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Wayne Routledge

Wayne has retired. Good luck, hope the club can use you in some way. YJB

It’s time… Retirement is a strange word, when all you know is this! It’s made me who I am today.

Thank you all! WR https://instagram.com/p/CU5XjgbIgHU



  • Good article, top player

  • Farewell to one of my favourite players , found his home playing for the Swans , one of most technically gifted we have seen , good professional looked after himself a pleasure to watch .

    My highlights of Wayne's goals .

    The first he scored against Villa I was there

    The volley against West Brom which showed how good his technique was

    The first goal from a through ball from Pablo in the 3 nil win against Cardiff .

    Hopefully Wayne continues his involvement in football , his knowledge would be invaluable.

  • Tons of talent and ability and a hard worker.

    I'm so glad we found him and he found us.

    It was a perfect match and I hope we will see more in him in whatever capacity suits him and the Club.

    A Swans Legend and true YJB.

  • Noticed on one thread the suggestion of a "testimonial" for him & Nathan together, maybe oldies (Michu/Chico etc) managed by Laudrup vs present squad. That would be fun!

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