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  • Morning one and all, should it be Mr Eustace am hoping the owners/ board do give him a bit of support to bring in what is clearly needed , but, whilst i hope i am wrong , will not be getting the type of young players we have seen in the past 2 yrs being allowed to come here.

    Having said that of course he has knowledge of non league players.

    Again if it is this guy show what ambition the owners seem to have

  • Lots say the owners don't have ambition, but wasn't it only last season that Jake Silverstien came in with £10m (or was it £5m)? to be match at a later date by the current shareholders, this may have only carried us through the pandemic but we are in a reasonably healthy state.

    Now those monies are not massive and will only give us sustainability yet some would want the club to go shit or bust.

    As for rumours, I heard John Eustace was in the frame, Appleton was number one until he took time out for illness, I've also been told that Jody Morris is highly thought of.

  • I have always thought karl Robinson of Oxford was a good coach , did well with M K Don's ,

    His teamsplaygood football , used to managing on on a low budget.

  • John Eustace is no 2 to Mark Warburton who only a few short years ago was on a shortlist for a job with us because he liked the way Swansea played football...the Swansea Way. If it is Eustace I say give him a go. There is nothing to lose really. He may also have better contacts in the game than SC had.

  • (Just noticed this thread as accidentally posted on the transfer one)

    Why not Eustace? Whilst at Kidderminster they became known as the non-league Barcelona. Isn’t that what we’ve all been clamouring for? A return to the beautiful game, being everyone’s favourite second team. Buck, Roberto relatively unknowns who transformed the way we played and gave us years of joy. Neither spent much either. Think Pratley, Britton, Bodde, Dobbie even Sinclair who cost £800,000 from memory (huge for us then). Everyone else less than £100,000 or even free. I like the look of this if true. You can’t judge him on 7 games at QPR. Roberto didn’t change our whole ethos overnight. It took at least a season and year on year clever recruitment of people to fit the style and system. If he joins give him a chance. I actually think he’s far more interesting and points more to the way we all want us to play than the others on the list.

  • Osian Roberts has just left Morocco. I wonder!!

  • Where did the so called 5M or 10M go, it certainly hasn't gone into the football club.

    So if its bought shares, its gone to the owners.

    There have been a total of 31 others who have all bought shares, no one knows what proportion of shares or for how much.

    None of these millions have gone into the football club.

    Before he was even mentioned, we were showing a profit of 3M, this did not include the latest parachute 15.5M and the sales of Rodon 11M Celina 2.7M.

    So we know total wages last year was 15M, which should see us going into this season with enough to cover wages i.e. 16.7M this does not include season tickets sales.

    An investment in the football team comes from buying players, not off setting share sales into pockets of owners.

    There has been No investment from these owners in 5 years just loads of shady exchanges of shares.

    NB 15M is Total wages.

    Any further sales will not go into the club and will be set against the next years trading keeping the books looking as small loss or small profit.

    Complete and utter mercenaries not football supporting owners

  • Barmy stuff as always, Phillip. Completely divorced from reality.

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    Well we need to be careful. The question for me is 'Why Eustace?'.

    Well he will be cheap, no compensation, first manager role, not a high salary and there is some indication that he is prepared to work with younger players. So he hits all the Club's major interests.

    However for me the main criteria is the style of play. The club is very vague on this and frankly it feels to me like its about 42 on their priority order. Who is going to interviewing him with the capability of assessing his true style, never mind if what they want is even close to what the fans actually want. If this forum is at all reflective of the fans, then it clearly isnt just about results except for a minority, perhaps a big minority, but still a minority.

    So what can we glean from John Eustace's track record. Well he clearly did very well at Kidderminister Harries:

    Played 103

    Won 55

    Drawn 21

    Lost 27

    That's pretty good and stands up well. There is also some articles, suggesting the style was 'easy on the eye', and 'open and expansive'. I havent seen the Barcelona comparisons, and at 1.8 points per match it is a bit of a stretch. Perhaps Barcelona style for the leagues they were playing in.

