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Wayne Rooneys Derby

Derby have been deducted a further 9 points putting them on -3 for the season with a3 further penalty points suspended. This will probably result in relegation unless they have a fantastic season. All down to total mismanagement over a number of years. I am just glad that our American owners were given the time to sort out the wheat from the chaf at our club and have put us hopefully on a sound footing.


  • Derby rightly saying let's take the punishment , relegation rebuild the club start again from Division 1 .

    With their fanbase with good management they will be back , look to Sunderland and not make the same mistakes.

  • Malc,

    what a shame they didn't say that last season and a decision that would have seen a 'smaller' club like Wycombe Wanderers have another season in the Championship.

    Absolutely no sympathy from me for Derby, just one of a fair number of clubs whose finances are still run irrespective of FFP.

    Reading, another example, and they have just taken on to their payroll Andy Carroll

  • Agree Colin ,

    Trevor Birch says they are there to uphold the integrity of the EFL . Good man to be in charge .

    Reading will have their points deduction soon ,

    I was disappointed when Wigan lost their league position then most of their team .

  • You lost me at Wigan ๐Ÿ˜œ

  • @Jackareme

    Wigan were a championship side who were relegated after skullduggery in boardroom with sales and no sales of the club

    Wigan went into administration and relegation followed with a 12 point deduction .

    There was reports and some talk a prominent person at the EFL about bets placed on Wigan being relegated .

    They lost most of their first team due to this we picked up Jamal Lowe , Cardiff signed Keiffer Moore ,

  • Thanks @Malc - actually I know the Wigan history as you accurately report it - the reason you lost me was when you said you were disappointed for them!!!

    Call me an elephant who never forgets - but they can rot in hell.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • @Jackareme

    Their fans are like us , felt sorry for them the same for many teams .

  • Derby look like releasing Tom Lawrence on a free in January Swans amongst a number of clubs interested

  • That means we will probably miss out

  • Very Christian of you @Malc - you are a better man than I.

    Cardiff Stoke and Wigan are an "elite" club of institutions that I wish a plague and pestilence upon.

  • Lawrence on a reported $37k a week - SHOULD mean we rule him out (I hope). McAtee on loan would be a way better deal for us. Lawrence is decent - but McAtee has star potential.

  • Tom Lawrencce, who is a quality player, on a free from Derby is an interesting proposition. He would fit right in with our style of playing as an AM or extra forward.

    His salary would be a problem, but that depends on whether as a permanent acquisition for a free with a high salary (in excess of £30k per week I believe) would be very much less than a loan player over the next two years with the loan fee etc.

    A net salary would effectively cost us probably about £1m per annum, say over 3 years, a total of £3m.

    That is without factoring in what might be happening to Matt in January.

    I believe signing Tom Lawrence for a likely total cost including transfer fees of £3m for a 3 year deal, with the potential to sell on, sounds like a very good deal.

    We just need someone at the club to understand why this would be attractive deal with many upsides and little downsisde

  • Lawrence turns 28 in January - after a 3 year spell with us he would be 31 and with little potential for profit on sale.

    Not a terrible proposition - but personally I would pass!

  • @Jackareme

    My thoughts were a likely sale summer 2023 when he is 29. In his prime as a midfielder, or he stays with us as ready made cover when we sell Ntcham which frankly is likely to happen by Summer 2023.

    Remember we get no sell on from loan players.

    His current MV is in excess of £3.5m, I doubt that will drop in two seasons playing for us, in fact its likely to appreciate the way we are playing and his natural fit with our style.

    If you do the Maths, the net cost to us of Tom Lawrence by the Summer 2013 is about £1.5m, so even if his MV dropped in half over that period, the net cost to us would be at most £Zero for him playing for us for 18 months.

  • Can't see us signing a player on a considerably higher weekly wage than anyone we have currently, in a position we have covered. No need to replace Pato when he is one of our best.

    We need cover but why would Tom Lawrence be content with sitting on the Swansea bench.

    He wouldn't be signed as a forward when we are well stocked for strikers - and the formation doesn't change so he wouldn't get a look in.

  • now in an RM team he could potentially be a left wing back - but I really believe that Scott and team will find much better younger and cheaper option - a hard NO for me

  • TL - no way would we pay anywhere near his reported salary of 37k.

    add to that, his baggage is another I'm not sure I'd want at the club.

    then when you add in his age and resale value. I'd rather invest in someone else from lower down the leagues, and polish.

  • @Mark_Jack_London

    Do they have to be polish can they be Dutch or French .๐Ÿ˜

    Seriously if we have that sort of money we could recruit 2 quality young players for that amount .

  • Reading about Derby's financial mis management is a lesson to all Championship clubs .

    Since taking over Mal Morris spent a reported £200 million to reach the premier league ,

    Buying the ground to get around FFP .

    He nearly got away with all those dodgy dealings losing to Aston Villa in the playoffs made things impossible.

  • According to one newspaper Derby £83 million in debt and running short of money ,

    Desperate for the sale of the club to go through .

  • Excellent win for Derby though

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