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  • January 2019 Transfer Window

    GP did not choose Declan John - that is clear
    If GP had chosen John he would be playing and LB would not be covered by a converted MF player who happens to be a lefty with a nice pass
    Most of the rumours this window - King Oliveira etc - have been based on past choices which the journo concerned KNOWS we are still interested in ( Duh wrong )
    Can't blame HJ for that exactly but his shadow is over all this
    My question is this
    If  The Shysters ( not an anti Jewish term at all ) were prepared to fund a bid of £5.8m for Woods what happened to that money and why 4 months on is none of that available to GP for squad strengthening?
    Did they not understand the financial position by then?
    Pretty poor if so
  • Musings

    As long as we stay up and keep developing players, I'm not missing PL at all
    Not even watching MOTD
  • Sack him now

    As recently as last week PC said (as much a threat as a promise); that the Swansea way had gone and wasn't coming back any time soon
    Question is whether he meant that passing and possession  football is not what keeps you up or whether he meant something else, like he doesn't have the players to deliver it
    Surprisingly uninformed comment given 
    1 Celtic have gone 60+ games unbeaten playing BR style keep-ball
    2 He has the players to do it ( Leon Mesa Ki Carroll ) but picks others who can't
    3 How can the other side score without the ball?
    And it's not as if PC's Pulis - lite style of football is getting us many points is it?

    For all the club's mistakes it beggars belief that he is still in the job

  • Jordan Ayew

    Let's just keep the fee for Jordan and spend it on Woods £7m - pay up for the new Leon
  • January 2019 Transfer Window

    Disagree - the club want to keep him and he says he is enjoying it here
    Bony will go
    DJ will get a new contract
    Leeds don't need DJ anyway as they have an 18 year old star winger  in the making themselves