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  • Match Discussion: Swans v Charlton Athletic - Championship 2019/20

    jasper_T said:
    Pablo said:
    jasper_T said:
    Pablo said:
    deekay said:
    jasfan, we do have that player. it's Wilmot. But, until we have Rodon or VdH back fit, probably both, then that's not possible right now.

    And I would, like you, see it happen.
    Another possibility is Jack Evans. I cannot understand why he's not been given an opportunity, especially as SC is keen to develop from within
    I don't think Cooper is showing that he is keen to develop from within. Off the top of my head, it's only Cabango that has newly progressed into the league matchday squad this season from the U23s - and he wouldn't have been there had it not been for Rodon's injury necessitating Wilmot's promotion from the bench.

    I remember in his early days Cooper was talking a lot about his ambitions around this, and, to be fair, some players did move into the first team training group from the U23s, but they are not being picked yet. 
    sorry Jeff...we are ALL about now even the obviously true is being denied to further criticism of SC
    We're still one of the younger sides but not to the same extent as last season.
    yes confirmation...people actually age  over time ;)
    If we're still using the same players as last season why are you trying to argue Cooper is bringing through youth?

    Good half. Borja showing what we missed with Sewerage up top.
    Try showing some respect to a young lad who tried his best for us! Shame it was up to your high standards..
  • Match Discussion: Cardiff City v Swans - Championship 2019/20

    Gary, i think you are missing the point. I think that's where he want us to get to, not how we are playing right now. we are a hybrid, because he doesnt have all of the players he wants/needs to play that way.

    why he is persisting on working on Byers to be one of them, because he recognises he has many of the attributes to be one of the midfielders in that fits that system. he knows Grimes is. 

    he wanted Brewster last summer, rather than Surridge. but they couldnt get him them, so Surridge was obviously one of the back up plans that fitted the economic plan. 

    I think we may see things change slightly - hopefully the better - now Brewster is on board. 

    But your depiction of bad things are, doesnt stand up to scrutiny. the figures of performance. the passing and possession stats are slightly down on Potter's figures, yes. but only by a few % points, not some huge gulf you claim it is.  

    I don't think I'm missing the point Mark, you said he is trying to get us to play like Liverpool, but doesn't have the players, and it isn't working, did you not?

    Time will tell I guess. I don't know, perhaps him and Scott have sat down and agreed the sort of profile of player he needs, and Scott is happy to recalibrate the approach that worked so well to deliver the players that Brentford are now having so much success with. We'll see. But I'm slightly concerned at the moment - it doesn't seem manager and club are on the same page. 

    How do you know manager and club are not on the same page. Do you attend all the meetings Gary?
  • Academy

    Anyone else heard the rumour that cannot afford to keep @Andrew2, @Phillip, @garythenotrashcougar and @jasper_T so at least one or possibly two of them have to be released!
  • It's amazing

    I will tell you what is amazing Charlie boy you slagged us off for being negative and now you are having a go because we see some positives starting to happen! Can't win with you.
  • Apologies to Jasper T

    I think I am going to be sick!
  • Lets start thinking positive !!!

    There is plenty to be positive about. Credit too Jenkins if newspaper reports of the way he handled things are true. Not a fan of his, but this is one area he used to be good at and might have returned to. Now as long as he keeps well away from players apart from shaking their hands when the deals are done, we will all be happy! 
  • Relegation

    Sadly do you really believe we can win either or both? The performances in the last 6 games have been poor, never mind how good some of the opposition have been, we just haven' looked like we were up for it. The players look beaten!