    At QPR its harder to assess and some of the information concerns me.

    He only had seven matches and had to prevent relegation. He did that so he can cope with pressure and clearly can be pragmatic to get results. ( A good but slightly worrying capability in the current situation.)

    However only 7 points from 7 Matches (W2, D1 L4) with 7 goals scored and 7 goals conceded. Not great except it was an environment just to stop relegation and did he have the players at his disposal to play a different way?

    In the matches the formations were either 4-4-1-1, 4-4-2, or 4-1-4-1 the possession and pass success rate only got to 50% possession in one match I believe and pass success did hit 70% once. I'm not feeling the possession passing game here.

    However some will say well he did beat us 4-0. That is true, but how much should we attribute to that one success just because it was against us. Especially as GP had been found out defensively at that time. Good to Eustace for getting the result but not a decider imo.

    So I am certainly not anti- Eustace, he seems to have a good eye for details and we will never really know until he gets the chance to manage somewhere.

    My concern and priority is we need the new manager to bring back the passing style if we are even to get promoted (now or in the future) therefore we need to be very certain this time.

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    Well if true at least the club moved quickly and clrearly had a plan. I just hope this time there is a real commitment to the passing game and not some form of 4-4-2 variant for the formation.

  • The"non league Barcelona.... got to be better than cooperball . Hope so anyway

  • Anyway he's bound to be the new messiah as the title of this thread is the new Manger 😂

  • I wrote some time ago when Appleton was linked with the job that if he was appointed I would be underwhelmed, I have the same feeling with Eustace.

    However, that does not mean it won't be a good appointment it's more a reflection on how far we have fallen in the past 5 years (i.e since the current owners took control).

    My concern is the lack of managerial experience that Eustace has had and a couple of seasons at Kidderminster in the national league north (even if he did OK) is not the kind of experience I would be looking for.

    However I do appreciate that he has had a decent playing career at the Championship level (with a bit of premier league thrown in at the beginning) which also included being captain at some clubs, so he has football experience and maybe just need the opportunity as a No 1. Add to that his role as assistant manager at QPR who have made small improvements in the last 2 seasons (nothing spectacular mind) and it's difficult to know how much influence Eustace had at QPR.

    It's also refreshing that we seem to be making the appointment quickly (kudos to Winter and Cooper for providing some continuity these past 2 weeks).

    If Eustace gets the gig, I hope that he does improve the style of play and it will be interesting to see if he can achieve that and maintain the results that Cooper achieved (no mean feat).

  • @Chris_Sharman

    Hopefully it doesnt have to be an either/or. I hope he will bring the passing style back and be successful.

    I must admit I will need to be convinced about the style, so I hope @Mark_Jack_London 's contacts at QPR are right.

    If I start hearing '...well he got the result so the performance doesnt matter..', then I will not be supportive, both matter and in the long run imo the club will be better getting back to playing the passing game because the results will come.

  • I actually like the profile of Eustace (and by the way Osian Roberts too). Both are young and ambitious - like to play football and will be busting a gut to take this big opportunity.

    Of course the track record is missing - so we are rolling the dice..BUT Roberto and Brendan had no successful track record either.

    The other thing that concerns me is our little black book of young talent and the trust of the big clubs in sending their best talent here may be reduced.

    At least I believe we will see the swans passing the ball with a purpose - and we do have players (still) that are suited to that approach.

  • The club (ie owners and exec leadership) said they wanted to move away from Cooper's prefered model of depending on loan players from EPL clubs a while ago. It was nice to have players like Guehi but it came at too high a price and wasn't sustainable.

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    I hope the idea is to portray the club as the instigator of giving young players opportunities not the manager. So its not GP or SC or JE who gives young loanees playing time, it is the club ethos and the manager is chosen only if that is one of the criteria that he fits. So Young players and clubs see that.

    So the club gains the continuity, a sound approach. I hope it works and there is a commitment to it.

    It should give us the chance to build with mostly our own young players, but with some good loanees.

