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Match Discussion: Preston North End v Swans - Championship 2020/21



  • They are appealing.......................

  • Just saw the goal. Great play by Ayew to set up Bidwell.

    Was really hard to pick out the two kits though. Can’t remember two kits clashing as much.

  • I saw the Swans at Bradford later 90s maybe (Steve Claridge was playing for them). Obviously Bradford were in in their amber and claret.....for some reason we were in the newly released red/greyish effort...... wasn't easy to tell the difference on a dank, winters West Yorkshire day.

  • I was hoping for a draw at best so I’m over the moon with the win. Going by the Radio Wales commentary there needs to be an improvement performance wise but otherwise a good solid display.

  • One thing is for sure with Cabango Rodon and Guehi we have 3 of the best young defenders in the country - and we wont ship many goals! Just need to keep them fit and avoid selling them.

  • Do you mean Wales or uk 😂😂

  • Excellent win against Preston , good solid performance , unlucky not to win by more ,

    Cooper's plan seems to be coming together , looks as if he knows the system he wants and the starting 11 ,

    Great performance from Jake , Preston's full back must be having nightmares watching Jake make one goal , have one for himself ruled out and another just over the bar ,

    Another 2 or 3 additions to the squad could see another successful season ,

  • For those who didn't watch the game yesterday, here are the extended highlights (8 mins long)...

  • Hi Denmark Jack

    Didn't have much trouble watching on my tablet ,

    Preston white shirts black shorts , ours different colour

  • Best thing about yesterday's game was the all-round effort put in. Plenty of players sliding in to block shots etc.

    Plenty of evidence that the players still believe in Cooper and want to put in a shift.

  • Swans’ shirts looked off-white in camera long shots, so yes I was also struggling to distinguish between the teams. We needed our centenary red kit.

    By the way, the shirts look better on long shots because you can’t see the fussy pattern on them!

  • I remember now, think I read it on line that the sale was not the problem its that it was included in the finances for the particular year but no money for the sale had actually been exchanged before the deadline required.

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    In the cold light of day, whilst we all welcome the result on Saturday, its pretty clear that we are very undercooked for the start of the season.

    The worrying aspect is how poor we were overall, once we had scored, apart from the all hands to the pumps defending, which was very good. However you can't rely on that as an approach for success in the long term, better teams will punish us. So those who dont like stats, jog on now, as you wont like these.

    The whole match possession stats of 60%-40% and pass success 75%-61% both in favour of PNE were poor enough, but it hides the deterioation during the match.

    The first half possession was 50.8%-49.2% and pass success 72%-65%.

    The second half numbers were 68.3%-31.7% and pass success 77%-54%. Those are appalling stats for us, we have less than 1/3rd of possession and only about one out of every two passes were accurate. That half includes the initial 10 mins where were on top and scored.

    If we look at the numbers after we scored 72.9%-27.1% possession and pass success 79%-47%.

    So including injury time for the last 40 mins of the match, we only had just over 1/4 of possession and less than one our of every two passes were accurate. That is just completely unacceptable. I reckon were are 3 weeks away from being ready, that makes the next two matches a bit of a lottery, unless we improve very dramatically.

    At least there is another international break early October, but the Brum and Wycombe matches will be tough and the Millwal match on 3 October will be a big test of whether we have got the players and the team structure right.

  • I've watched us play with much better possession and passing stats than that and lose!

  • We won a game I didn’t expect us to. I’m happy. Stats are all well and good but only one matters ... they were chasing the game after we scored and threw everything at us and we held firm. We will get better as players get used to each other but it’s a great result no matter what stats say

  • @Steve

    And you will again, but you have missed the point. The stats indicate how underprepared we are, and until we get about 3 more weeks of training under our belt then the next couple of matches of matches will be very much a lottery. If we allow some teams that much possession we might even lose 7-1.

  • @chatz

    Winning isnt a stat, its an outcome and its the by product of what you do in the match. Remember PNE didnt have their main goalscorer on the pitch, he was in the stand watching as he is about to be sold. So its great that we held firm, but if this type of poor possession and pass completion continues for too long, its Adieu to our chances this year. Other teams wont have their best striker in the stand, he will be on the pitch.

