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Summer Transfer Window 2020



  • If you're including Gould for some reason we can add Benda and Webb as incoming. We replaced Surridge/Borja with Brewster, and now Gyokeres and Lowe have been added to the front line options with Cullen still being starved of minutes.

  • No sign of any action on signings between now and deadline is there

    Tells its own story

    We still need a CB as well as keeping Joe

    We may have LB cover if Declan isn't shipped out

    We could do with another forward

    2 signings minimum and only one loan left

    Not going to happen either

  • Yes that is fair, except both Borja and Surridge were replaced by Brewster. So net -1 plus lets include Benda and Webb, so that's +1 and the total negative before was -10, so that means we are only -9 down from last year.

    Lucky we have our Glitzy signings and replacement loanees.......but we are still down -9 squad members from last year.

    You think SC has a point about not selling any more and we need additions. His 3 additions required would still leave us -6 down on last year. He's not exactly asking to splash the cash, is he.

  • theoretically you would have thought, we should be in a very good position re-transfers, if we receive £15 - £18m, for Joe Rodon

    Invested properly, with the help of Andy Scott, a scout, with an excellent past CV of sourcing talent, plus Steve Cooper’s CV with young talent, we could be laughing all the way to the automatics or playoff spots.

    That’s theoretically.

    In the real Swansea City fc world, we’ll probably get tucked up, firstly by Levy, and then our owners and Julian The puppet Winters.

    Cast your mind back to the Daniel James Leeds fiasco, to see how much knowledge in the transfer market, our Hedge-fund, up their own arse, owners have

    If it wasn’t for Huw Jenkins we could have kissed goodbye to £18 + add ons, because of their total ineptitude.

    I seem to remember the yanks were going to loan him, and “IF” Leeds got promoted, accept a totally derisive fee, because at that time Leeds didn’t have a pot to p**s in

    At least with HJ and Martin Morgan, you knew they had the best interests of Swansea City fc at heart, not like these shysters and Winters

    I will agree he lost the plot big, big time, in the last few years of his tenure, and greed took over, but pre that, give me him and Morgan, over these leaches all day long

    When they have sucked us dry, and yet another manager departs because of no backing, what happens, the next level ?

  • Going back to your original list, Asoro didn't play for us last season, McKay made 4 short sub apps and spent the last half of the season at Fleetwood, Peterson spent the last half of the season at Utrecht, Dyer made one appearance this calendar year, and Kalulu was a waste of everyone's time. Lowe alone replaces all of them, with backup from Garrick who had limited time due to injuries, and Oli Cooper.

    We used 29 last season due to January squad churn and players not proving up to it. Naturally our number of established players going into a new season is going to be lower. We can't afford bloated squads of backups to backups with no room for our youngsters to progress.

  • ..and other players left Nordfeldt, Tom |Carroll. and technically Montero and CBR.

    And No, it isnt true that 'Naturally our number of established players going into a season is going to be lower.'

    We currently have a squad of 22 players and that is if you include Declan John, who has been told to find a new club.

    That's the second lowest number in the championship and if you exclude DJ, then the lowest in the Championship.

    So every other club, including teams like Wycombe and Rotherham have bigger squads than us.

    You can try and pretend our squad isnt too small but only if you ignore the facts. Remember we still have the final year of the PL payment this year, so that makes us a lot better off financially that most of the other clubs.

    Counting how many players you actually use in a season isnt much use at the start. We would still be in the bottom third in squad size if the club listened to SC and filled the 3 roles he wants.

    We dont have enough players in the squad to have a single backup to our first team. So for you to suggest we have backups for our backups, is clearly deliberately mis representing the reality, presumably because you have just got this so wrong.

  • You want us to spend money to replace CBR and Montero?

  • So press talk now of 12 or 13 million + CCV and sending Joe back to us on loan for the rest of the season. While it's not 20+million, it does put a very different slant on it. Thoughts please. STID.

  • @jasper_T

    No, I just want the club to support SC to get the players in the areas he needs, so if Joe stays its 3 if Joe goes its 4

  • @JackRaven I would give it up, he would argue about the colour of the sky! The debate has become tit for tat, hes not listening to you, too busy patting himself on the back!

  • Cooper's not the one saying we're 9 or 10 players short. He said he wanted a striker, and we've brought one in. We're a bit light at centre half. The idea that we need yet another striker and this and that comes entirely from fans on these (and other) forums.

