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The Left Wing Berth

I know he's not everybody's cup of tea, but I thought that there might be some merit in giving Declan John a go at the left wing position allowing Celina to play in his ACTUAL position at 10. He shows a willingness to take people on putting them on the back foot while offering that extra protection to Bidwell when we are out of possession. In the last few games particularly we have tried to play through teams with the "eye of a needle " pass when we need to get behind the opposing full backs to give the likes of Borja and Ayew, both very good headers of the ball by the way, a better chance of scoring. 


  • Wouldn't mind seeing us try to copy Stoke's system from yesterday. Borja and Ayew up front, wingbacks told to bomb on. Byers and Celina do what Allen and Clucas were doing, drifting about and finding space. Extra body in midfield.
  • Been advocating @Gardo sentiments from the start of the season. If we aren't going to play Garrick, Peterson, kalulu (appreciate injuries) don't get why John hasn't been given a chance wide. Speed wise he's rapid and he'd keep that width and offer protection on the left side.
  • @Gardo

    Wow that's actually a nice idea but try telling it to Steve Cooper.
  • I've only seen Declan John and Garrick in a cup game earlier in the season, and both offered speed and ability to take on players, but both unused since, except Garrick for cameo roles. Only seen Peterson once and, like Surridge, too easily pushed off the ball. Celina needs to be used in an inside role, as on the wing he just doesn't know when to let the ball go and 9 times out of 10 loses it. Ayew is similarly being played out of position, and would seem to flourish in an inside role. The way that team has been orgainsed in recent weeks means we are very restricted as an attacking force, and Cooper needs a radical rethink - he does have options, but seems stuck with a system and with a group of in-favour players, neither of which he seems willing to change - quite a few of the favourites are just not performing at an acceptable level, and plan A just aint working.
  • Dai
    It is clear as day what he needs to do, he is a real one trick pony and seems to have no idea how to change a game.

    The last three home games, have been very similar, all three shouting out for Ayew at 9 and Celina at 10 with some pace out wide. He did nothing, changed the players, but the system was the same.
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