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Summer Transfer Window 2021



  • Sounds like there is what amounts to a final attempt to get Matt Grimes to sign a contract on Tuesday.

    If it isnt signed then presumably Matt is hoping for a late window transfer or holding out to be a free agent next year

  • I hope when we are looking for new players we get one who is good at free kicks, corners and penalties.

    Something we are lacking atm.

  • What’s big mamma doing these days that’s the kind of striker we need big mama sidibie

  • I am all for Akinfenwa lmao

  • Ignore the quoted post. Butter fingers on the buttons at the bottom of the post.

    What we need JR is someone who is also good at putting pen to paper.

  • Preston seem to be on the verge of signing Wickham and Garner to Forest either done or about to be

  • Garner to Forest is indeed done

    Not sure how interested we were

    Not aware we were after Wickham, good forward at this level when fit though

  • Don’t think we were but he is available on a free and as you say if fit is a handful

  • Is he technically good enough to play the RM way?

    And how much of a fitness risk is he?

    I'd give this a firm No as a signing..

  • So, what are those posters with sources inside the club hearing about Grimes' contract?

    Martin has said he would like Grimes to stay. Is that true?

    The club have tabled a new offer. Is it a serious one, or just PR to keep the supporters off their backs?

    Grimes has so far declined to sign a new contract. Is he holding out for a better offer from the club or is he intent on leaving?

    And what's this about a Tuesday deadline? If he still refuses to sign, will we marketing him to other clubs in what remains of the window in order to recover at least something from his contract - or will we accept the hit and let him go for free in the summer, calculating that it's worth it to have his services for the remainder of this season?

  • If the amounts quoted for Grimes are true - then IMO this is a no brainer - he stays. He is so central to what we do.

    The bold would be to shell out on extending his contract with a promise that he can leave next summer if we are not at the top level.

  • So reported that Sheffield Utd looking to off ood Brewster …. Good luck trying to get money back on what they paid. Could never understand them playing him wide against us… also trying to off load Burke… become bit of a journey man

  • I’d take both them on loan but I dought we could afford their wages

  • I’d take McBurnie if they are looking to offload some players…

  • Cardiff Metropolis will be sorry to see him go - but he is an excellent canopy! 😎

  • As long as MGW doesn’t go in the opposite direction

  • Middlesbrough looking at Joe Bennett to improve options for left back , hopefully Jake will stay .

  • Middlesbrough value Jake Bidwell at 120 grand swans want around 450 grand for him

  • Well we got Jake on a free

    If we don't get a fee we like, he can run his contract down and everyone is happy

  • One player I’d love to see in this set up is MGW in the 10 role. I can’t see it happening anytime soon but he would improve us massively and Piroe would thrive with him in behind

  • Couldn’t agree more chatz we’re crying out for that sort of player someone who can twist and turn in the box drop his shoulder play people in all the good teams got one elias chair buendia,benramha those types of players maybe we should be sending our scouts to Morocco and Algeria.

  • MGW seems to be in Wolves matchday squad now so don't think he's going out on loan now

  • Can't see us paying his wages to be honest

  • MGW scored last night for Wolves away at Forest looking forward to the rest of the season at Wolves he says in the after match interview .

  • Reports that Jack Whilsher offered to half a dozen championship sides without a taker due to his wage demands. Reported we were one that turned him down… what a fall from Grace.. decent footballer when fit

  • Another sicknote.

  • If he’s asking for anything like what he was getting at West Ham (110k) then he may as well retire right now.

    You gotta earn that kind of wage, and nothing he’s done in the last half a decade has shown he’s worth that.

  • Shame,the guy took us apart at the Liberty not so long ago.

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