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Match Discussion: Brentford v Swans - Championship Play-Off Final 2020/21



  • 1000 extra tickets for sale to season ticket holders

  • Swansea City is pleased to announce that there will be an additional 1,000 tickets available for the Championship play-off final at Wembley.

    The Swans take on Brentford this coming Saturday (3pm) with a place in the Premier League up for grabs.

    Following the initial allocation, both clubs have now been given an extra 1,000 tickets as part of an NHS trial. There is an additional step required for fans who purchase for these tickets. Please read the story to learn what this is.

    We are pleased to announce that all fans unsuccessful in the first ballot will now be successful and have a ticket for Wembley. We are in the process of sending email confirmation to all of these fans - you can check your Ticketmaster account history to see this detail ahead of the email.

    The remaining additional tickets are now on sale for ALL 2020-21 season ticket holders and ALL 2021-22 season ticket holders.

  • tickets all gone now.

  • Brentford fan here wanting to offer an opinion from the other side. I know some forums don’t want/allow this so feel free to delete if that’s the case

    Been strange the ‘rivalry’ that’s ignited between the two clubs over the last 18 months or so, driven through proximity (feisty play off encounter last year, both competing closely for second this year and an incident at a brentford pub) and, in my opinion will fade again in the near future and Brentford and Swansea will only get a rare and fleeting thought or mention on both teams forums (as has been the case for all the previous years).

    To the game on Saturday, lots of our fans are confident because we’ve actually come in to a play off campaign in some half decent form compared to our previous 9 failed attempts but a lot of that is is trying to convince ourselves we’re confident... you don’t fail nine times in a row and not get some sort of complex as a fan base.

    The reality is it could go either way and that’s what makes the championship play off final such a great watch for neutrals and torture for those involved.

    I believe we have the slightly better all round team whilst you have a solid defence and one or two very talented individuals who can create something from nothing. But the difference on both (team and individual comparisons) are very marginal and the winner could be decided by whichever manager gets their selection and tactics right; whichever team has a player that produces a moment of magic or a big mistake; or could just be a lucky moment or dodgy refereeing decision.

    One thing I think is pretty certain is that this will be a tight game and both sets of supporters will be nervous and stressed right until the end.

    I hope those of us lucky enough to be at the game, from both sides, have a great day just enjoying being back in a football stadium, back with mates and back enjoying the whole experience and anticipation of the trains and pubs beforehand through to the post match celebrations or post mittens afterwards!

    No intention to come on here and ‘troll’ or have arguments, genuinely interested in discussion with other fans.

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  • A much more articulate and erudite posting than much of what I've seen on the Griffin Park Grapevine recently ("3-0. Batter the sheep shagging c....", being one charming example), so I appreciated the post, PlayOffDrama.

    Truth be told (geddit?), you probably phrased it better than I could, so here's hoping that Saturday's game is a safe occasion for all attending, for a myriad of reasons.

    Personally, because I didn't manage to get a ticket, I feel less stressed about the game, especially financially.

  • Are you sure you’re a Brentford fan?😊 Seriously though a great post. Very balanced and well thought out. I can’t wish you good luck for obvious reasons but I offer a virtual shake of the hand and these words. May the best team win.

  • Definitely a Brentford fan, man and boy, as they say. Wouldn’t want to be wished good luck, the tribal element of football (assuming it doesn’t go to far and spill in to violence, racism etc obviously) is one of the things that makes it so unique as a sport.

    In my opinion, a football day should play out as follows;

    • Pre match both sets of fans in a pub on their own (Either mixed or separate) having a good drink and lots of songs
    • During the match you wish nothing but ‘ills’ on the opposition, chant at each other and berate the opposition players, coaches and fans
    • Post match everyone mixes in the pub and you have a beer with the opposition debating and discussing the match with no animosity. After all fans of clubs like ours (not as different as some fans of both clubs would like to believe) have so much more in common with each other than Man Utd fans living in Surrey or Liverpool fans in Pembrokeshire who have never seen a match that wasn’t on the tv.
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  • I agree wholeheartedly with your opinion on the pre/during/post match behaviour PlayOffDrama. You definitely set a good example of what it means to be a fan of your boyhood club/team.

