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Swansea Sound stop Broadcasting Swansea matches


  • I think Swansea Sound was a locally owned business back in the day but was bought out by the same group that bought Real Radio in Cardiff. That station used to have a daily weekday phone in programme about football mainly and our Leighton used to guest periodically among others. That was pulled when they were bought out. Its all national now. Tune in to Radio Wales for commentary.
  • @azzuriswan Still disappointing to me that a radio show branded as Swansea Sound cant find a way to cover the rstill rather successful football club.
  • SpringheeledJack unfortunately Swansea Sound haven't mentioned costs apart from it being very expensive???

    It would appear that they are not really concerned about losing the Swans coverage and would rather obtain competition tickets for Ten pin bowling and Folly Farm etc.

    Its a pity and I am sorry for those that cannot use any other media source than local radio.

  • I listened to the odd game here one or twice last season....

    Swansea hospital radio
  • Swansea Sound and the Wave are owned by news Corp, (Rupert Murdoch) 
    All the “local” stations across the group that cover the UK the likes of Signal 1 etc are having major cut backs. All the money is being pumped into their main stations Talk Sport and the wages of Chris Evans for Virgin Radio!! Hence the cut backs at Swansea Sound and the Wave, networked presenters etc. No money to spend and the audio rights for the Swans game cost a small fortune with the price increase since their rise up. It’s all to do with listening figures and weighing up the cost of the rights against keeping the station afloat 
  • @SpringheeledJack I can assure you that the Station did not want to loose the rights and fought tooth and nail to keep them, unfortunately it was out of their hands and they do not have the final say! Have you not seen what Talk Sport towers looks like since they moved, the welfare room and chairs cost more than the rights to broadcast Swansea City games. As I said on my previous post, Swansea Sound are gutted they lost it. But the company see the money and profit in Talk sport and Chris Evans and not “local” stations 
  • In that case Im glad I never listen to TalkSport
  • Anyone know if the match against Northampton is on Radio Wales FM radio tonight?
  • Swansea Sound is now part of the Capitol group of stations and is no longer a local station.  I recall they had a Friday night slot at 6pm  phone in show dedicated to the Swans, they dumped that for a show that covers all sports, and lost a huge amount of listeners including me.

    Have to say BBC Wales coverage of Swansea games is second to none.  who needs Swansea sound anyway
  • It seems that Audio commentary is available for this game via the Swans Site .All games  audio commentary is £5 per month or £45 for the season.Site says that they are not able to provide video of the game due to EFL Rules.
  • Well, there's a surprise - Murdoch choosing to run down local operations where he knows his world view is less likely to be well received, instead investing every spare penny he's got in what may as well be titled Gammon Dinosaurs FM.

    I feel for our fans who can't get to games in the flesh. For many this was their only way of keeping tabs. Sad.
  • moorlands said:
    It seems that Audio commentary is available for this game via the Swans Site .All games  audio commentary is £5 per month or £45 for the season.Site says that they are not able to provide video of the game due to EFL Rules.
    Pretty cheeky really 
    I,ve never paid for radio other than the bbc licence and won't do so now.Very greedy by the ClubI
  • Please be aware that the Swans tv audio link is to carry the radio wales commentary,when they are carrying the game.
    It appears they are not covering the Carabo Cup games.

    if you are a local subscriber to the audio only broadcast you should save the subscription and tune in to Radio Wales FM,but it appears this is only for league games.
  • I have tuned into radio Northampton who are carrying audio live commentary,getting it through iPad.
  • They have switched off commentary via internet,presumably you can still get on radio,FM BBC radio Northampton?
  • It is on BBC radio Wales on radio! FM.
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    Rushesha on the bench. Just turned 17. Heard good things about him, RB I believe.

    Audio available on Swans TV.
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