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Match Discussion: Bristol City v Swansea City - Championship 2020/21



  • Hapless ref and a lack of appetite to go for the jugular has cost us today

  • @Malaga

    Now that is a fair summary

  • I don’t think that sentence “go for the jugular” exists, even in his dreams, for Cooper.

    Can you see goals coming, when you have a midfield of Grimes Fulton Smith ?

  • @J4cka

    We were defending today with 3 holding midfielders, allowing them the run of the park

  • When you play 3 holding midfielders a defensive lb then a point is what we deserve

  • Just some stats, we had 42% possession, only 340 passes of which 59 were long. Our passing accuracy was 66.8%, but in their half only 56.5%.

    Whereas they had 58% possession, 467 passes of which 79 were long. Their passing accuracy overall was 78.6% and in our half 67.2%.

    If you can see the match and look at those stats and not recognise we were poor, then take your rose coloured gl;asses off and take another look.

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    The greatest insight I have is there are some international class whingers on this site😂 even when we’re robbed by an appalling decision when a player slips over on a wet pitch, it’s their fault! I find it hilarious.

  • No whinging from me pabs we got what we deserved a point onward Christian soldiers!

  • There are none so blind as those who will not see

    If that performance and style of football is your thing, then fair doos to you.

  • I can see clearly now the rain has gone...

    A 9 man defence doesn’t allow you to play football or score goals.

    I want a manager who is brave not another Paul Clement.

    we can never defend a one goal lead.

  • And there was me thinking that SC was a stats man. He needs to have a good look at those stats JR and address it accordingly as surely he can’t be happy with them as they were in that game?

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    On the evidence of over 50 games in charge, I contend that passing accuracy is not a stat that ever has or ever will trouble Cooper.

    He is what he is - an extremely risk-averse coach, who sets out his side with the primary aim of keeping a clean sheet, hoping that one of the few players he's willing to commit to the final third of the pitch comes up with a spark.

    He is a facsimile of Garry Monk.

    Sometimes it works. More often than not it doesn't.

    He'll never change. Remember that.

  • This is the thing that gets on my tits with coaches like Cooper, Clement and Monk.

    There are loads of managers out there who love a 1-0. Pulis, Allardyce, Warnock.

    The difference is, they actually know how to do it properly.

    Now I have no problem with a coach who knows how to do that properly. It is eye gougingly bad to watch, but it gets results.

    Numpties like Cooper, Clement and Monk try to be the same, but they're just charlatans. They haven't got a clue.

    What you end up with is a halfway house, betwixt and between - neither an aesthetically pleasing team to watch nor very effective/efficient.

    And to think some clowns on here still insist we are a passing team. They want their heads examined.

  • Looks like we are going to be the draw specialists of the division this season - a banker on the fixed odds coupon ! There were a number of times in the second half that we could have caught them on the break but it's as if the players are under strict orders not to commit themselves too far up the pitch. Someone mentioned earlier a situation where Bidwell was played into acres of space on the left where he had the chance to drive at their defence but literally stopped in his tracks only to play the ball backwards up the touchline. This probably had more to do with the lack of support alongside or ahead of him rather than his own negativity. Like most on here I'm still not enjoying watching the team from an aesthetic point of view, results aside.

  • Il say it until I’m blue in the face if your going to play 3-5-2 then you need You need your 2 wing backs to be like wingers and be a focal point of your attacks. Watford today played the same system and they had 2 wingers sema being one remember him one of potters old boys who is an out and out winger.i wouldn’t mind playing 3-5-2 iff we had Connor on the right and a Chris Coleman Andy cook Angel on the left.but we don’t we’ve got bidwell whose an honest lad gives 200percent but he’s just not good enough at this level to play the kind of role we need him to play.

  • Was in work today and never got to see the game but have not seen any mention of subs on here today which is usually a bone to pick with most on here, did we swap much and did it make much difference.

  • Definitely Gardo I really hope so by all accounts manning is a strong up and down wing back which gets the thumbs up from me. Pablo I love you to bits I’m not slagging jay or jake off but I just think they’re simply not good enough to take us where we want to go!

  • Surely Cooper won’t see it until about the next 4 games.

  • Can’t believe Cooper has come out with this statement

    ......"I thought it was a decent game to be fair. I liked our performance coming away from home and trying to be as positive as we were, committing bodies forward when we could.

    Not quite the game I watched.