  • We've been here before. Nice memory from Brendan. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57269704.

  • If both teams play to their full potential and are on top of their game, then I think Brentford will win this one - they've played some very good dominant stuff all season. But, it will be a completely different match to either of the semi's and I can see a more open match with Brentford allowing us to play a bit and this will suit us. And, as our Brentford friend recognised, we capable of grinding out a 1-0 with an inspirational moment from Ayew, Lowe or Roberts.

    If Brentford win the match, I'd say they completely deserved to get promoted.

    If we win it, I'm not sure many people will say the same, unless we completely outplay them on the day.

  • the season comes down to this one game as we all know, not an easy call and as others above have said ,we CAN do it but the opposition could do it as well as they seem to have more fire power up front, my heart is saying Swans my head brentford , its a one off game so hope am totally wrong but the papers going for brentford just hope we put on a great show, 100 p c effort from EVERY guy NO passengers 120 pc concentration and who knows COYS

  • Good luck to all fans lucky enough to get a ticket. Enjoy your day and make loads of noise. Stay safe everyone, this could again be our day.

  • The enormity, the magnitude of the Wembley final win in 2011 is perfectly illustrated in that BBC Spirt article. You really do get a sense of the camaraderie, the fighting spirit and belief of all concerned at the time. Sadly the ethos of “for the fans by the fans” is absent this time round to gather around but there’s no denying the fighting spirit and belief of this current team. At 3pm tomorrow it will be time to gather around and cheer and support to the hilt the players for what promises to be a barnstorming final. COYS.

  • Let’s hope our fourth visit to Wembley in the last ten years keeps our unbeaten visits there as unbeaten tomorrow

  • Remind me Enaitch

    2011 Play off final

    2013 League Cup final

    2021 play off final

    .....what was the fourth?

  • That day was the second time that the Swans brought me to tears,the other being the First Division promotion win at Preston.

    I wasn't at either game and won't be tomorrow,but with luck it will happen again✌️

  • Yes we played Spurs there and drew 0-0 in the league while White Heart lane was being re built πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • @enaitch

    Like that , very good .😁

  • Very good @enaitch !

    From what I recall we basically camped in our own box for 90 minutes, rode our luck, and nicked a 0-0.

    Wouldn't be at all surprised if tomorrow pans out the same way and we win on pens!

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    You know everything there is to know about about being a rediculous fan.

    Sadly like all radicals it ensures you support the moment, rather than the club for the long term.

    SC has done very well, but the apotheosis of all football managers he isnt....yet. Who knows what he can become, but there have been clear mistakes this season and to ignore them is to ensure failure.

    Best a discussion for another time after Saturday.

    I hope SC succeeds tomorrow but even if he does he will need to be brave enough to change.

  • Congrats and shout for all of us who havent been successful

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    Congrats Deekay, make the extra sound count we need to outperform the Brentford fans tomorrow, just as the team needs to do the same on the pitch

  • we did very well with the playoffs in 2011

    a broad generalisation would be their attack versus our defence

    they can blow hot and cold though

    when they are good they can be very good, like they were down here last 2 seasons

    but last season they lost at home to Barnsley last game and their automatic promotion with it

    so there is a question mark about how they handle pressure

    their semi turned on a penalty that wasn't and a deflected looping shot

    VAR would have said no pen

    That said I could see them doing well in the PL - by which I mean staying up if they got promoted say this time next year

    I think this game will turn on who scores first

  • Hopefully the concern will be us staying up in the PL

  • Brentford wont stay up with that defence.

    They'd need a complete overhaul at CB for a start.

    Need at least 1 new wingback, and that's if they keep hold of Rico Henry.

    And I dare say there will be people coming after Toney, whether they go up or not.

  • A bit of useless info ... not sure but wearing the blue pinky away kit think we’ve only lost to Newport in the cup at beginning of the season ... not sure what they wore away at Watford πŸ˜‚.. could be a lucky kit

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