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Against All Odds

So Phil Collins sang in the 80s. Well the same can be said for Cooper and the  wonderful position we find our selves in.  What ever the critics of his tactics say, the guy has performed brilliantly in the first quarter of the season. despite the owners not because of them.

Lets be honest , not one of us would have predicted such a start, and he did it despite having the heart of his squad ripped out and with no real money to add  quality.

I said i would wait for 10 games or so before judging and whilst there are some issues to deal with ,not least getting a young team to concentrate for 90 minutes , i say so far so good Mr Cooper.   What you need now is new owners to support you . 

Any one else think of a song that sums up our club and season so far?



  • Don't  see it like you do big oak , didn't  see the heart of the team ripped out , saw £35 million  in Dan and Ollie leave to be replaced with £35 million of talent in Andre and Borja , Fer and Narsingh leave , no big loss there .

    The comment about the owners is incorrect  with the re introduction  of our two strikers and a quality  young keeper on loan ,
    I think Mr Cooper needs to rotate  his squad more particularly  in midfield  and attack ,
    Everybody  knows the Championship  is a marathon and long slog , fresh bodies and minds will help ,

    My song would be Always look on the bright side of life ,
  • Great Post Malc, Lets agree to disagree, I dont see Andre & Borjo in the same bracket has Dan & Ollie, ok we may have paid silly money for them but are they worth it? time will tell.

    Love your song title !
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    It's interesting looking at all the stats from whoscored, they suggest we didn't do that badly? 

    Maybe we aren't giving enough credit to how well Stoke played. I still think we'd have done better if the players weren't so fatigued, but the fact we played so well against Charlton, all the amazing comments from their fans, there was nothing but praise for Cooper at that time.

    He will be desperate to figure out what we need to do to improve ourselves, it would be in his interests to keep his ears to the ground and listen to the supporters opinions, although it's possible stubbornness maybe a flaw (time will tell)?

    I will go for Eye of the Tiger

  • Big Oak

    Not sure if you have seen the performances slowly deteriorate from early season ? Lest hope in February its not "Another one bites the dust" and we have Curt is charge again.
  • Andrew2 said:
    Big Oak

    Not sure if you have seen the performances slowly deteriorate from early season ? Lest hope in February its not "Another one bites the dust" and we have Curt is charge again.
    Yes i have , Rob makes a good point about fatigue,  maybe that the problem , its certainly not ability ,beating Chalton with style and Leeds with guile proves that. 

    Great song title ha ha
  • With regards to our previous board you could have “sell out” by the levellers. But after Saturday having been beaten by bottom of the league stoke I’d have “i was happy in the haze of a drunken hour but heaven knows I’m miserable now” by the smiths!
  • Not one of us predicted we'd do well?

    Whatever you say.
  • What do people want? Us to spend money we haven’t got? Take it from me, if we’d have found suitors for Borja and Ayew they would have gone, that’s the situation we find ourselves in, unfortunately, dropping out of the PL has hit us hard, we stayed there for 7 seasons, even with billionaire owners, some only manage one.
  • Jac
    Well swallowed, like a mackerel to a seal.
  • Jac said:

    What do people want? Us to spend money we haven’t got? 
    Were you asking that question when Jenkins had to sell Shelvey in January 2016 to ensure we remained solvent until the end of the season? 

  • In assessing the season so far, I think we have exceeded (my) expectations in terms of results but not achieved (my)ambitions in terms of performances. In my view we are not as good as we finished the back end of last season.
    On the basis of what we have done so far, I have never once thought that we would/could get automatic promotion and my prediction of final position varies from week to week, depending on our results - sometimes I think 6th then other times I think 10th - the latter being my prediction before the season started.
    My record in predicting how we will do in individual matches is woeful, I really haven't got a clue how we will fare in any given match.
    My appropriate song for the season so far is therefore "A Question Mark" by the late and great Elliott Smith.

  • Another Smiths one for you There Is a Light That Never Goes Out. STID.
  • If you told me at the start of the season that after 11 games 9 teams would be within 3 points of each other at the top I'd have expected us to be in that mix. And there we are right about in the middle.
  • Heaven knows i'm miserable now..
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