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Match Discussion: Swans v Bristol City - Championship 2019/20



  • Cheers Jasper. 

    Do you think he’s good enough to have in the squad for a championship season?

    Is he a McBurnie or a Baker-Richardson? 
    (Regards potential) 
    I've watched him come through the u18's and u21's and for me he's definitely in the Baker-Richardson category
  • I've not been optimistic about him. Was actually expecting him to be released at this end of this season because he'd been on big money contracts and not really lived up to high expectations for the u23s and Wales u21s. Took him a long time to find his feet after being a start in the u18s, getting much of his football out on the wing with managers usually preferring more athletic/physical presences at 9 (CBR and Biabi for our u23s, Mark Harris and Nathan Broadhead - both wingers by trade - for Wales u21s) . Then he makes a couple of matchday squads and gets a few minutes because we're so light on the ground and away you go, new contract.

    Last season he was second top scorer in PL2 behind Connolly of Brighton who's now a PL regular. So he's got something about him for sure. But then I think McBurnie had a similar scoring record over only half a season at that level rather than a full one (in a much stronger u23s side tbf).
  • Like deekay I have followed Cullen through the 18's and 23's and as Jasper has mentioned, he possess no pace and does not work the channels while what he does have is an eye for goal. Unless he can play in a system where he plays off another striker he won't fit in. 
    According to we reverted to 4-2-3-1 when Cullen was brought on, but as I didn't see the game I don't know whether he played the lone striker or in a wide position.
  • Hi Colin,

    Yes, we changed to a 4 and Routledge was out on the left and Ayew right. 

    Dhanda playing behind Cullen. 
  • @Jackareme Hoping for a 3 goal win for Barnsley today
  • Phillip said:
    Think Cardiff could lose one, think we could win 2 but Millwall have 2 games that their opponents have nothing to play for the same as us. So the Londoners are now favourites' in my book.  Also think Brentford   will take automatic spot and WBA blow it in the play offs and Fulham making the 3 going up.  
    that has aged well!
  • hell yeah 3 mins into injury time, barnsley got one, judging by stats they gave it a good go but couldnt find a way through. Shame it wasnt 2 or 3 nil. Need a 5 goal turn around weds
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