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Update from CE Julian Winter

From the Swans OS...

With this being my first official day as part of the Swansea City family, I feel it is important to start by speaking to all of our supporters around the world.

Firstly, I must thank you all for your kind words upon my appointment, and I am very grateful for your warm, Welsh welcome.

It is an honour to be part of Swansea City, and I will give my all in ensuring this club is the best it can possibly be on and off the pitch.

I have always kept a close eye on Swansea City, more so since Brendan Rodgers – who was the manager at Watford during my time there – took over at the Liberty.

I have also spoken to my predecessor Trevor Birch, who did a fantastic job here, about the club and he was very complimentary about the staff, the fans and the city as a whole. I actually took over from Trevor at Sheffield United, so history has repeated itself somewhat.

This is a fantastic club with a truly amazing story. The rise from the bottom of the fourth tier to the Premier League in such a short amount of time caught everyone’s attention, particularly for the way the team played.

The story, though, doesn’t end there. There are many chapters ahead of us, and I see a club that has a lot going for it.

Swansea City has a clear identity and philosophy, fantastic facilities at the Liberty Stadium, Fairwood and Landore, along with a big catchment area.

I’ve had a view of the club from the outside in, but there is nothing like a view from inside out.

Today is my first day in my role as chief executive, and one of the first things I want to do is to spend time engaging with staff, shareholders, the Supporters’ Trust and fans – I want to hear from you all.

I have already been in contact with Andy Godden and Stuart McDonald from the Supporters’ Trust as part of my appointment. I understand the Trust are a key stakeholder and are important in this club’s future, so I will be communicating with them on a regular basis.

I am looking forward to speaking with fans about the club and getting your views on every part of what we do. I am also very open on hearing creative ways to improve communication, so I am keen to listen to your ideas.

Community is hugely important to me and has been at all of the clubs where I have been chief executive, so building on what Helen Elton, head of the Community Trust, and her team have done in the city and its surrounding areas is vitally important.

In terms of my role as chief executive, I will have oversight in everything at the football club. So I feel it is imperative that I have a clear understanding of what happens in each department while supporting the senior management team with day-to-day operations.

I will develop a strong, close relationship with head coach Steve Cooper and head of recruitment Andy Scott.

Steve is a very promising head coach who did a fantastic job last season with a very young squad, and I will support him in getting the best out of the team.

As a club we will focus on being as competitive as we possibly can in the league, and that’s a challenge I’m really looking forward to.

I would like to finish by thanking you for your continued support during a really tough time for us all due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The club is working hard in getting supporters back to the stadium when it is safe to do so, while, in the meantime, we are receiving hugely encouraging viewing numbers for our SwansTV Live streaming service.

While you can’t watch the team in action at the Liberty Stadium or up and down the country, giving you the opportunity to watch games live – with our fantastic commentary team that includes Swansea legends – hopefully fills the void and still makes you part of the matchday experience.

Best regards,



  • Welcome Julian, good to hear the positive words and you definitely have my support.

    First thing you can do is please do us all a favour and support SC to get a striker in

  • Hear hear that man!!

  • The problem with a striker is that the good ones cost an awful lot, we don't have an awful lot. Its pointless bringing one in just for the sake of it.

    Although our options are limited, we do have options and might just have to get on with it. Just like the rest of us, I hope SC can work his magic.

    Welcome Julian

  • For me that was a good and frank interview.

    To me he came across very well.Give the man a chance I feel, and hopefully for our sakes as well as his the ship gets back on course and forges ahead.👍️

  • Well this one doesnt sound so good. Got to say the Bu11sh1t meter was sounding all sorts of alarms of this interview.

    The owners doing everything they can means not doing anything at all. Its up to the club to sort out without any investment at all. If I haboured any lingering thoughts that the owners or the 'new investment'?loan/to be shares actually meant anything to help the club, then they are well and truly gone.

    Get the scrapers out and get in that barrel!

  • Nice quote sums it up.

    "And Winter says he expects further ins and outs in the final weeks of the summer transfer window, although he remained coy on whether or not Cooper will be given transfer funds to spend.

    "Every player costs money, whether it's his wages or his transfer fee or loan fee. I would expect some players to come and go," he said.

    And when asked if player sales are required before Cooper can further strengthen his squad, Winter responded: "Football plan agreed, I will be supporting that."

  • Football plan agreed could be, "Cooper there is no more money available to spend on players, use what you got mush"

  • I think that is the plan

  • It's a sh1t plan @JackRaven

  • Surely we're used to the idea that the club is trying to be self-sustainable by now. It's been the message for over two years. Why expect our manager to have (or be handed) millions to spend when the reasons we were overextended before haven't been resolved - like Ayew still on the books - and the club's income is still dropping.

    Like waking up and being disappointed all over again that the sky isn't green.

  • There’s a pandemic and businesses are failing all over the place. Any football club will be lucky to survive. The most prudent have the best chance. Football is not immune to a crashing economy

  • For some of us it was the message for longer than 2 years, it goes way back to a certain match where we saved ourselves

    Being self sustainable is exactly right, therefore it does encourage us to ask the question, why the ****** do we need the owners! Come on Trust when are we going to court.

