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    October 4
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  • SpeakerJack

    Who has deleted my 'What the Americans are focussed on' thread, then edited my post, and then incorporated it within a 'DC Utd slashing the cash' thread. It's not the point I wanted to get across that DC Utd we spending money it's that our owners may not be focussed on the needs of the club.

    Its not really the behaviour I expect on a forum, certainly without prior notification.

    Please, are you able to explain what has happened here?

    May 10
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    February 26
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    January 16
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    January 7
  • Jeremy
    At 8.12 pm today somebody posted a message in my name which was not me !
    Sort it out ! This is serious ! very very serious !
    January 6
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    December 2017
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    October 2017
  • Jeremy
    I have to say I did ask for a " my replies " category when in fact you do provide against the username profile under the comments option !
    I am really impressed with this and the option of clicking on the subject matter to get the whole thread , credit where credit is due - brilliant !
    It is perhaps a shame that many at this stage do not realise how clever this forum is regarding it's functionality hopefully in time all will realise how it blows Planet Swans out of the water and destines
    the guestbook to R.I.P

    October 2017
    • Webmaster
      I'm glad you like it Jeremy and thank you for your perseverance.

      To be fair I am probably guilty of not telling Jim & Duncan (DDWT) about all of the features and indeed telling the users for the matter!

      Perhaps a user guide or some HOWTOs would be a useful addition.
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    October 2017
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    October 2017