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  • Not far off the mark with this article

    The activists went along with the sale in general, but were always very reluctant sellers according to their own statements. Under the disastrous leadership of the former chairman the Trust is now  skint and friendless after 8 years in the richest league in the world. Their approach was confrontational and  to increase the holding not reduce it. This strategy has failed.  I argue that those who argue against cashing in at least some shares now are high risk gamblers who would never behave the same with their own money.  The 'all in' bet on SCFC staying in the PL is bonkers and not what the members want. The activists have not accepted the democratic will of the members and have an excessive influence it seems to me. 
    As Pablo pointed out, you are entitled to your opinion but let’s look at the facts.
    You say the Trust is skint, not true, £850k in the bank.
    You say they should have sold some shares, members voted for this, the Americans pulled out.
    You say activists scuppered the deal, the deal could still be on, the Americans only put it on the back burner because at that time we looked doomed and then reneged on the offer made and accepted.
    You call them activists, they are fellow Swans fans who, like the Trust won’t bend over at the first sign of the yanky dollar. Good on them I say.
  • The Trust

    That £800k will be used soon PJ, court cases don't come cheap. Your tactic has been thwarted. 
  • Woods

    Tonto said:
    Can the Trust help out with finances for buying players ? if SCFC are short of cash
    The Trust have no money as "selling is not our preferred option" even at the top of the market.   A chance for a new approach similar to Exeter city Trust that invests in their club has been rejected by the Membership.  I bang on about this and get pelters.  Hey ho. 
    Annoying prat aren’t you Ponty, you have to have an offer to make a decision on if you want to sell or not.
    i can’t believe the buyers, who, after all, spent  £70m purchasing their shares took the word of the sellers who were desperate for a sale, where was the due diligence?
    Remember, if the Americans lose in court, they will go after those that warranted that there was no original shareholders agreement, in football parlance, squeaky bum time for HJ and chums.
  • Steve Penny

    Jac do you work in an office?  Are you aware of Quality assurance and filing and auditors? It generates masses of paperwork in numerous files usually organised by a very capable middle aged woman plus assistant who makes sure all the paperwork is in place. People go on holiday go off sick etc making signatures and timescales almost impossible.  Tracking everything is a real challenge. Mistakes are made and in business it seems if you own up and take remedial action you will not get slaughtered.  

    Total crap mate, sorry but it is plain for all to see that this is not true, someone wrote them, someone signed them and someone filed them at Companies House, these were no ordinary minutes as general meetings would not get filed, they were minutes that change the articles of association.
    This was not an error by some middle aged woman, it was done because bullying and persuasion failed.

  • Greatest player ever seen live?

    Georgie Best, super star, walks like a woman and he wears a bra
  • Sustainability

    Jacktar said:
    Mistakes have been catastrophic over the last few seasons and whilst the finger points at HJ, the majority owners feel he is the right man to be at the helm, I don't agree with that but, unfortunately, I'm not a majority owner, and when all is said and done, I'd rather HJ lead us than Chris Pearlman (no disrespect, Mr P).
    This is ground zero, the owners have decided that enough is enough and books have to be balanced however hard that is to take as a fan.
    I think we have enough in our squad to be about mid table, two or three decent signings could have given us a play-off place.
    Anyone else heard that two experienced journalists are going to America to interview Stephen Kaplan, they want to get to the bottom of what’s been going on, good luck with that