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Friendly today final score 7-1 Mach report from Southampton perspective



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    Swans only 7-0 down. Guess things can only get better 2nd half.

  • I hope this isn’t true?!

  • What game is that we are playing

  • Southampton away....

  • Definitely correct first 60 min game finished 7-0 to Southampton apparently was 5-0 after 35 mins. Second 60 min game no news as yet

  • Jeez. Doesn’t sound good.

  • Interested to know who was playing for each team, but there is no excuse for that sort of result.

    I know some dont believe you should read anything into pre season friendlies but sorry it's hard not to read bad news into that result.

    Open play and counterattacking were our big defensive weaknesses last season together with our lack of creating chances. Not much evidence of a change yet.

  • Was 0-0 in second game after 15 mins

  • Was the main 1st XI for Southampton in the first game. Ward Prowse and Che Adams two of the scorers

  • What about our team SJ?

    Still not excusable to lose 7-0 in 60 minutes.

  • 0-0 half time 2nd game. Ayew playing in this side.

  • Ended 7-1. Impossible to tell who we fielded in each 30 minute segment but they took their 1st XI off at 7-0 up at half time

  • No positives from that match, except perhaps our first team might be marginally better than their second team.


  • Presumably Connor assist, as Fulton scores.

  • A positive is that the team know complacency means you get hammered whether by an improving bottom half PL team in a friendly or by Stoke City on a wet Wednesday night

    You have to be at it

    Back on the beach today

    Oh yes and the PL - Championship gap is as huge as ever

  • Not worth panicking if our largely second string has lost to their first.

  • I think we should park the bus against Forest Green next tuesday..

  • Worth remembering Southampton lost 9-0 at home to Leicester back end of last year then won the return at Leicester

    A hammering can shake out the cobwebs and concentrate the mind!

  • Thanks Jasper.

    I couldn’t watch any more after 3.

    I’m even more annoyed after seeing how many first team players were on the pitch.

    Not good enough!

  • Woodman

    Rushesha Naughton Cabango Lewis Bidwell

    Smith Grimes Dhanda

    ???  ???


    Roberts B.Cooper Rodon Guehi O.Cooper

    Fulton Gibbs-White Routledge

    Cullen Lowe

  • Ayew played in 2nd period

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    I can't see him. Cullen and Lowe are defintiely there, as is no. 11 Gibb-White. Fulton scored and Routs is there at the end unless he was subbed on.

  • My error Ayew played first period

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    Jack Evans is there at the start of the vid as well...

    Garrick 41 up front in the first.

  • Ouch. A sobering scoreline if ever there was one. Pre season jitters I’m hoping.

  • Well 2 scratch sides with lots of kids, and new partnerships. not surprising against an underrated Southampton team, who have changed few personnel.

    The big positive for me is he is going to continue with a back 3.

    But the scoreline, while doesnt look good, is meaningless, really.

    We dont know how far Southampton are into their pre-season.

    We know we've had one game vs Cardiff Met. Not sure who played in that game.

    What is most interesting is who didnt feature. Asoro, Peterson, and most surprisingly, John - where youngster Oli Cooper was preferred to him.

  • This was their first game of preseason.

  • Omg get a grip the fat armchair brigade who were never good enough to kick a mitre delta 5 yards to your school mate trap it and give it back, are now worried because we’ve been hammered in a behind close doors friendly ffs I despair

  • I wouldn’t say I’m worried, I just don’t like my team losing 7-1!

    I was watching my sons Under 9s team yesterday morning and was getting annoyed with kids standing still, not working etc!

    (My boys team ironically won 7-1.)

    p.s. sorry Brownie but I’m writing this from my armchair.

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