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Unfair Disadvantage

The top 2 play on Saturday with Leeds having a massive advantage.
They play Tuesday night at home in the cup and have 3 days recovery time.
The Swans play Wednesday night, have 2 days recovery time and have to spend 5 hours in a coach to Leeds.
I wouldn't disrespect Cooper if he left out all 18 involved yesterday for Wednesdays game, took the squad up Thursday training in Leeds on Friday.
A little money spent on hotels and preparation could be worth it, to see if on a level playing field if we are good enough.
Other positives, due to the fact we are playing well, there were an extra 2000 at the game, more than enough to pay Ayew and Borja wages if we keep it up.
The football yesterday was fantastic, Leeds will be far different as they attack constantly but if we play like yesterday it could be a cracker.
For once all the positives are far and above any negatives, lets hope it continues and we keep this squad 


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