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Taxi for Nuno

Lots of stories that Spurs are discussing sacking Nuno Espirito Santo.

God knows who'd they be able to get, when you consider how long it took them to get him in!

Maybe Rodon will get a game if a new man is brought in.


  • I thought he would have done a good job , the players don't look happy .

    Harry Kane should have gone in the summer doesn't look as if he wants to be there .

    Workrate of the team very poor , players not performing , something wrong there .

  • Ryan Mason as caretaker again and he didn't put Joe in matchday squads last time so Joe's going to be out on loan in January I think

    Do we need him?

    Probably not as much as another striker maybe

  • Won't be down to Mason, looks like Conté will be confirmed today or tomorrow.

    If Rodon is sidelined yet again by another manager - especially one as intelligent as Conté, then I think that will be a sign Rodon is punching above his weight and needs to move down a level to a club with less competition. Hopefully Rodon can find his feet under this new management.

  • Given a run of games Rodon will have a good chance Jose Mourinho rated him highly .

  • What a surprise in the Premier League , 5 sackings already with only 11 games played , Premier league bosses this season seem to have panicked much earlier than previous seasons ,

  • Honestly shocked it's not 6, Ole is a lucky lucky man.

    Starting Fred every game over Donny Van De Beek should be an arrestable offence. Imagine having Ronaldo handed to you and still not knowing what to do.

    He's had time to build his own team and is being proven to be out of his depth. If he stays much longer his legacy will be tarnished for good - leave now and he may well be remembered fondly, as having done a solid rebuilding job for his successor.

  • Well Ole always was a good escape artist. Good luck to him, I dont agree with this rush to sack managers, never have.

  • Perhaps ManU have learned from the past.

  • I will always love Ole for his sabotage of the premier league campaign at Legoland. Legend in my mind - and (with no dog in the fight) I hope he turns it around.

  • It will be really interesting if Conte turns around (creates) Spurs.

  • I suppose that will start with his man management of Harry Kane. Best striker in the world on his day but really out of form this season. If he can bring the best out of him they could just push for a Champions League spot.

    Gotta wonder whether Man City have pulled a blinder by messing with Harry's head, as spurs are in a much weaker position for negotiations in January. That's assuming City still want him...

  • I doubt they will want him atm. there have to be better options.

  • Nuno's stock has really taken a dive recently. I wonder if he will stay in the UK?

  • Bye bye Olé.

    Wonder who will replace him, my money’s on Brendan.

  • Pochetino all day long - which just highlights the face that the poch was out of work for a year and now they will have to pay massive amounts of compo. Basket case of a club.

  • Really hope they don't take Erik ten Hag, he's a great manager with a very exciting Ajax team - I would hate to see his name mudded by joining a club that can ruin any prestigious name.

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