Match Discussion: Rotherham United v Swans - Championship 2020/21



  • If ever there was a time to hook Andre and gibve Morris some minutes it is now.

    Andre is a red card possibility and is not really influencing the game. He should be resting up for Norwich. I would also like to see Manning get some deserved playing time either at wing back or in the midfield.

    Rotherham have made it scrappy but there were two moments of the highest quality to put us in control.

    Come on Wycombe!!

  • Thanks for the updates boys (mostly Jack Raven.)

    Having dinner at the in-laws 😏 so not able to watch today.

  • Of the marginal teams - Brizzle are losing and Stoke down to 10. Cardiff slipping nearer the relegation pack 😎

    Praying for Wycombe to grind something out and this could be a VERY good day.

  • That depends on perspective. Away from home we have been organised, defended really well with our keeper not having a save to make and been clinical when opportunities presented. We've created better chances than they have and scored 2 goals from it

  • @Jackareme

    Yes I agree bring off Andre, as he is one a yellow and they wont know how to defend against Morris.

    I'd give Yan another 20 mins max as well as his decision making is off today and he isnt playing central enough

  • @Big_sue in fairness to @chatz he was talking about the first 20 mins when we were very poor in possession. Goals change games and we were better after we scored - so your analysis is accurate overall.

  • @DenmarkJack

    No problem thats why I do it, for posters who cant see the match.

  • @Jackareme it wasn't great possession based football, but overall we were organised, defended well and set a platform for the goals when the chances presented, I wouldn't argue its a vintage performance but I also wouldn't consider it a poor performance, just my opinion

  • @Big_sue

    If you saw the first 20 mins our passing was slow and inaccurate. We cant afford to do that against better teams.

  • we go again


  • We need to hook Andre off now, that was a yellow card challenge. He is going to get send off if he continues like that.

  • @JackRaven I've watched the full game, agree the passing wasn't great in the first 20 for the most part, but I wouldn't say it was a poor performance either. Anyway fortunately the game isn't decided on 29 minutes and the rest of the half was much more promising, let's hope the 2nd half continues along the same

  • Andre needs to move the ball quicker he is slowing down our attack

  • @Big_sue

    We can't afford to not be focussed but agree the rest of the half was better, and lets hope more in the second half

  • Guehi solid as a rock again

  • edited January 30

    Andre doesnt seem interested in some of his movement

  • Great tackle again by Guehi

  • Given his yellow card it would be good to see Morris on in his place early

  • @Big_sue

    Agreed I'd sub Andre and Yan on 60 mins

  • Poor pass again by Yan, we were fortunate there.

  • Another great tackle from Guehi, come on Sc get the subs on, Morris and Jay

  • BobBob
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    So many times the ball could be taken under control rather than headed aimlessly forwards or booted upfield. There has to be a combination of old possession based Swansea and new getting the ball forwards quickly Swansea.

  • I have said it b4, this Yan should not b playing full game, slows play up, ppl argue on here that he does not slow it. He does.

  • Yan needs to be subs now before he costs us a goal, Andre before he gets a second yellow.

  • Dear god alive .... ffs

  • Nice move, great play from Lowe, and Connor. Yan heading out to the wing again

  • 1-2 has been coming, SC's mistake for not making the subs that need to be made. take Yan and Andre off before we completely mess up this match.

  • Looked like a push on Bennet but poor goal to concede

  • We have been sitting back this half and giving them chances.

    There is no press and Yan and Andre might as well not be on the pitch

  • Say no more, here we go again, cruising first half, not turned up 2nd half, bring the subs on COOPER FFS. b4 we lose this.

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