  • If that's his assessment of a fair game and he liked the performance and he thought we committed bodies forward, what on earth was he watching, as stated before Bidwell ran 60 yards from a pass and not even the forwards were in the box. Perhaps we need a manager with better eyesight, or he needs to know the definition of getting bodies forward, or does he mean outside our half

  • I’ve backed sc too the hilt and I will continue to back him but you stand behind your selections and tack ticks.and iff I see 3 defensive mid in the same team then I can’t defend the indefensible!

  • Not really comparing like with like....Cov had a player sent off after 14 mins in conversing the penalty that resulted in the first goal.

  • it's an embarrassment to see how the ducks all align, with their myths. This is food and drink to the crowd on here...some bellyaching to get in to. The ironies pile up on themselves as I see the parodies of men who just love to stick the boot in, relish a bit of spite. Can't contain themselves to modestly offer up their views. Would this conversation have been the same if we'd won the game? of course not. there'd have been a modicum of grunting from the usual ones who can't go a day without moaning but generally it would have been a slap on the back to the players and manager. Now because we were robbed of that win by an incompetent ref, we have the Morriston Orpheus Moaning Choir out in force. You should take a moment and rest those thumbs and analyse yourselves. Grown men. You're like children, though that's an insult to sweet natured children.

    We were playing the team right up there as one of the best teams in the division, made them look ordinary, were unable to play Kasey Palmer or George Byers as a 10, so had to play three holding midfielders. On a poor weather day on another saturated pitch we outplayed Bristol, in a tactical chess match and were robbed of our win. The stats are not relevant as we let them have the ball to pass to one another and as soon as they got to our third we snuffed them out like a candle. When you nullify a team and get to 83 minutes . What is the best thing to do? you try to see it out, only to find the ref has other ideas to rob the winning team of 2 points. We had to pick that side unless we'd thrown in Dhanda, and as would have been his first game, what other options were there? and no goals in this side? Well Ayew scores regularly. Lowe scored a screamer yesterday, and a typical one at that....also Gykores was inches away from a beautiful goal. Add to that the ability of Palmer and you'll see there are goalscorer. It's just getting them to bed in and deliver.

    I'm supporting my team. Gary of course has form to hate Cooper, the originator of 'Cooperball' he'll whip you up and pick up a few devotees on the way, but really Gary loves to slate the team more than any other poster, and that is being kind Gary.

    Anyway there are more important things than all of this. so enjoy lockdown look after those closest to you...and for goodness sake cheer up! 11 unbeaten away. We're building up to a push. Remember how exciting last season was? Think of the players who have to go out into empty stadiums each week and don't have us cheering them on. Try taking a breath now and then. See the overall picture. Give it a bit of time. I can't imagine what this forum will be like if we lose. I shudder to think. And one team has to each week unless points are shared. Even their manager thought the penalty was ridiculous

  • Can’t argue with your fanatical commitment and passion for all things Swans Pablo. It’s just that I have a different take on it. Yesterday’s match was an improvement on the Huddersfield and Coventry games but there needs to be an improvement if we are to beat Stoke. Clearly we need a 2 goal cushion to negate the inevitable penalty or escape of the offside trap rule that refs have in store for us when a Swans win is on the cards.

  • 'Remember how exciting last season was'. Well, actually I don't, but then my memory might be deceiving me. I recall probably no more than 4/5 games that pleased me. There were 20+ where our performance was extremely poor and certainly not exciting. In my visits to the Liberty and my journeys around the country, I can honestly say that I didn't speak to a single person who enjoyed the season as a whole.

  • Your obvious literary talents are wasted on here @Pablo. You should be using your time to write a novel. Probably of the fictional variety I would suggest.

  • Just seen the Lowe goal... outstanding fairplay. Nothings a given in the league and to get a point away at Bristol City is what I would have taken before the game... seek perfection by all means, but don’t moan if it doesn’t come... because rarely it does

  • ha ha Gardo, well call me the optimist but I saw a good performance against a fancied team for promotion and but for a terrible decision would have had the 3 points. there's always room for improvement but really we just need to rein this silly criticism a bit and enjoy what is going to be a quiet but increasingly fascinating season with a well balanced squad capable of automatic promotion once the team gels. Was encouraged by Gyokeres's performance, Bennett another solid display, Jamal Lowe beginning to show what he can do and in Ayew perhaps the outstanding player in the Championship. Pity we lost Gibbs-White but hopefully George or Kasey will be the creators of goals, because we have much more threat than last season where Brewster was our main man along with Andre of course

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