    I hope the players get better, but this is a fall off in our way of playing is of a huge magnitude and I doubt it will get turned around very quickly especially with new players (hopefully) coming in and perhaps going out.

    So enjoy the moment for the outcome but dont let it blind you to underlying problems in the way we are playing and how long it might take sort it out.

    Take the result but it was far from great and we can't afford to just believe our own rhetoric.

  • @JackRaven I agree entirely about performances and the results will follow - however the Championship is brutal and we seem to be resilient away from home. Much as I want to see better quality our defensive 6 including the keeper will win us points - they are the class of this division IMO.

    I think the acid test for Cooper is the home performances -we have to really dominate teams at the Liberty and transform our performances from last year - where we were frequently clueless. Hoping for the best but not banking on it!

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    As you say a good team needs a last saturday type of performance in their locker for when you need it, but that cant be what we rely on, especially at home when teams wont be taking risks and will hope to score on the counter. We need to be able to break them down and keep the ball.

  • Well we will just gave to get on with it unless someone has a time machine handy, yes it will be a lottery hopefully we will be more successful than not!

  • We won our first game of the season, and didnt play well.

    not surprising since we had new partnerships running through the spine of the team.

    At CB, Cabango, Rodon and Guehi had not played together as a 3 before. we kept a clean sheet.

    In front of them, only Grimes was a familiar face. Smith and Gibbs-White have a new relationship to develop with each other, and the rest of the team, offensively and defensively.

    And up top, another new partnership.

    Right now, I am not worried about stats. I am more concerned with getting points. No injuries. And getting match fitness. The understanding will come, the more they play and train.

    And then the stats will start to hopefully improve.

  • Well if we dont get the stats right, which measure key areas of performance, then we will have to be concerned about points!

  • People said the same last season. Winning when playing poorly the mark of a great team innit. The August run was supposedly a sign of great things even though looking at each win more closely revealed some telling cracks. Then strangely enough we had 6 months of dire, bottom half stuff to suffer through before lockdown gave Cooper a reset and injuries forced him to try something different.

    A win is just 3 points on the day. Our prospects of further points are dependent on the quality of performances we're capable of. It's all well and good to say we will improve, new players etc. but that's the same for every team. The early periods after each break have been our strongest under Cooper.

  • it's the first fecking game, and everyone is going off on one. WTAF!

  • Sack him now, he's useless! Only 3 points out of a possible 3!!

  • If all you care about is the result, why bother watching the match just wait for the result and you can be happy or sad, as appropriate.

    I care about the performance as much as the result because in the medium term it will dictate how our season ends up and in the long term whether we can survive.

    There is no need for the 'sack the manager' comments, have a proper debate. I've already said, I dont like changing manager, and I want us to stick with SC at least for the whole of this season and preferably for the rest of his contract. He is doing a good job in very difficult circumstances.

    That doesnt mean poor performance is above being critiqued, for what is it. It doesnt matter whether it is after 1 match or 41 matches.

    If you can't tell the difference between calm analysis and 'going off on one' perhaps you are spending too much time on social media

  • The stats do paint a worrying picture JR. I’m sure that SC and the players will be bothered about it just as much as you and want to rectify it. Let’s hope it’s within them to improve on these stats in the upcoming fixture.

  • Jackraven, it was the first game of the bloody season with a 1/4 of the team new and new partnerships all over the pitch.

    I'll take Keith Haynes perspective for the moment.

  • Jack raven the sack him now comment was tongue in cheek! As Mark said we are bedding in new players and we were later starting back so our stats will probably look awful, but if they keep at it, build up their fitness and start understanding each other better hopefully stats will improve, although I am sure we will have better games and some truly awful ones. Grinding out results when awful, as long as we pick up points when playing well should see us challenging for a playoff place at worst.

  • "At worst" last season we had 6 months solid of bottom half form (1.1-1.2 points per game from September 1st until lockdown in March) so challenging for playoffs is expecting a bit much as a minimum expectation when we've not really strengthened over last season. Even if we match last season's 70 points that's usually a 9th place finish. We're not so good that a bit of struggle/bad luck can't see us languishing towards the bottom and Cooper sacked by Christmas.

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