    We will then need when we do sell players (it will probably be one or two per year) to make sure we dont undervalue them and leave money on the table. I'm talking to you Mr Winter.

    Having said that if we sign our new manager today that will be a demonstration of being better run in transition.

  • I will judge Eustace (or whoever it ends up being) on what I see in front of me - not on soundbites, not on where he did his badges, not on his track record (or lack of).

    Let's not forget 2 years ago Cooper turned up with his PowerPoint and played a blinder, telling Birch and Leon exactly what they wanted to hear. In reality, what we got served up was just a slightly watered-down version of Allardyce/Pulis/McCarthy.

    It won't take long to work out what the new guy's core principles are, you only need half a dozen to a dozen games to get a good feel. By October we will know.

  • Circling back to @JackRaven and his comments re Mr Winter - he actually has a crucial part to play in our future which extends beyond talking up transfer fees.

    In fairness - he is not the communicator that his predecessor was - but he has exceeded my expectations with some of the moves that he has made and his general approach.

    If we are (and we should) building a model around young players, developing our own talent and selling strategically to invest in the next generation - then the contractual work to underpin this is essential.

    He needs to work with the Academy, first team coach and recruitment to ensure that we have our best and highest potential talent are very firmly tied down - this includes BOTH the first team AND the Academy age grades.

    Winter can make millions for our club by ensuring the NOBODY walks away for free - and that next to nobody get into the last year of the contract (Grimes and Connor) where we are forced to put up the discount stickers.

    From now on the only players who run down their contracts at the Swans are the ones who have no resale value OR we are happy we can replace at equal cost for the same/better quality.

    Needless to say we need to also keep meddling Americans out of the playing side of the game - and again we rely on Mr Winter to be the buffer.

    In fairness (for the most part) I think he is doing a decent job and he is vital to our future success.

  • @Jackareme

    I agree thats why we need there to be an expectation that ideally 2/3 players will progress each year from the u23s into the squad and then on to get playing time for the first team. It is the best way to enhance their value even if not all of them are successful here in the end.

    Then when they have accumulated experience we need to sell them for real money depending on their ability, instead of not getting value from the transfer.

  • In fairness to Cooper he wanted to get away from loans and talked about reducing the amount season by season until we either sign just one at the most or even none at all.

  • He mentioned that a few times , wanted to sign not bring in loan players .

    He started with Joel Lataboudio , Morgan Whittaker now the 3 this summer ,

  • I think one loan player is about right - BUT absolute top quality and in a key position (as required) GK AM CF.

  • Cooper also told Leon, King Curt and Birch that he wanted to play an open attractive brand of football 🤣🤣

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    When John Eustace was mentioned as being in the frame for the manager's job two years ago, I thought that it may have been due to Trevor Birch's football connections in London. From some of the articles online at the time he seemed to have a good reputation in the game, with references to his leadership qualities, work done at Kidderminster and in doing his coaching badges. Since then he's worked alongside a pretty shrewd and experienced operator in Mark Warburton.

    Opting for Assistant Manager roles (he was also at Derby with Steve McClaren) after being No1 at Kidderminster Harriers is interesting. Perhaps he recognised a need to deepen his knowledge and experience in management by working with more experienced coaches, before resuming his career as No1 at a club again. Whatever the reason, I'm sure he has benefited from that.

    The fact he's also played at Championship and Premier League level is a bonus.

    All appointments are a risk, but given his profile I would certainly support the Board's decision in appointing him as the new Swans Manager.

  • One of the important things is the backroom staff he appoints , I presume Mike Marsh will go , Alan Tate stays , will Martin Margetson stay , will the Analysis guys go ?

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    Yes, in my view Colin.

    It takes longer to work out whether or not a manager will be successful playing his preferred style, of course.

    But I believe that the fundamentals - belief in ball retention, preferred tempo, playing through the lines (or not), defensive setup etc - are pretty easy to discern from a small number of games.

    Apart from Bob Bradley of course - I was none the wiser what he was all about on the day he left, than I was on day one! 😄

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