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Match Discussion: Swans v Bristol City - Championship 2019/20

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This is the place to discuss all things related to the Swans v Bristol City Championship game on Saturday, 18 July 2020 at 3:00pm.

Referee Darren Bond will be assisted by Timothy Wood and Philip Dermott, with Andy Woolmer the 4th Official for the game.

Have a read of the Swansea City v Bristol City Head to Head Statistics since the first meeting in South Wales in 1922.

Share your pre and post match thoughts, views on Steve Cooper's pre or post match comments, team selection and don't forget to submit your score prediction for our Swansea City Prediction League.



  • Baggies after looking certainties for most of season for automatic spot blowing it v Huddersfield. 1 down, they need to find 2 goals from somewhere
  • Just seen Rangel's out for 9 months with a torn achilles. Career over for a 37 year old, surely.
  • Could do with Charlton losing the early game tomorrow so Hull still have something to play for when they go to Cardiff
  • Think Cardiff could lose one, think we could win 2 but Millwall have 2 games that their opponents have nothing to play for the same as us. So the Londoners are now favourites' in my book.  Also think Brentford   will take automatic spot and WBA blow it in the play offs and Fulham making the 3 going up.  
  • Been yonks since we've beaten anyone in the top half. Freefalling Wednesday our most impressive win this year going by the table. Always a chance teams switch off with nothing to play for but I'm not expecting us to beat both Bristol and Reading. They're not quite the whipping boys we usually turn it on against.
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    Hand on heart, I am not backing us to win our two games. 

    All season long we've been a flaky, inconsistent team and if we do win these last two games the only comparable run of form was August. 

    I'd love it if we made the playoffs but I just can't see it happening.
  • Here's the last edition of Jack Magazine for this season... unless we get to the play-offs of course :)

  • It all seems too little, too late now. 
    If he’d used this system earlier, I feel we would have flown through these playoff places. 
    From what I’ve seen of this season’s Championship, there weren’t many decent footballing sides, just teams of giants, lumping it forwards, relying on set pieces, long throw ins, and knock downs. 
    Personally, I’m looking forward to next season. 
    The recent upturn in our style, has given hope of better things to come. 
    Plus SC has a Championship manager’s year under his belt. 
    I can’t believe I’m being so positive about SC, after the majority of unwatchable stuff he was in charge of. 
    But hay ho, hopefully he’s learnt from his mistakes, and we can move forwards. 
    If Andy Scott can unearth some hidden talents, like he did for Brentford, while a few more Premiership managers look at us, as a good bet for developing their up and coming talents, we might have a better chance of progressing next season. 

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    Cabango in for Naughts only change.

    Nice to see he's keeping the system.

    Rushesha in the squad - first time?

    The only defender on the bench (still only 17) !!!!!!!!!

    Impressed me when I've seen him for the U23s but this is a big step up.

  • What price a goal from Ash? The way the hoodoo goes we already need 2 goals!!!!
  • FFS Turds one up after 4 mins.
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    Drinks break. 0-0

    Good start but not as dominant as previous games.

    Guehi excellent again. He's been a revelation since the break. Hopefully get him again for next season. Chelsea should be happy with the way he's developed.

    WTF has Ash done to his hair !!!!!!!!!

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    Understandably a bit jaded and lethargic but picked up a bit last 10 with some good chances. Bidwell and Guehi with some great defence opening runs.

    1-0 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great shot from Conor ,comes off the post and Connor slots home nicely.

    HT 1-0
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    FFS C**diff 2 up.

    That's it. At least let's make it to the last game some chance.
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    Titties miss pelanty (hits post) !!!

    Cullen on for Rhian for a good run at drinks break.
    Routs also on for VDH so switched to four at the back.
  • Turds now 3- up and Hull now losing. They'll be down after that result.
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    1-0 FT

    Well done lads.

    Goes to the last game.

    Cooper beats Potter's points and position.

    Brilliant cameo from Wayne. Cullen sadly looked a bit out of depth. Even got in the way of a certain Grimes goal. Tried hard though.
  • Hull still have an out, with Wigan's -12. Hull win the can still stay up. That Boro goal could be crucial.

    Fingers crossed eh?
  • Cmon Barnsley. Give Forest a beating tomorrow and screw their GD up
  • Even game, not sure which game their temp manager was watching "we have come here with a plan and at times they couldn't get near us"
  • Dang, where is everyone, we won and still have a shot
  • When I think about our position now, it’s a bit like when you've just finished a game of golf.....IF ONLY !
    If only we had beaten bottom ( at the time ) of the league, Luton. 
  • Well played lads,keep going,anything is possible.
    Whatever happens,no complaints at all from this Swans nut.
  • No shot @Martyn ;unfortunately..if only the Cardiff fixture was anything but Hull at home. I also think winning at Reading is a challenge.
    However, I a a believer that performances will eventually bring results and the last 3-4 games have left me with some optimism for the next season.

  • The green shoots of recovery are most definitely evident based on what I saw of the game and those for the most part with these flurry of fixtures. Luton was a low point and the loss was hard to take, but even the loss against Leeds didn't detract from the performance, especially when you take into consideration that they are now newly promoted to the Premier League. Well done all concerned for turning things around in these last few weeks. Next season will be as equally interesting, maybe even more so, than this one with its obligatory ups and downs courtesy of the Swans. And I say this knowing that the final whistle hasn't yet been blown on the season yet. Could one final twist be around the corner which will propel us into that crucial 6th place position whilst knocking Cardiff off their playoff perch? Do we dare to believe that the footballing gods have something spectacular lined up for the final day of the season? Let's hope that Hull suddenly become Cardiff's bogey team this coming Wednesday.
  • I couldn’t get to watch the second half unfortunately, did Cullen have an opportunity to impress 
  • Hi Chatz. 

    He had an opportunity but I didn’t think he did that well. 

    Not going to judge him completely yet, but just my opinion. 

    I’m not sure what type of striker he is? So don’t know if we played to his strengths? 
  • Hi Chatz. 

    He had an opportunity but I didn’t think he did that well. 

    Not going to judge him completely yet, but just my opinion. 

    I’m not sure what type of striker he is? So don’t know if we played to his strengths? 
    He's a poacher like Brewster who isn't big or quick enough to play off or have run channels, just knows how to stick the ball in the back of the net.
  • Cheers Jasper. 

    Do you think he’s good enough to have in the squad for a championship season?

    Is he a McBurnie or a Baker-Richardson? 
    (Regards potential) 
  • Thank you. Early days and looks like he needs another striker alongside him to flourish 
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