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  • Match Discussion: Brentford v Swans - Championship Play-Off Final 2020/21

    Nobody is surprised at the result and nobody should be surprised at the approach taken by the coach

    Brentford deserved it as we finished behind them scored lots fewer goals and played poorer football all season

    You get what you deserve

    Last time SC took an attacking approach was second half v Reading last season's last game

    Thought he would go back to a back 5 for this game

    SC said earlier this week we have developed a different identity since relegation

    He's right there - it's called "we'll never get promoted playing like this but we will hack the fans off"

    Eddie Howe is too expensive and high profile for us, but we do need a new identity all right, the one developed by Roberto and honed by Brendan and Laudrup

    I'm looking forward to seeing Benda in goal next season, with Connor Cabango Cooper in defence, backed up by Latibeaudiere Bennett and Naughton, new MF's plus Grimes, Garrick back from loan a proper CF to lead the line and Lowe playing wide more

    We need a reboot back to an attacking style

    I'm not disappointed - we got what we expected

    Team have not been good enough except in brief periods

    Did well to get 4th and getting to today was a big achievement

    Maybe it will get SC a new job maybe not but the club will survive it and come again

    Maybe a better January window might have made a difference and the owners should look hard at themselves over Morris and Arriola, but that's all gone

  • New manager rumours

    When Brendan was first invited to be interviewed by Liverpool ( not offered the job ) he turned it down and said he was passing up "the current opportunity"

    A little while later he was offered an interview as sole candidate for the job

    Further up this thread Chatz quotes Training Ground Guru as saying Russell Martin has turned us down "at this stage"

    TGG act as a mouthpiece for Russell Martin in a way, having carried a big article about his approach to coaching "People and Purpose at MK Dons" ( see my entry further up

    It's a very good piece showing why RM is someone we should be interested in

    If he is quoted correctly by TGGuru then to me "at this stage" means either 1) make me a better offer or 2) give me more control over player arrivals/sales or 3) make me the only candidate or all of those things

    Seems likely it's dead in the water cos it's the power vacuum problem

    Winter has no power and the owners have no knowledge of what they are saying no to, only the cost and relinquishing some control. They won't do that

    They want cheap, they will get it

  • Match Discussion: Swans v Queens Park Rangers - Championship 2020/21

    Wholly predictable

    A team that can't attack can't pass and after about 30 games, can't now defend either

    Easiest run in we could have had and we have dropped 17 points to mid or bottom half teams

    Worst of all is being outplayed by those teams too

    Loss of trust and confidence in manager is what it looks like

    A dogmatic manager who was tolerable when the results were good ( even if the football was awful) but now isn't tolerable any more

    Playoffs if we're lucky as I said a couple of months ago

    As the Independent said, if we scrape in, we'll be out of our depth

    Hope Watford are promoted before we get there, otherwise it will be 5-0

    New manager next season with a Swansealona approach

    At least there'd be some fun then

    Worth remembering Roberto hadn't managed before so why not Angel?


    Question is why anyone would want to buy in the first place?

    Evidently it's cheaper to play football owner in the Conference

    Though Wrexham's owners do seem a breath of fresh air

    Nobody who cares about the football is buying clubs

    It's always ultimately a business proposition

    Relegation would hurt the ownership as it reduces the chance to cash in on players as the transfer fees are much lower between League 1 and the Champ, and the PL income is 2 divisions away

    When an asset stops producing a profit ( Season 10 of House, anyone) only then when it's squeezed dry do they jettison it for nothing

    Until that happy time ( probably League 2 ) don't expect any interest at all from the owners in the game, the manager, the entertainment, the fees achieved for any player, just a continuing interest in the balance sheet and taking a dividend- fans are the mugs and managers the hired help

    Pattern of US ownership in the main

    Why I didn't want it, why it was and continues to be bad news for football lovers

    I can remember other managers wanting to get away from rotten owners ( Micky Adams for instance ) but we have now 2 in a row saying loudly " I don't fancy this"

    I don't blame them

    We have now acquired a reputation , or if you will, a whiff

    And we know where the whiff is coming from too

  • Summer Transfer Window 2021

    Or alternatively we could talk about the transfer window

  • Match Discussion: Plymouth Argyle v Swans - Friendly 2021/22

    Thought Walsh looked a very promising signing

    Curt was very complimentary about Walsh and I liked how he kept making himself available for a pass

    Only a pre season yes but I would hope Walsh will come good


    Whatever happens, happens

    Long live the old king or the new king

    Whoever is in charge, good luck to them managing without the parachute payment advantage

    We are now thrown back onto how good our wheeling and dealing is in the transfer market

    Long term all the punts at under 16- under 23 levels will either pay off or not, and one or two may grow into saleable assets

    Brentford had some great hits and some awful misses too and at least for one season they're up there

    Cooper got 2 us very good finishes

    His stock may be as high as it can get now

    If he sees now as a good time to get out ( resting on the achievements of 2 seasons boosted by parachute payments ) you couldn't blame him

    He's hardly feeling the love from a fanbase harking back to Roberto Brendan and Laudrup, me included

  • First real indication we are looking for a new Manager

    We should acknowledge that managers don't stay too long in one place these days

    Ismael WBA - series of short 1-2 season jobs and out

    Laudrup only wanted to do one season really

    Way it is now - managers expect the chop as soon as results go against them

    Trigger happy owners thinking short term means managers do the same - go where they are wanted

    All over the news about big name european managers leaving their clubs because of too small transfer kitty

    Same thing with SC and Fulham or Palace = they have more money and a lesser chance of failure

    Don't blame him in that way - he's not exactly felt the love down here has he?

    Whether he was let down by the management in January or not - and I think he was - he has a career to pursue

    So bring on the new guy - whoever it is, they'll bring something new

    We might even enjoy it

  • Summer Transfer Window 2021

    I don't have any issue with the owners keeping the club out of debt and financially stable

    Example of Norwich is there for all to see - sold a player for £30m last season another for £11m and still played good football and got promoted, then sold another player for £35m

    Good recruitment of cheaper replacements

    Refuse to spend big on promotion to PL

    Expect to come back down - 3 relegations in last 10 seasons

    Key was farke kept core squad together and kept passing it and had a good idea how to get out of the division, how to play

    We're financially satble - or will be after a sale or two cover the loss of parachute payments

    Now we just need to learn to do all the rest that Norwich did so well last season

    We won't get promoted playing reactive football though

    I doubt Cooper is the right man for all that but I'm still willing to convinced

    You don't finish 4th by accident, but ultimately MGW injury and a badly judged transfer window or two left us playing a whole season without a number 9, and with too small a squad with players the manager didn't trust


    Financial solvency above all is their watchword, it appears

    Free transfer Ryan Bennett before Nat Phillips - one with no resale value, other with

    Morris/Arriola before £2.5m of tried CF at Championship level

    Both cheaper than preferred choices

    First decision an absolute howler as it turns out

    Not even the better option financially

    Therefore you have to conclude that the owners level of knowledge has not improved since the Bob Bradley fiasco

    Trevor Birch had some judgement and would use it to help on the football side

    Not so Winter