    There is being prudent and there is being stupid. Not getting a striker is setting SC and the team to fail.

    I dont suppose you drive a car with only 3 wheels on to save money during the pandemic, yet you suggest that is what we should do.

  • Being self sustainable is exactly right, therefore it does encourage us to ask the question, why the ****** do we need the owners! Come on Trust when are we going to court.

    Have a look at the latest Trust newsletter

  • But you can't go out and buy a spare wheel (£800k on Lowe) and then complain that you have to drive with 3 either. The fourth wheels last season were borrowed off mates (Surridge, Brewster). It's misrepresenting the situation to suggest that the owners are telling Cooper he can't sign a centre forward for his team.

  • None of us know what's been said!

  • Cooper himself is hinting that there are no more deals, it might be a big bluff, who knows!

  • @jasper_T

    Jamal Lowe isnt a centre forward. You have a fair point though about why the other transfers happened before we had sorted the key transfer out.

    However we still dont have a centre forward so we are on 3 wheels.

    It is interested you say that that I'm misrepresenting what the owners have said, as I havent. I've suggested taken from the interviews with Julian Winter ( Is Coming ), that he, working with the diasterous duo (K&L), will actually allow SC to get a player long as he doesnt cost anything.

    I believe there has been a reaction to SC being straight forward and honest during interviews and Mr Winter ( Is Coming ) is now cracking the whip and saying 'I am the King' to mix my GoT references.

    We dont actually know what has been said but we do know what SC has been saying..........or at least we did.

    Have you noticed that SC's regular weekly interview is only available after edit rather than live anymore.

    Plus just to complete my tin foil hat conspiracy theory, try listening to SC's interview after the Birmingham match on the website. I bet you wont be able to because the source video has been deleted.

    I wonder why that has happened?

  • Just look at the number of references to "financial sustainability"

    What I get from that is McKay Declan John and possibly Pedersen will have to go before we buy, that is all

    Football is a big moneylending business where your money men take a punt on their chances of getting their money back, with interest,

    K&L don't have enough confidence in the club's future success - or perhaps enough control - of the investors' money- to take a punt in the transfer market by going into much debt ( contrast with Villa who took it to the edge)

    So no risk and no reward

    Is it better to be Man U where they have gone from debt free under the old regime to £1bn in debt under the Glazers (who have taken £89m in dividends in the last few years) - or us?

    Not sure myself

  • Conspiracy theories about the press conferences not being livestreamed are definitely getting into tin foil hat territory. The most likely reason is it's more complicated than recording it and uploading it after the fact, especially as the reporters themselves aren't in the room, and I bet hardly anyone was watching live anyway.

    But I'm all for conspiracy theories about why the u23s games aren't being streamed or getting any club attention until days after the fact.

  • Sc signed a forward and paid money for him ie Kristoffer Peterson I suggest he uses him and gets the best out him.

  • @northernswan2

    We hear something different, for me when someone avoids answering questions the way Jules Winter has, it generally means he doesnt want to say what is actually going on.

    I have a bad feeling about it.

  • edited September 23


    Tried watching the post Brum interview yet?

    Interesting that video seems to have just disappeared when SC said, he wasnt getting any money to get a centre forward.

    It was there a few days ago and now ...poof.... just like magic its disappeared.

  • @Brownie

    Peterson is a winger we have 3 wingers at least, shame we arent playing a formation that uses wingers perhaps we will later in the season.

    We still dont have a centre forward and other people are beginning to notice even if some of our fans apparently havent.

  • edited September 23

    No not the edited version, the full version that has somehow disappeared off the website.

    I can give you the website adress if you like

    Give it a go.

  • Last night I watched the club video of the interview with Julian Winter and it's the one quoted in the BBC report. Decent set of questions asked by the journalist to be fair. Winter was very keen to stress that his role included oversight of the footballing side, unlike the impression given by SC in his first interview after Birch's departure. The other impression I got was he maybe would not have the same autonomy as Birch in that he would be liaising more with K&L than his predecessor. There were a few double negative statements too which I found a bit weird and maybe defensive: "it's not undoable" (promotion), "they are not doing anything to make it unsuccessful" ( owners' attitude to the club), "they never give an indication that they are not" ( owners' desire to hang around for the long term)

  • Well we had another update from Mr Winters this weekend.

    Apparently he is in charge, and he can sell who he likes when he likes, without reference to any else, unless perhaps its the Board/Owners.

    Also so much for conspiracy theories about video's disappearing and being edited. Has anyone seen the full version of the post match interview yet?

  • Where? Do you have any links to this reference, not having a go, just not seeing anything from the winter gardens anywhere.

  • @Gingergit

    No I was refering to the Peterson incident, which for me is a clear indication of how he works.

    He is in charge after all. Sadly I believe we can expect more sales and not be certain of any incoming.

  • One has heard so many new CEO,s say the exact same thing has this, its all rather obvious and unnecessary. What we need to know is

    1 : What is going to happen in our Playing Squad today, Re In/Outs ?

    2 : What the heck was he playing Saturday, when he "Ordered" the withdrawal of a player from the first team hours before a game?

    3: Assuming the player was subject to a late offer, how much was it?

    4: Will he promise never to interfere with the playing squad ever again?

    Simple really

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