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Match Discussion: Swans v Sheffield Wednesday - Championship 2020/21



  • 5 mins injury time..

  • 5 mins injury time, come on we can still win this

  • good move, driving by Kasey good shot from Ayew tipped over by the keeper

  • Again good by Kasey and Routs. Last Corner

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    Goal for us disallowed 95th minute.

    1-1 FT

    Bennett MOTM.

    Dominated second half. Good changes from Cooper.

    Cardiff lose.

    Not a bad result in the end. SW very happy with a draw.

  • Really poor reffing, either a goal or a penalty but the ref gives them a freekick

  • 1-1 boy are we looking lacking in goals

  • Anybody swap grimes for Barry bannan different gravy!

  • I couldn't count how many times I've defended Grimes on here. The main reason we have just drawn at home to a very poor team is the little he did with the large amount of opportunity he had to do something creative.

  • Bannan would have killed us with the ball space and positions Grimes had

  • Jack

    That ref was crap all through. Their goalie gave 5mins stoppage time on his own ....what does the ref do....f**k all. Warns them (I think) about time wasting then does? Also great decision to give them a free kick at the end for........................?

  • Yup.

    He was poor tonight. Perhaps needs another rest.

    Shooting very poor, slow to distribute.

  • Shocking performance from Grimes - honestly believe he dragged us from a win to a draw. How many missed passes does it take to get subbed off ffs. Cullen and Lowe showed nothing first half but who can blame them with the service they were getting from midfield - Fulton must start!!! Palmer was pretty poor in CAM so the midfield three has to be Fulton & Smith with Dhanda in front of them.

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    Still no idea why the goal was disallowed.

    Handball by Andre?

    Woodman 7

    Cabango 7

    Bennett 9

    Naughton 7

    Roberts 7

    Smith 6

    Grimes 3

    Bidwell 6

    Dhanda 6

    Lowe 6

    Cullen 4

    Manning 7

    Ayew 9

    Routledge 5

    Palmer 7

  • I think the bigger question is why SC decided to keep Grimes on the pitch when he was having a shocker and had Fulton on the bench who has been very effective in recent games. Could he not see where it was going wrong ?

  • We were robbed a legitimate goal at the end. I can only guess that the ref saw it was the 95th minute and didn't want the hassle so blew for a foul. Literally seconds after he blew Palmer put it in the net.

    However we were poor and were fortunate to come away with a point in the end. Just a bit of Ayew brilliance got the point.

    Grimes and Smith were woeful. Fulton must be scratching his head wondering how he's left out for those two...

  • Seems you saw how Grimes "played" except Cooper. Not for the first time poor selections and not much better with subs. He has never inspired me.

  • Don't usually give scores as I appreciate everyone can have an off day and playing football at that level is hard physically and mentally. But some performances were so poor

    Woodman 6, Cabango 5, Bennett 7, Bidwell 6, Naughton 6, Manning 3 (was a sub but didn't see him touch the ball in 30 mins - am I right), Grimes 3, Smith 3, Dhanda 4, Palmer 5, Lowe 3 (how bad was he. He needs a break his confidence looks rock bottom), Routledge 6, Ayew 8, Cullen 4, Roberts 5

  • I think people being a bit harsh on here.

    Teams like Rotherham and Sheff W come here to defend and would be very happy with a point. These teams (especially a Pullis team) are never going to simply roll over.

    Four point from those two games is not a disaster.

    Still in fourth place but we're never going to make the top two without a top class striker.

  • Poor though he was, scapegoating Grimes really misses the point. We were collectively very poor, especially after the equalizer. Rather than asserting our footballing credentials we just played at a very low tempo, starting from the back. Two three, touch football, played at walking space. A travesty of the Swansea Way non-negotiables, one-touch, close-passing football, played at tempo. I guess Cooper will be content with things mind, because, apart from the set-piece goal, we were organised and worked hard out of possession.

    Perhaps people are focussing on Grimes because we know he's got more quality than he showed tonight, but I didn't see anything in the performances of the likes of Bennett, Cabango, Smith and Bidwell that justifies focussing exclusively on Grimes. Our recent permanent signings are all mediocre, at best, at those elements that have defined our identity. Tonight exposed that.

    Out of possession we're great, in possession we're bang average. And the stats back that up.

  • "Rather than asserting our footballing credentials we just played at a very low tempo, starting from the back. Two three, touch football, played at walking space. A travesty of the Swansea Way non-negotiables, one-touch, close-passing football, played at tempo".

    All that starts with Grimes. He sets the pace/rhythm

  • Wyn

    Last sentence there bang on the money.

  • Blaming the pitch, the referee, wrong substitutions while all along we were pedestrian, clueless and flat footed when conceding a set piece.

    Our opponents had an experienced leader whose formation script and game plan would be no different to the way he set his team out ten years ago. Players behind the ball, quick breaks out wide and through the middle to support their lone striker coupled with very little room in midfield for their opponents to attack the penalty area.

    Yet while matches are coming thick and fast, probably the most disturbing feature of Cooper's team selections is not giving opportunities to new signings like Manning and Latibeaudiere who warranted three year contracts!

  • Strong stuff from SC and if he did communicate his concerns before the match, it has more credibility. I'm assuming SC doesnt contact the FA before every match about the ref!

    I've looked at the goal incident a number of times without any glasses, rose-tinted or otherwise, and I still can't see what he blew up for. It certainly couldnt have been a foul on the keeper.

    Having said that we were poor and showed our lack of goalscoring ability. We really didnt create any chances in the first half and were slow in thought and action.

    The subs made a real difference, Palmer took chances driving with the ball and risking a number of very good through balls. Dhanda played better in our change of formation for the second half, Routs threatened and was the only player who got to the byeline. Manning wasnt used well by our midfield because of poor passing.

    And Ayew what can you say where would we be without his goals but he can't do it all on his own, we desperately need a real goalscoring alongside him and we need it soon. Liam isnt ready, Jamal is going to take time, but I like his attitude. We have to give Gyokeres a run as soon as he is fit.

    Finally teams are preparing for us at home, as they know we are struggling to score, If they can defend well, they will stay in the match and have a few opportunities themselves.

    We need to consider switching between the 3-4-1-2 and the 4-2-3-1 especially at home, as teams are now less prepared for it against us and as a result we look more in control in the midfield and more dangerous.

    Well done to SC with the formation change and subs last night, it got us out of jail and should have been enough just to get the win

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