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  • Not far off the mark with this article

    The activists went along with the sale in general, but were always very reluctant sellers according to their own statements. Under the disastrous leadership of the former chairman the Trust is now  skint and friendless after 8 years in the richest league in the world. Their approach was confrontational and  to increase the holding not reduce it. This strategy has failed.  I argue that those who argue against cashing in at least some shares now are high risk gamblers who would never behave the same with their own money.  The 'all in' bet on SCFC staying in the PL is bonkers and not what the members want. The activists have not accepted the democratic will of the members and have an excessive influence it seems to me. 
    As Pablo pointed out, you are entitled to your opinion but let’s look at the facts.
    You say the Trust is skint, not true, £850k in the bank.
    You say they should have sold some shares, members voted for this, the Americans pulled out.
    You say activists scuppered the deal, the deal could still be on, the Americans only put it on the back burner because at that time we looked doomed and then reneged on the offer made and accepted.
    You call them activists, they are fellow Swans fans who, like the Trust won’t bend over at the first sign of the yanky dollar. Good on them I say.
  • The Trust

    That £800k will be used soon PJ, court cases don't come cheap. Your tactic has been thwarted. 
  • Jenkins exclusive interview in Guardian

    Getting rich overnight yes but it took 13 years hard work. All the Trust had to do is sign a form first time around and organise a few meetings.  The guy that screwed up is now asking for donations for the protest group  as £20m flows down the Tawe. There is the alternative narrative for the 9-10% with a questioning mind. 
    The Trust weren’t ever against a sale, they wanted to do research on any one that came in, I think you call it due diligence, it’s the least we as fans should expect, unfortunately, they weren’t afforded the courtesy even though they were the largest shareholders, greed
  • Curt

    It is pretty clear to me why the Trust were kept out of the loop with the share sale. They have had two offers to put things right and not taken either of them. They claim lack of time for offer 1, now after weeks of negotiations they have again come up empty handed. Its an organisation that cannot make agreements and decisions and work on a timescale compatible with the efficient running of a Premier league club. 
    Squeaky bum time for the sellers, court action might see them having to pay back their windfall, don’t forget to tell your boss
  • Greatest player ever seen live?

    Georgie Best, super star, walks like a woman and he wears a bra
  • Squad Numbers - No 4 left blank so expect a center half

    Steven Brenda no 13, big leap for a goalkeeper
    I'm hearing good things about this boy