Match Discussion: Swans v Norwich City - Championship 2020/21



  • Shout outs for Naughton, often underrated but always solid and professional; Fulton, still playing the “Swansea Way” and for Ayew - works his feckin socks off!

  • Very professional performance! Getting that premier buzz!!

  • What pi**ed me off tonight was the sky commentator going on about our Steve cleaning boots at Wrexham but not a mention about him leading Engeeerrrland to their world cup win since 1966

  • Brilliant performance , what a goal by Conor ,

    2 nil has predicted , a walk in in the park .

  • Great result and two more left footed goals. Incase someone’s counting 😂😂😂

  • What a great pass by Fulton for Hourihaine

  • Hi bob, I totally agree

  • That was a great performance as @garythenotrashcougar it never looked like Norwich were going to score.

    Also a nailed on penalty which only the ref knows why he didn't give it.

    We are in really good form at the moment and long may it continue.

    Hourihane has added some real class to midfield and now we have real class & experience right down the spine with Bennett, Hourihane & Ayew (those wanting to see Ayew dropped must me crazy as he is for me undroppable).

    A shout out to Grimes (I have been a critic of his) who has been excellent of late.

    Also Jay Fulton who for me is player of the season so far

  • Excellent stuff all round.

    Since Hourihane has joined us he's had 3 shots. 3 goals. Baller.

  • I have been calling for Ayew to be rested, as he has looked jaded and off it.

    Not tonight. He was magnificent.

    1-11 they were so on it. Bennett brings nous, and organisation to that back line. Hourihane too.

    But Jay Fulton has come of age this season. He's been top drawer when he's played. Testament to Cooper's coaching.

  • Outstanding, brilliant, fantastic. The only thing that was missing from that excellent performance was the third goal which should have come courtesy of the ref blowing up for a penalty on Morris. The clash promised much and delivered in spades. At times I had to remind myself that it wasn’t a Premier League game such was the quality of the two teams. It’s getting very interesting for us at the top. Next up Man City (albeit not in the league) and little bit of unfinished business. COYS.

  • Sorry Chris no one is undroppable.Andre has been fantastic but anyone with any football brain can see he’s either carrying an injury or he’s just fatigued, because he’s a shadow of the player he was before Xmas.let’s give it a go

  • Fulton my MoM - looking one of the best box to box midfielders in the division. But hare to pick from 12 heroes - that was fatnastic!

  • I couldn’t agree more jackareme but he’s also a nice touch player always looking to be positive and that’s why he’s an attacking player and not a defensive midfielder.grimes is the holding midfielder Fulton the link man nouraghane the attacking midfielder today they. All complimented each other.I’m not going to lie Norwich football was much more slicker than us, but but but, you take Cantrell and puki out of that side and they’re bang average. A bit like taken Stan and Ollie out of our squad!

  • bet you feel a bit foolish now. Luckily his manager doesn't think so

  • goes against your prejudice that's all. Shows something about the anti Ayew mob. you're all wrong.

  • jeez that stuff you're drinking is rotting your brain!😉

  • and not so long ago there was a consensus on here that he wasn't even fit for the championship!

  • Great win and more importantly for me, a lot better performance after Brentford, which left me feeling a bit concerned.

    Ive been on here a few years ago and was critical of Fulton. I really did not rate him but now I’m so impressed by him.

    He gives us that energy around the pitch that is vital for our pressing game. I really think he’s become vital.

    Have a good weekend everyone.

  • edited February 6

    I regularly give praise where it's due Pablo but you only choose to see it when it suits your agenda.

    I can see you've had a pop at several posters about Ayew as well - there's no need for it, people are allowed an opinion.

    Especially no need for it when we've won 2-0, played brilliantly and put ourselves in a position to go top if we win our game in hand. Yet you're still trying to score points. Beggars belief to be honest.

  • morning all, great result as was the performance well done one and all, now we look forward, was in full agreement with Mr Cooper when asked in the after game prsssi one game at a time, there are 19 games still to go with a few downs as well as ups to come a fab win against the leaders yes ( i dont like them) but a hell of a lot of hard hard work ahead., NO easy games and every team we play will be trying to take SWANSEA down so keep up the very good work keep your feet on the ground (supporters as well) enjoy the moment and move on to citay

    Stay safe EVERY ONE

  • It’s amazing g how a win like last night sets you up for the weekend. No nerves for a match for us today... big smiles on my face... and planning to getting soaking wet as I run and no doubt still smiling. Have a great weekend all

  • I understand it was Kyle Naughton's 200th game for us--what a fine player and great servant he is.

    What a shame we didn't put a third on Norwich on the break in the second half, or with what looked like a genuine penalty.Would really have rammed home the win.

  • Sorry pabs but I thought apart from his goal Andre was anonamyous.when you look how cantwell played he’s their talisman and looked dangerous every time he got on the ball.I haven’t seen that with Andre last few games.I think he’s looked sluggish just my observation

  • I've finally twigged what SC is about

    Brian Clough said his Forest team was about having "good habits"

    SC team is all about good habits - working hard tracking back, making no-nonsense decisions over and over again

    Non negotiables and a bit more

  • he wasn't anonymous and I'm glad SC showed his appreciation of his contribution by hugging him at the end. It was a great TEAM performance, why is it necessary to single out one player? That's my opinion. You can disagree but so can I, and I don't need an agenda. but if people get off on piling in, be my guest. I see a senior player giving his all for the cause. Seems like people would prefer to disrupt the good vibes that the whole team exudes.

  • he wasn't fit. as in, he didn't appear to be physically fit for the Championship. He'd be blowing in most games he started by 60 mins, IMO, and was often the 1st played subbed.

    So I dont know what he has done during the lockdown from March to August, but he looks full of running at the end of games now.

    The obvious inference is that the pubs have been shut. But I've never heard any stories of him being some kind of party animal, on the lash all of the time. And he generally seems like a quiet lad. So it is very hard to see it being that.

    As a player, Jay has always has a good pass in him. Decent tackler. Good in the air. And has the ability to score good goals. He could and should score more.

    Where he has fallen down is a lack of pace - especially in the recovery/transition from attack to defence. And the stamina issue I have mentioned above.

    But he has started 17 games this season, and played 90 mins in 13 of those games. 1 @ 84 mins. 1 @ 60 mins. and subbed twice at half time.

    Under Potter he only finished half the games he started.

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