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Swansea City u18s v Liverpool u18s League Cup

The youngsters came close to achieving an unlikely win.  Under the cosh for much of the first half, they went 1 up after 20 minutes when Al-Hamadi’s powerful run into the area was blocked by a foul, Rickard (I think) stepping up to convert the penalty.  It got even better after an hour when Rickard scored after a break from Clarke and Gibbings. Still Liverpool made and missed chances aplenty.  Josh Thomas might even have got a 3rd, but the keeper blocked his effort.  The visitors finally got a goal back with 20 minutes left, got a 2nd 10 minutes later, then the winner in injury time when a Swans player - possibly McKendry - headed a cross past his own keeper.  Quite a few of the youngsters were dead on their feet by that stage, having performed heroics to stay in the game. Liverpool, as one would expect, were very comfortable on the ball, but they rarely got efforts on target.  A big effort from the Swans.  Josh Thomas was typically quite fearless & didn't give his opponents a moment’s respite. 


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