenkins’ appointment as DoF was meant to prevent, following Martinez leaving with the family silver? In the end that experiment failed, but the logic was sound. As was the thinking behind creating a Swansea ‘boot room’ succession plan with Monk, and probably Leon and others after him.
  • When Laudrup was sacked, to be fair to Jenkins he did say that it wasn’t healthy for a club to depend on a manager’s agent to supply new recruits and that is the reason why Jenkins built up his scouting network.

    I don’t think there is anybody left after the sackings last summer but it reflects badly on a club now that allows a manager to leave(for little compensation) and leave behind a club with no, or few scouts.

  • Easy to scoff at it now and say it was a bad idea to bundle the two positions, but when Jenkins was running the show loads of people were furious at him buying players and handing them to whatever manager was in place at the time. 

    Here's a thought - if you back Potter properly, maybe he doesn't want to leave and then you don't have this issue. 

    It's just another example of two things - how piss poor the club is run and how fickle most of our supporters are.
  • It is a real issue, as not only do we not have a manager, we dont have coaches or a recruitment team.

    Im not sure what the answer is but. We are royally screwed due to poor club management and a decision by GP which may be good for him but is bad for th3 club.

    i like GP but cant wish him well as his decision has now f*cked us up. 

    Swansea is my club, not GP or the Un-Dynamic duo.

    At the moment it would make my season next year is we were promoted and Brighton relegated.
  • Maybe it was a bad idea to give out all those redundancy notices. Maybe the owners weren’t prepared to hear GP out over who stays and who goes. This is very murky stuff and the dust hasn’t yet settled on this bombshell. Time will tell I hope.
  • I heard we were signing Asoro's twin brother and a goalkeeper called Southfeldt with only one hand (but two great feet).
  • We will never know what has or has not been said but for me I think the owners could not satisfy mr Potter on their future plans and he decided to go, for me a bad desicion by him as he wont have the time to sort the problems they have out and maybe not the money , time will tell , with out doubt he has done a fair job but it looks like we loose the whole back room staff as well so it's now a bloody hard job to keep what we have on the playing side and that does not bode well for the coming season 
    would wish mr Potter all the best as I feel he will need it 
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