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Aaron Lewis

Really pleased for Aaron, but disappointed about what he has had to do to get to play for a team.

I dont believe this approach will encourage youngsters in the right way



  • Non contract terms. Wow. Aaron I thought was always going to make it with us. Lincoln are a good team. But give him a contract cowley
  • They're skint. You don't want to see it but if he gives him gametime and helps get his career (re)started that might be better than dropping down to League of Wales or off to Merthyr. He's a better player than that, even if I don't think he was physically at a level to break through with us.
  • Sad to say fans don't realise how much it can be financially a game to game existence for clubs in the lower leagues even the likes of Lincoln City who have enjoyed success in recent seasons. The decision by Lewis is totally refreshing in today's world, not quite the same in years gone by when the Swans had to decide between Andy Robinson and Tony Pennock for that last professional squad place.
  • And what a right choice that turned out to be.
  • Played 90 minutes as Lincoln beat Huddersfield.
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