  • @JackDragon

    All the press Ive seen say £13m including CCV, and no indication of a loan back being suggested other than by us. Genuineky interested in which post makes you believe its £13m plus CCV plus a loan back.

    Can you post it?

    I will say if they are willing to loan back, they arent buying Joe to play, just for his potential next year. If that is the case then why dont we just keep him til next year and sell him for more money?

  • @Steve

    You are probably right but what the hell, look what happens when you let silly people get their way, you end up like Trump in the US!

  • I think that would be a decent deal especially if we stick a few add ons for good measure.

    I don't get all this aversion to CCV he is a decent championship defender and alongside our current CB'S would provide a decent bunch for Cooper to work with.

    His current wages are irrelevant as he either accepts what Swansea offer or he is not part of the deal. Plus he can talk to Spurs about them covering any differential.

  • @jasper_T

    Read the posts, we are 9 players down net from last year, so SC asking for 3 additions is very reasonable.

  • Is it a case of money is tight or ambition is short?

  • edited October 10

    @JackRaven for me it's not about how many players were ae down from last season, it's about the size of our squad.

    According to the official site we have a 28 man squad which is plenty big enough if the whole squad is utilised and also if we have U'23 players who can step up when needed.

    However that squad included Asoro, Mckay and John which brings it down to 25

    Also a further player who we don't know too much about there ability at Championship level in Dan Williams, Oli Cooper, Lewis Webb, Cameron Evans, Tivonge Rushesha & Liam Cullen who for me are really U'23 player we need to step up when needed.

    That's a 22 man squad of senior professionals, which is small.

    My conclusion would be we need a CB another midfielder and ideally cover at LWB (presuming we won't be seeing Declan John anytime soon)/

    That would be a 24 man squad and some untried youngsters

  • Lichtenstein v Gibraltar or women’s pga golf lexi Thompson legs gets my vote every time!

  • Some interesting points made by @JackRaven and @Chris_Sharman above re squad size - both correct of course, the only thing I would add is that this is not a recent phenomenon. It started the summer we were relegated, the squad numbers have gradually been reduced year on year since then.

    Some may say it's a good thing - there's no doubt when we got relegated there was a lot of flab that needed to be lost - but there's a fine line between trimming the numbers and the wage bill, and leaving your manager in the proverbial.

    On far too many occasions both Potter and Cooper have been left with bare bones and having to play square pegs in round holes.

    It's not good enough and it's no way to run a professional outfit.

  • The only ambition these owners have is to line their own pockets

  • Rodon is staying, its all bs in papers

  • Possible late bids coming in this week from a couple of PL clubs for Andre.

    It could be busy with outgoings

  • Andre going would be massive for our finances.

    Would add a few million to Joe's asking price.

  • The ideal scenario on Deadline Day is for Ayew to go to WBA and Joe to move to Leicester for a fee touching £18m plus add-ons, and loaned back to us until end of season.

    Only one c/back needed, £1m for Blackburn's Williams, who can cover at c/back or for Bidwell. With Gyokeres already added will SC want another striker as well as Pigott? But would the ideal scenario be for us to pick up a promising lower league player like Southend's Kelman, aiming for next season.

  • Saunders at Fleetwood looked a good prospect up front. Scored a hat trick on tv recently.

  • That is pretty much as good as it might get

    Add to that a fee for Andre - say £10m - and say goodbye to Declan whilst adding a very quick LW too

    That would do nicely

    Last year we had 7 wingers if you counted Celina so having a high impact sub on LW duty would help when we have only Routs - better at number 10 - and Jordan Garrick

  • Can't see us getting £3/4m for Ayew, no incentive there to sign him from WBA especially in paying him the wages he will no doubt want. Can't see SC bringing another winger in, more of getting a young midfielder for cover.

  • edited October 12

    Doubt Ayew is going anywhere. Doesnt make financial sense to him personally. He's got 80k/wk for the next year and then as a Bosman can demand a huge sign on fee next summer. I wouldnt give those two things up to move for a lot smaller sign on fee cos the buying club is spending money on a transfer fee and then being offered say 40k/wk at WBA so0 he'd be 2 million less wages for this coming year. Ollie's only on 20 at Sheff

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